Asif, Salt inspire Islamabad United to an emphatic win

LIVE: Karachi Kings look to continue their winning momentum against United

Islamabad United inning

Over 19.2 – 169/5 (Shadab 11, Faheem 8)

(19.2) SIX! Shadab Khan kept his nerves and struck a sixer down the ground

Imad Wasim bowls

Over 19 – 162/5 (Shadab 5, Faheem 7)

Mohammad Amir bowls

Over 18 – 158/5 (Shadab 5, Faheem 5)

(17.5) FOUR! It was in the slot, beautifully flicked by Faheem Ashraf on the first delivery he faced

(17.3) OUT! Timely wicket for Shinwari, Phil Salt falls after scoring 46 (38)

(17.2) FOUR! Salt cleverly sliced it over point for a precious boundary

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 17 – 146/4 (Salt 40, Shadab 4)

(16.1) OUT! A slower one from Amir managed to get a top edge of Asif Ali, Imad Wasim took a good catch. He scored 70 runs off 38 balls

Mohammad Amir into the attack

Over 16 – 140/3 (Salt 39, Asif 70)

(15.3) SIX! Huge one from Asif Ali, straight as an arrow

(15.2) SIX! It was in the slot, it went miles up in the air also covered the distance

(15.1) FOUR! Asif Ali picks the gap at mid-wicket

Colin Munro comes on to bowl

Over 15 – 121/3 (Salt 38, Asif 52)

(14.3) FOUR! It was a full delivery from Shinwari, but Asif Ali managed to get it through cover

(14.2) SIX! It was above the waist, Asif Ali deposited over point for a six

(14.1) SIX! Huge hit from Asif Ali on a short delivery of Usman Khan Shinwari

Usman Shinwari comes in to bowl

Over 14 – 103/3 (Salt 38, Asif 35)

Yamin continues

Over 13 – 91/3 (Salt 27, Asif 34)

Umer Khan continues

Over 12 – 81/3 (Salt 26, Asif 25)

Aamer Yamin bowls

Over 11 – 79/3 (Salt 25, Asif 24)

Umer Khan continues

Over 10 – 69/3 (Salt 24, Asif 15)

Aamer Yamin into the attack

Over 9 – 63/3 (Salt 20, Asif 7)

(8.5) SIX! Straight hit from Asif Ali gets him another maximum

Khan continues

Over 8 – 57/3 (Salt 20, Asif 7)

(7.4) SIX! Short from Shinwari, Asif Ali pulled it for a big one

Shinwari continues

Over 7 – 47/3 (Salt 17, Asif 0)

(6.6) OUT! Hussain Talat gets stump early in his inning

(6.1) OUT! Umer Khan gets another big fish, Luke Ronchi gets out after scoring 26 (21)

Umer Khan bowls

Over 6 – 44/1 (Ronchi 26, Salt 15)

Usman Shinwari into the attack

Over 5 – 39/1 (Ronchi 25, Salt 13)

Imad bowls

Over 4 – 23/1 (Ronchi 10, Salt 13)

(3.4) FOUR! Beautiful off drive earns him another boundary

(3.2) FOUR! Short delivery from Amir, Salt pulls it but a top edge gets him a four over third man

Amir continues

Over 3 – 14/1 (Ronchi 5, Salt 5)

Imad bowls

Over 2 – 11/1 (Ronchi 7, Salt 4)

Mohammad Amir bowls the second over of the inning

Over 1 – 6/1 (Ronchi 2, Salt 4)

(0.6) FOUR! Straight drive from Phil Salt gets Islamabad United first boundary

(0.4) OUT! Colin Ingram takes a blinder to remove Cameron Delport

Imad Wasim opens the inning, Luke Ronchi and Cameron Delport are the openers for Islamabad United

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – 168/8 (Iftikhar 0, Khan 0)

(19.5) SIX! Mohammad Amir picks the slower one and hit it straight down the ground

(19.3) OUT! Brilliant slow delivery undoes Aamer Yamin, he scored 3 (6)

Ammad Butt bowls the last over

Over 19 – 161/6 (Yamin 3, Iftikhar 0)

(18.5) OUT! As Babar looked to up the scoring rate, he skied one which was easily caught. He scored 68 (50)

Faheem Ashraf continues

Over 18 – 156/5 (Babar 67, Yamin 0)

(17.6) OUT! A perfect yorker from Rumman gets Imad Wasim out

(17.1) OUT! Shadab Khan gets rid of Ben Dunk with a brilliant direct hit from Shadab Khan

Raees continues

Over 17 – 153/3 (Babar 66, Dunk 12)

(16.2) FOUR! Short delivery, brilliant pull shot from Ben Dunk

Ammad Butt bowls

Over 16 – 144/3 (Babar 65, Dunk 4)

Faheem Ashraf continues

Over 15 – 134/3 (Babar 59, Dunk 0)

(14.5) OUT! Big wicket for Islamabad United, Rumman Raees removed Colin Ingram on 13 (12)

Rumman Raees comes back into the attack

Over 14 – 127/2 (Babar 57, Ingram 8)

(13.2) FOUR! On the pads of Babar, he just glanced it for another boundary

(13.1) FOUR! Gorgeous shot, Babar Azam caressed through cover to raise his half-century

Faheem bowls

Over 13 – 115/2 (Babar 46, Ingram 7)

Shadab Khan bowls

Over 12 – 111/2 (Babar 44, Ingram 6)

Ammat Butt continues

Over 11 – 104/2 (Babar 42, Ingram 1)

(10.2) OUT! Livingstone was playing too many shots and got a top edge on a leg-spinning delivery, he scored 56 (31)

(10.1) SIX! Massive hit from Livingstone

Shadab Khan bowls

Over 10 – 95/1 (Babar 40, Livingstone 50)

Ammad Butt bowls his first over of PSL 4

Over 9 – 90/1 (Babar 38, Livingstone 47)

(8.4) FOUR! It was full and quick, Livingstone came down the wicket and hit it straight over the bowler’s head

(8.3) FOUR! Not in complete control, but Livingstone managed to get it over point

Shadab continues

Over 8 – 80/1 (Babar 37, Livingstone 38)

(7.6) SIX! Livingstone ends a good over of Patel with a huge six off a slog sweep

Samit Patel continues

Over 7 – 71/1 (Babar 35, Livingstone 31)

Skipper Shadab Khan into the attack

Over 6 – 67/1 (Babar 33, Livingstone 29)

(5.6) FOUR! Short and wide this time from Faheem and Babar hammed it through point

(5.5) FOUR! On the off stump this time, a delicate cut earns Babar another four

(5.4) FOUR! Another one on Babar’s legs and another boundary for him

Faheem Ashraf bowls his first over

Over 5 – 54/1 (Babar 21, Livingstone 28)

(4.3) SIX! Short this time, Livingstone pulled powerfully for a six

(4.1) FOUR! It was not a bad delivery, Livingstone looked to heave it but managed to get it down the ground

Muhammad Musa changes end

Over 4 – 41/1 (Babar 19, Livingstone 17)

(3.5) FOUR! Once again he stepped down the track and played in the gap through mid-wicket

(3.4) SIX! Livingstone came down the wicket and deposited it over mid-wicket for the first six of the match

Samit Patel replaces Muhammad Musa

Over 3 – 28/1 (Babar 18, Livingstone 5)

(2.3) FOUR! A gift for the new batsman Liam Livingstone, on the pads all he had to do was to touch the bat to it

(2.2) OUT! Munro was looking to play to on-side from an awkward position and edged it straight to Asif Ali. He scored 4 (5)

Rumman Raees continues

Over 2 – 21/0 (Babar 18, Munro 2)

(1.3) FOUR! Glorious straight drive from Babar Azam!

(1.2) FOUR! Once again Babar was served on his pads, he just tickled a 141 kph delivery from Musa to the fine leg for another boundary

Muhammad Musa bowls from the other end

Over 1 – 10/0 (Babar 9, Munro 1)

(0.3) FOUR! This time Rumman fires one on the pads, same result for Karachi Kings

(0.2) FOUR! On the hips of Babar Azam, he whipped it to square of fine leg for the first boundary of the match

Rumman Raees opens the bowling for Islamabad United, while Babar Azam and Colin Munro are the openers for Karachi Kings

Playing XI

Karachi Kings: Babar Azam, Colin Munro, Iftikhar Ahmed, Colin Ingram, Liam Livingstone, Ben Dunk, Imad Wasim (capt), Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Amir, Umer Khan, Usman Shinwari

Islamabad United: Luke Ronchi, Cameron Delport, Hussain Talat, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan (capt), Faheem Ashraf, Phil Salt, Samit Patel, Rumman Raees, Mohammad Musa, Amad Butt


Islamabad United won the toss and elected to bowl first

Karachi Kings know they have to be at their best to beat defending champions Islamabad United in their match on Wednesday in order to get out of the relegation zone of the HBL PSL in Dubai.

They also know that ‘one swallow does not make a summer’ after their much-needed win against table-toppers Quetta Gladiators in Sharjah on Sunday when former South African batsman Colin Ingram batted amazingly to lift them to a six-wicket win.

Ingram smashed eight sixes and 12 boundaries in the highest individual score in all PSL, scoring a 59-ball 127 not out to help Karachi chased down a target of 187 after being precariously placed at 4-2.

Islamabad United will also seek to return to winning ways after going down to Multan Sultans by six wickets in Dubai on Tuesday.

Islamabad’s batting came to a cropper as only Luke Ronchi fired with 32 while Asif Ali (22) and Samit Patel (20) also got good starts but failed to go further.