Kaleemullah wishes for PSL-like football league in Pakistan

Kaleemullah wishes for PSL-like football league in Pakistan
Shukriya Pakistan

As the second edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) concluded successfully, Pakistan’s star footballer, Kaleemullah has wished for a similar kind of glittering franchise league for football.

Kaleemullah, who was also a brand ambassador for Quetta Gladiators, said that franchise league is the way forward to raise the standard of the sport in the country.

“Without a high-profile league, there is no chance of improving football in Pakistan,” said Kaleemullah in an interview with Dawn News. “The first step towards promoting football is establishing a professional league,” he added.

“In the United States, there are franchise-based leagues governed by their football regulatory body — from the top-tier Major League Soccer (MLS) to the third-tier USL — and that is what we should try in Pakistan too,” he further said.

Kaleemullah, who plays for Tusla Roughnecks in United Soccer League (USL), said that department football will not help the game to grow in Pakistan as the resources are too limited.

“There should be steps taken to have a franchise-based league in the country but unfortunately we don’t have any football in the country at the moment,” he stated.

He also revealed that Quetta Gladiators are interested in forming a football team as well, but, it can only be possible if the situation of football gets better in the country.

“Gladiators want to make a football team too,” he said, “…but that can only happen once football is revived in the country.”