Jansher blasts IOC on keeping Squash out of Olympics


Former star Jansher Khan blasts at International Olympics Committee (IOC) for not considering squash worthy for the Olympics, says its unfair on the part of IOC to keep such a popular game away from the Tokyo Games.

In an interview Jansher said “squash is no more a game of any particular region, its a global game and youngsters desire to play this tough game. The IOC and the Governing Body has shown injustice to the sport as well as to its fans by keeping it out of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

He said all things were in place and people were prepared to see squash players in action in Japan but unfortunately it didn’t materialize.

On the other end Pakistan’s former coach Jamshed Gul said the World Squash Federation (WSF) pleaded the case very well but I am unable to understand the reason of this failure . Inclusion in the Olympics 2020 would have added a new dimension to Squash by uplifting its image but I am surprised why its been out of The Tokyo Olympics.

The WSF President Narayan Ramachandran also expressed his disappointment at the decision and said its a sad day for this sport for not being considered in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

He said we tried our best to make this globally played sport to be a part of the multi sports event but could not succeed.