Jealous elements are not happy with PHF’s progress: Shahbaz Ahmed

Jealous elements are not happy with PHF's progress: Shahbaz Ahmed

Secretary General Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Shahbaz Senior stated on Friday that there are elements that are jealous with federation’s success and he will take legal actions against them.

“Certain jealous elements are not happy with it. To gain cheap popularity in the general public, these people have resorted to illegal and immoral activities, especially through social media,” he told.

“All this is bringing a bad name to the national game. But PHF will not be blackmailed by any one and it will soon take legal action against them,” he added.

As per the legendary player, PHF is on the right track to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goal.

“The PHF is a respectable national organization which has put Pakistan hockey on the right track as per the vision of the country’s Prime Minister,” he told.

He further mentioned the steps PHF has taken for the betterment of the sport by acquiring services of the Dutch coach and an Australian trainer.

“For the preparation of the national team, the PHF has acquired the services of a very well reputed Dutch coach and an experienced Australian physical trainer. There has been a consistent improvement in team’s performance ever since they took over which is visible to everyone,” he went on to say.

Shahbaz Ahmed pointed towards people who are not working for the progress of PHF, instead working against the purpose.