K-Electric football team qualifies for AFC Cup 2016


K-Electric qualified for the tournament after Mongolia’s KhoromKhon FC drew their match Bhutan’s Druk United. It should be mentioned that the side had to retain its top spot in the stage.

K-Electric started off the campaign with a 3-3 draw against Druk United.

The Karachi-based power generation took the lead in the first half but but the Bhutanese side managed to pull back an equalizer several minutes later.

KE Football Team again took the lead on the brink of half-time to end the interval at 2-1. Both sides tried hard to net the ball in the second half but Druk managed to score two consecutive goals in the match to go ahead 2-3.

However, KE scored their third goal of the match and the scoreboard read 3-3 at full time.

Their second and final game was against Khoromkhon FC which the side won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Sunday Oludey in the 80th minute. The side went top of the table with four points.

KE Football team managed to qualify for AFC Cup 2016 after the match between Druk United and KhoromKhon FC ended in a goalless draw.

Team KE led the qualifying group with 4 points followed by Bhutan with 2 and Mangolia managing to score only 1.

Coach of KE Football Club Majid Shafiq said, “The goal when I took over the coaching job was not only to take the team into the AFC Cup but to change the culture within Pakistani football by taking steps off the field as well, right now I am proud to say that all these efforts have shown the result and we are amped up for the AFC Cup in January 2016”.