Kambli was may be more talented than Sachin, says Kapil


India’s legendary allrounder, Kapil Dev said that talent alone cannot craft a legend, one needs support of people around him to have a prosperous career.

“Talent is one thing, but a sportsperson needs more than that. Support of friends, parents, brother, sister, school, college…everything,” he added.

India’s 1983 World Cup winning captain was speaking from a ceremony, where he highlighted the role of parenting in shaping their children’s career.

Kapil put forward the example of Sachin and Kambli and said the difference between the two was just their lifestyle and the environment at home.


He said that both had fantastic start to their career, Kambli scored two centuries and two double hundreds in his first seven test matches, but, his test career was done in two years with just 17 tests under his belt. Whereas, Sachin Tendulkar went on to play for 24 years and crushed many records in his career.

“They both started together and were equally talented. Kambli, maybe, was more talented, but his support system, the environment at home and his friends circle, was totally different than what Sachin had,” Kapil said.

“We all know what happened later. Sachin went on to play for 24 years and Kambli just disappeared as he failed to lived up to the success he achieved early in his career,” he added.

Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli are childhood friends and their jaw dropping partnership of 664 runs in school cricket marked them as future heroes in their early days. But, it was their lifestyles that eventually made the difference.

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