It was tough for Cook to see Pakistan celebrate like that

Shukriya Pakistan

English captain, Alastair Cook accepted that he didn’t like the striking celebration of Pakistan team after defeating England in Lord’s after 20 years.

It was a historic and a convincing win for the Men in Green that richly deserved a grand celebration and that is what they did.

Under the command Pakistan’s veteran middle order batsman, Younis Khan, Pakistani players lined up, saluted and performed push-ups to tribute Pakistan army as they were physically trained at Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul ahead of this tough tour.

As per, Alastair Cook has stated that he will use this sour memory of Pakistan’s extraordinary celebration to get motivation for the second test that is to start in Old Trafford, Manchester from Friday.

“It’s never nice losing at Lord’s, and seeing the opposition celebrating like they were at the end, so we’ll use that as motivation,” said Cook.

“You don’t take offence, but certainly at that emotive time in the first 20 minutes or so after the game, it isn’t pleasant viewing when you’ve just lost,” he added.

He confessed, “It’s not pleasant, they’re entitled to do what they want. It’s united them and shows what a challenge we’ve got.”