IPC minister to meet sports ministers of all four provinces


The minister for Inter-provincial coordination, Fehmida Mirza has called the sports ministers of all four provinces to have word on sports issues running in the country.

Fehmida scheduled a meeting with sports ministers in Islamabad on Friday where she asked them to present a report on sports development in their province respectively.

Fehmida told the media that she was waiting for the task force assigned by the prime minister to present their report over sports issues running in the country.

“I have been waiting since long to get a report over sports issues by the task force but they are not in a mood to work,” she said.

She said that now his ministry has decided to keenly look into the matters and try to solve the problems as soon as possible.

“The things are getting more complicated that is why now we have decided to take some bold steps,” she said.

Fehmida is also expected to discuss solutions to several sports matter at the meeting which is likely to give some fruitful outcomes.

The ministry of IPC will organise sports journalists workshop in collaboration with IPS Asia in next week.

The main objective of the workshop is to provide basic knowledge to the sports journalists in the country about how to cover sports events.