International footballers KAKA, Figo coming to Pakistan


Brazilian footballer KAKA and Portugees footballer Luis Figo will arrive in Pakistan on January 10 under the program “World Soccer Stars”.

In a video message both the international stars announced that they are coming to Pakistan for the very first time.

They both will visit academies and football clinics in Karachi and Lahore to overview the status of football in Pakistan.

KAKA in his video message said that he is excited to visit Pakistan for the very first which is going to be a great experience for him.

“I am really looking forward to being there in Pakistan which will be my first visit to the Asian football-loving nation,” he said.

Figo said that he is excited to see the crazy football fans in yet another emerging Asian football nation who is desperately waiting to enter international arena.

“220 million population is waiting to see them in the international scene,” he said.

Ahmer Kunwar, a UK-born Pakistani, is the man behind the idea “World Soccer Stars” to galvanise football in Pakistan.

The CEO of TouchSky Group (Tsg), Kunwar said that there aim is to revive the world’s most famous game in Pakistan.

“This initiative has been taken to give football a new and unique identity in Pakistan,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention here that World Soccer Stars will take place from 26-29 April in Karachi and Lahore respectively and features more renowned international football stars. The players will play two high-profile matches in both cities.