Karachi Kings is launching their third season of Khiladi Ki Khoj talent hunt program and this time it will be bigger and better as it will take place in different parts of Sindh.

“Karachi Kings Khiladi Ki Khoj Sindh, Talent Hunt Program, is an opening to bring out the hidden talent of the players in interior Sindh and provide them a chance to seize an opportunity by showing their cricket skills,” the press release read.

It will a 15-day long eventful campaign that will feature entertainment and other surprises.

“Karachi Kings brings a cricket celebration, full of entertainment with gifts, a 15 days occasion with trials in eight different cities and a chance to meet their favorite cricket experts alongside the senior management including Rashid Latif himself from 24 Nov till 13 Dec,” the official statement further revealed.

Speaking about the upcoming Brighto Paints Karachi Kings Khiladi Ki Khoj – Talent Hunt in Sindh, Mr. Salman Iqbal – Owner Karachi Kings said ‘The Khiladi Ki Khoj in Karachi were a starting point, a step to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Keeping with our promise, exploring the potential that other cities have to offer is the next logical step in strengthening the Karachi Kings family. We look forward to an exciting series of events and are very hopeful that the Brighto Paints Karachi Kings Khiladi Ki Khoj – Talent Hunt in Sindh will bring forth a new breed of cricketers that we will all be proud of.’

Karachi Kings will be looking to unearth talented cricketers in the age group of 16 to 23.

Here is the complete schedule:

Karachi Kings launches Khiladi Ki Khoj in Sindh