LIVE: Asif Ali’s blitz snatches win from Lahore Qalandars


Islamabad United Inning

Islamabad United win the inaugural game of the PSL 4 by 5 wickets.

Overs 19.2 – 177/5 (Asif 36, Faheem 23)

(19.2) SIX! Faheem Ashraf finishes the game in style

Overs 19 – 171/5 (Asif 36, Faheem 17)

(18.4) SIX! It was in the slot for Asif Ali and he did not miss the opportunity to hit it for a maximum.

Shaheen bowls the penultimate over

Overs 18 – 160/5 (Asif 28, Faheem 15)

(17.2) SIX! Shorter from Rahat and Asif Ali deposited it with authority into the crowd

(17.1) SIX! Devcich caught it at the boundary stepped inside, threw the ball up but could not time it right.

Rahat Ali is back in the attack

Overs 17 – 144/5 (Asif 13, Faheem 15)

(16.3) FOUR! Slower and shorter, Asif Ali helped it on its way, fine leg was inside the circle

(16.1) FOUR! Asif Ali eyed the straight boundary and played it over Afridi’s head for a four

Shaheen Shah comes on to bowl

Overs 16 – 135/5 (Asif 4, Faheem 15)

(15.5) FOUR! Another reverse sweep and it is the same result for Faheem Ashraf

(15.2) FOUR! Faheem plays reverse sweep to earn another boundary

Yasir Shah bowls

Overs 15 – 124/5 (Asif 2, Faheem 6)

(14.6) SIX! Faheem Ashraf played a powerful pull shot to open his account

(14.4) OUT! Talat tried to play a lap shot, but could not execute it completely

(14.1) FOUR! Beautiful cover drive from Talat on a full delivery from Brathwaite

Brathwaite bowls

Overs 14 – 111/4 (Talat 33, Asif 1)

(13.2) FOUR! Short and wide from Rahat, Talat did not try it to keep it down and played it over point.

(13.1) OUT! And the left-arm pacer does the trick again, Delport looked to clear mid-off, but only managed to sky it, Hafeez took a good catch. He scored 24 (21)

Rahat Ali comes on to bowl

Overs 13 – 104/3 (Delport 24, Talat 26)

(12.4) SIX! A slog sweep earns Delport six runs.

Yasir Shah bowls

Overs 12 – 93/3 (Delport 16, Talat 24)

(11.6) SIX! Delport finishes the over with a maximum

Rauf continues

Overs 11 – 82/3 (Delport 9, Talat 22)

(10.3) FOUR! Here he comes down the track and played over extra cover

(10.2) SIX! Shorter from Hafeez, Talat rocked back and pulled it for a six

Hafeez continues

Overs 10 – 69/3 (Delport 7, Talat 11)

Hafeez brings Haris Rauf into the attack

Overs 9 – 62/3 (Delport 5, Talat 7)

Skipper continues

Overs 8 – 57/3 (Delport 3, Talat 4)

Yasir Shah continues

Overs 7 – 52/3 (Delport 2, Talat 1)

Mohammad Hafeez bowls himself with two left-handers at the crease

Overs 6 – 49/3 (Delport 0, Talat 0)

(5.6) OUT! Third wicket for Rahat Ali in the over, Salt was looking good, but he played one straight to the fielder at extra cover.

(5.5) FOUR! Amazing shot from Phil Salt through covers off a full delivery from Rahat.

(5.2) OUT! Short delivery is played straight to the short fine-leg fielder by Luke Ronchi, who got out after scoring 27 (17)

(5.1) OUT! Rizwan Hussain was looking impressive, but he skied one, which is safely caught by Mohammad Hafeez. He scored 15 (15)

Rahat Ali continues

Overs 5 – 45/0 (Ronchi 27, Rizwan 15)

Yasir Shah into the attack

Overs 4 – 41/0 (Ronchi 25, Rizwan 13)

(3.4) FOUR! Another courageous shot from the young man

(3.3) FOUR! Short and wide, hammed it through point by Rizwan Hussain

(3.1) FOUR! Ronchi came down the wicket and played an unorthodox shot for a four.

Carlos Brathwaite bowls

Overs 3 – 28/0 (Ronchi 21, Rizwan 5)

(2.2) FOUR! Beautiful cover drive

(2.1) FOUR! Shorter, played an uppercut, beautiful shot!

Shaheen continues

Overs 2 – 17/0 (Ronchi 11, Rizwan 4)

Rahat Ali bowls the second over of the inning

Over 1 – 14/0 (Ronchi 11, Rizwan 3)

(0.6) SIX! Ronchi came down the track and lofted it over mid-wicket for the first six of the reigning champions.

(0.1) FOUR! Similar start for Islamabad United, they too opened their account with a boundary, Ronchi lofted it over mid-wicket for four runs.

Rizwan Hussain and Lonchi Ronchi coming out to chase 172-run target, while Shaheen Shah Afridi bowls the first over

Lahore Qalandars inning

Overs 20 – 171/8 (Hafeez 5)

(19.6) OUT! Shaheen Shah loses his wicket on the last delivery of the inning

(19.4) OUT! Another wicket, Shah is run out as they look to steal a run from Ronchi, who got his run out.

(19.1) SIX! Shah goes big! A huge six on the first delivery of the last over

The skipper bowls the last over

Overs 19 – 161/6 (Hafeez 4, Shah 0)

(18.5) OUT! Good effort from the bowler himself, gets Devcich run out at the striking end when he was looking to steal a single.

(18.4) FOUR! First delivery and Hafeez flicks it to square leg for a boundary.

(18.1) OUT! Full and wide at the off stump to Brathwaite, he looked to paddle sweep it, but only managed to balloon it, he scored 6 runs at run-a-ball

Faheem Ashraf into the attack

Overs 18 – 155/4 (Devcich 13, Brathwaite 6)

(17.4) FOUR! Beautiful shot from Carlon Brathwaite, picked the gap with perfection through point.

Maqsood continues

Overs 17 – 147/4 (Devcich 11, Brathwaite 0)

(16.6) OUT! Taylor was looking to play sweep, but missed the ball altogether. He scored 2 (3).

Delport continues

Overs 16 – 140/3 (Devcich 5, Taylor 1)

Brendan Taylor is the new batsman

(15.3) OUT! It is the huge wicket of AB de Villiers, who is caught brilliantly in the deep by Phil Salt, he scored 24 (17).

Waqas Maqsood bowls the sixteenth over

Overs 15 – 135/2 (AB 23, Devcich 2)

Cameron Delpot comes on to bowl

Overs 14 – 129/2 (AB 19, Devcich 0)

(13.5) OUT! Shadab Khan has the last laugh as he dismisses Fakhar Zaman, who was looking to play one shot too many, he scored 65 off 45 deliveries

(13.1) SIX! A straight gigantic hit from Fakhar Zaman!

Shadab Khan comes on to bowl

Overs 13 – 121/1 (Zaman 58, AB 18)

(12.6) SIX! Easy for De Villiers, shorter once again, he pulled it over square leg for his first maximum of the PSL.

(12.4) FOUR! This time Fakhar in action, shorter and wider, Fakhar played it over the in-field.

(12.2) FOUR! Second consecutive boundary for De Villiers, a bit short and he pulled it with perfection into the gap.

(12.1) FOUR! A bit of width offered to De Villiers and he pounced on it to deposit it to the boundary.

Hussain Talat into the attack

Overs 12 – 101/1 (Zaman 53, AB 3)

Shadab Khan bowls

Overs 11 – 98/1 (Zaman 52, AB 1)

(10.4) OUT! A sharp short delivery which was following the batsman kissed Akhtar’s gloves on its way to hitting his grill, which was caught by Luke Ronchi behind the stumps.

Faheem Ashraf bowls

Overs 10 – 94/0 (Zaman 51, Akhtar 35)

(9.2) FOUR! On the pads of Fakhar, he tickles it to get another boundary

(9.1) FOUR! Fuller on the off stump, Fakhar Zaman caressed it through covers

Mohammad Sami comes back into the attack

Overs 9 – 83/0 (Zaman 41, Akhtar 34)

(8.6) FOUR! Powerful straight drive earns Sohail Akhtar another boundary.

Faheem Ashraf continues

Overs 8 – 74/0 (Zaman 37, Akhtar 29)

(7.4) SIX! A six straight over the bowler’s head from Akhtar

Shadab Khan continues

Overs 7 – 63/0 (Zaman 34, Akhtar 22)

(6.4) FOUR! Brilliant short from Sohail Akhtar, caressed through point.

Last season’s highest wicket-taker Faheem Ashraf is into the attack now

Overs 6 – 57/0 (Zaman 33, Akhtar 17)

(5.4) SIX! Humungous hit from Fakhar Zaman, a loopy leg-spinner is deposited in the second tear of the stands on the on-side.

And here is Shadab Khan with the ball in hand

Overs 5 – 45/0 (Zaman 26, Akhtar 14)

(4.4) FOUR! Zaman was backing away, Maqsood followed him and bowled on his pads, but he managed to muscle it for a boundary to the on-side.

Maqsood continues

Overs 4 – 39/0 (Zaman 21, Akhtar 13)

(3.5) FOUR! Akhtar goes aerial this time over mid-on and another boundary for Qalandars.

(3.3) FOUR! Another slog sweep, boundary for Fakhar Zaman

(3.2) SIX! Slog sweep from Zaman, first six of the PSL 4.

Patel continues

Overs 3 – 24/0 (Zaman 10, Akhtar 4)

(2.3) FOUR! A powerful shot from Akhtar over mid-off for his first boundary of the match.

The debutante, Waqas Maqsood comes on to bowl

Overs 2 – 18/0 (Zaman 9, Akhtar 4)

Samit Patel bowls from the other end

Over 1 – 9/0 (Zaman 8, Akhtar 1)

(0.1) FOUR! A perfect cover drive from Fakhar Zaman earns them a boundary and gives PSL 2019 the perfect start

Here we go! Fakhar Zaman and Sohail Akhtar are openers for Lahore Qalandars, while Mohammad Sami bowls the first over.

Playing XI

Lahore Qalandars: Mohammad Hafeez (c), AB de Villiers, Fakhar Zaman, Sohail Akhtar, Anton Devcich, Brendan Taylor, Carlos Brathwaite, Yasir Shah Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, Rahat Ali

Islamabad United: Rizwan Hussain, Luke Ronchi, Phil Salt, Hussain Talat, Cameron Delport, Asif Ali, Faheem Ashraf, Shadab Khan, Samit Patel, Mohammad Sami (c), Waqas Maqsood


Islamabad United won the toss and elected to bowl first in the inaugural contest of the Pakistan Super League 2019.

The reigning champions and the most consistent team of the Pakistan Super League, Islamabad United is all set to kick off the fourth season of the league by taking on Lahore Qalandars in Dubai.

Lahore Qalandars look like a completely new outfit under the leadership of Mohammad Hafeez and having players like Corey Anderson, Carlos Brathwaite, Sandeep Lamichhane and AB de Villiers in their ranks.

On the other hand, Islamabad United will be playing for the first time with the experienced Misbah Ul Haq in their dugout. The two-time world champions, Islamabad United will be looking to keep their dominance going under their new skipper, Mohammad Sami.