International hockey teams refuse to play in Pakistan


The International  Hockey Federation (FIH) cancelled the hockey open series which was scheduled in Pakistan, citing that the teams are not willing to travel to Pakistan.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) had invited Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Oman and Qatar to come and join hands with Pakistan to revive International hockey in the country.

But Oman, Sri Lanka and Qatar had had already refused Pakistan’s proposal citing busy team schedules. Whereas the other teams also part ways to come and play in Pakistan.

The series was scheduled to take place from 26 to 30 September in Lahore.

Earlier, PHF wrote a letter to the FIH influencing them to convince the teams to come and play in Pakistan.

The PHF already is going through several controversies as the team’s performance has gone from bad to worst.

Many former Olympians bashed on the current federation for not working in a right direction to lift the status of hockey in the country.