LIVE: Karachi Kings keep up winning streak with a 27-run win against Qalandars

Karachi Kings taking on Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandars once again were off to a flier, but their reckless batting once again let down. From being 70/2 in 6.4 overs, they got down to 132/10 in 18.3 overs. Shahid Afridi was the star with the ball, who took three important wickets giving away 19 runs in four overs. Usman Khan also took three wickets, while Mills took two and Imad and Irfan took one each.

Lahore Qalandars inning

Over 18.3 – Lahore Qalandars 132/10 (Sohail 9*)

(18.3) OUT! Slower one from Mills, Mustafizur just chipped it straight to Mills.

Mills bowls the last over.

Over 18 – Lahore Qalandars 132/9 (Sohail 9*, Mustafizur 0*)

(17.5) SIX! Short from Shinwari, but Sohail pulled it for a massive six.

(17.4) OUT! Short from Shinwari, Shaheen threw everything at it, but only managed a top-edge, easy catch for the bowler.

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 17 – Lahore Qalandars 126/ (Sohail *3, Shaheen 1*)

(16.5) OUT! Mills bowled it a good length, Yasir Shah went for a big heave but only managed an edge to Mohammad Rizwan behind the stumps.

Mills comes in to bowl

Over 16 – Lahore Qalandars 122/ (Sohail *2, Shah 5*)

(15.5) SIX! Too short from Irfan, Yasir Shah hooked it and got enough to clear Shinwari at the deep fine-leg.

(15.3) OUT! Outstanding catch by Denly at point to dismiss the dangerous Dinesh Ramdin, it was short and wide from Irfan Jr., Ramdin cut it powerfully, Denly dived to his right for an incredible grab. He scored 11 off 19 balls.

Mohammad Irfan Jr. bowls

Over 15 – Lahore Qalandars 116/6 (Ramdin 11*, Sohail *1)

Sohail Khan is the new batsman

(14.3) OUT! Brilliant bouncer from Shinwari, Agha was in no control to hook it, he top-edged which was caught easily by Tymal Mills at the deep fine-leg.

Usman Shinwari back into the attack

Over 14 – Lahore Qalandars 113/5 (Ramdin 10*, Agha 15*)

Imad bowls his last over

Over 13 – Lahore Qalandars 106/5 (Ramdin 8*, Agha 10*)

Afridi continues

Over 12 – Lahore Qalandars 102/5 (Ramdin 7*, Agha 7*)

(11.6) FOUR! Short from Ingram, Agha Salman picked the gap perfect at mid-wicket region for a four.

Imad brings Colin Ingram into the attack

Over 11 – Lahore Qalandars 94/5 (Ramdin 5*, Agha 2*)

(10.1) OUT! Sohail looked to go big against Afridi, it was a fuller one and he could not get under the ball, a good catch at long off by Denly. He scored 9 runs off 9 balls.

Afridi bowls

Over 10 – Lahore Qalandars 91/4 (Ramdin 4*, Sohail 9*)

Imad continues

Over 9 – Lahore Qalandars 89/4 (Ramdin 3*, Sohail 8*)

(8.6) FOUR! Width offered this time, Sohail cut it fine for another four.

(8.5) FOUR! Afridi bowled it beautifully, it drifted into the batsmen, he looked to cut it but it was too close, he managed an inside edge, that took the ball to third man boundary.

Sohail Akhtar is the new man in.

(8.2) OUT! Irresponsible from Akmal, he danced down the wicket, Afridi pushed it wide that turned further away, he missed it and Rizwan had all the time of this world to stump him. He scored 6 runs off 5 balls.

Over 8 – Lahore Qalandars 80/2 (U Akmal 6, Ramdin 2*)

(7.3) FOUR! Brilliant shot from Akma, he came down the wicket, Imad pushed it away from Akmal, but he cut it beautifully for a boundary at point.

Dinesh Ramdin comes out to bat

(7.1) OUT! McCullum looked to play a reverse sweep of an arm ball of Imad Wasim, he missed and got trappeed in front the stumps. He scored 44 off 30 deliveries.

Imad Wasim comes back into the attack

Over 7 – Lahore Qalandars 72/2 (McCullum 44*, U Akmal 1*)

Umar Akmal is the new batsman.

(6.4) OUT! Fakhar looked to play a reverse sweep, but he connected it well but to point at Ravi Bopara who took it beautifully diving to his left. He scored 19 runs off 15 balls.

Shahid Afridi into the attack

Over 6 – Lahore Qalandars 58/1 (Fakhar 18*, McCullum 42*)

(5.6) FOUR! Short again, but outside off, McCullum looked to play it over point, but edged it to third-man for a boundary.

(5.5) SIX! Mills goes shorter, McCullum goes longer, pulled powerfully to mid-wicket region for a big six.

(5.4) FOUR! Slow, short of a length, he backed away and slapped it through cover.

Mills continues

Over 5 – Lahore Qalandars 52/1 (Fakhar 17*, McCullum 28*)

(4.6) FOUR! Fakhar moved to leg side, it was short of length delivery from Irfan Jr., he lofted it over cover for another boundary.

(4.1) FOUR! Low full-toss from Irfan, not a bad delivery, but McCullum stayed down and caressed it through cover for a four.

Mohammad Irfan Jr. bowls.

Over 4 – Lahore Qalandars 40/1 (Fakhar 12*, McCullum 23*)

(3.3) FOUR! Beautiful from Baz, a good length delivery from Imad, he came down the wicket and chipped it to mid-wicket for a boundary.

Imad Wasim comes into the attack

Over 3 – Lahore Qalandars 32/1 (Fakhar 10*, McCullum 17*)

(2.3) SIX! Too short for McCullum, he rocked back and pulled it powerfully for a six over square leg.

Shinwari continues

Over 2 – Lahore Qalandars 23/1 (Fakhar 8*, McCullum 10*)

(1.3) FOUR! Short and a bit of room offered, McCullum played it over point for a boundary, moreover, it was no-ball.

Tymal Mills into the attack

Over 1 – Lahore Qalandars 8/1 (Fakhar 6*, McCullum 2*)

(0.3) FOUR! Not a bad delivery from Shinwari, just at the off-stump, Fakhar lofted it over point for a boundary.

Fakhar Zaman is the new batsman.

(0.2) OUT! Brilliant start from Shinwari, a good length delivery of Shinwari did just enough to get an edge of Narine, who was looking to smashed the ball over point.

Usman Shinwari takes the new ball, Brendon McCullum and Sunil Narine are the openers for Qalandars.

Karachi Kings were struggling with 90/5, but Ravi Bopara took them to a respectable total of 159 runs courtesy of his 50-run inning off 34 balls.

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – Karachi Kings 159/7 (Bopara 50*, Irfan Jr. 16*)

(19.6) SIX! Amazing shot to end the inning, it was short from Shaheen, Bopara pulled it powerfully for a six, he brought his half-century with the shot.

(19.3) SIX! Full outside off, Irfan came down the track and lofted it over mid off for a six.

Shaheen Shah bowls the last over.

Over 19 – Karachi Kings 141/7 (Bopara 42*, Irfan Jr. 7*)

(18.6) SIX! Amazing shot from Bopara, low full-toss from Khan, he smashed it over cover for a massive one.

(18.3) FOUR! Slower short-ish delivery from Khan, Irfan Junior looked to but had an outside edge instead, fruitful for Karachi Kings as it ran away for a four to third-man.

Sohail continues

Over 18 – Karachi Kings 128/7 (Bopara 35*, Irfan Jr. 2*)

Mustafizur continues

Over 17 – Karachi Kings 122/7 (Bopara 32*, Irfan Jr. 0*)

(16.5) FOUR! Misfield from Shaheen Shah Afridi, a short-ish delivery from Khan was cut powerfully by Bopara straight to Shaheen, he slid to stop it but failed to do so.

(16.4) OUT! A short delivery outside off from Sohail Khan was pulled by Afridi, all he managed was a top-edge to the fine-leg, Sohail Akhtar took a good catch.

(16.3) SIX! Afridi walks across the stump, picked the full delivery from outside off to struck it over mid-wicket for a six off the first delivery he faced.

Shahid Afridi comes out to bat.

(16.2) OUT! Slower one from Sohail Khan, Imad just chipped it back to Sohail Khan, easy catch for the bowler. He scored 15 off 13 balls.

(16.1) SIX! A full-toss from Sohail Khan on Imad Wasim’s legs, he flicked it easily for a six towards fine-leg.

Sohail Khan bowls

Over 16 – Karachi Kings 90/5 (Bopara 24*, Imad 0*)

(15.5) FOUR! Cover drive from Imad earns him a boundary.

Over 15 – Karachi Kings 95/5 (Bopara 27, Imad 2*)

Yasir Shah continues

Over 14 – Karachi Kings 90/5 (Bopara 24*, Imad 0*)

Imad Wasim comes out to bat.

(13.2) OUT! Beautiful carrom ball from Narine, he deceived Rizwan, who edged it to McCullum at slip, he took a brilliant low catch. It was referred to the third-man but it showed that his fingers were underneath the ball.

Over 13 – Karachi Kings 88/4 (Bopara 21*, Rizwan 2*)

Rizwan is the new batsman.

(12.4) OUT! Fantastic catch!! Ingram lofted a full delivery of Shah to mid-wicket, Shaheen Shah chased the ball to the boundary with Umar Akmal, Shaheen made the most of his height, he timed his jump with perfection to pass the ball to Umar Akmal who dived to complete a fantastic catch. He scored 28 off 29 balls.

Yasir continues

Over 12 – Karachi Kings 81/3 (Ingram 27*, Bopara 18*)

(11.6) SIX! Full at off-stump from Shaheen, Ingram lofted it dead straight for a six. A welcome boundary for the Kings.

Shaheen Shah into the attack

Over 11 – Karachi Kings 73/3 (Ingram 19*, Bopara 17*)

Yasir Shah back into the attack

Over 10 – Karachi Kings 68/3 (Ingram 17*, Bopara 14*)

Narine continues

Over 9 – Karachi Kings 60/3 (Ingram 13*, Bopara 10*)

(8.4) FOUR! Short and wide from Agha, Ingram rocked back ay his back foot and cut it through point.

Agha Salman comes into the attack

Over 8 – Karachi Kings 52/3 (Ingram 7*, Bopara 8*)

(7.1) FOUR! Brilliant from Ingram, got on knee and played a full delivery of Narine over keeper’s head.

Narine continues

Over 7 – Karachi Kings 47/3 (Ingram 2*, Bopara 8*)

(6.5) FOUR! Overpitched delivery outside off, Bopara threw his hands at it, a lofted drive through cover for a boundary.

Mustafizur Rahman continues

Over 6 – Karachi Kings 39/3 (Ingram 2*, Bopara 1*)

(5.3) OUT! Another wicket for Lahore Qalandars, Khurram Manzoor was under pressure due to too many dot balls. He came down the track and looked to go over the top, but found Umar Akmal at the edge of the circle. He scored 8 off 15 balls.

Sunil Narine comes to bowl.

Over 5 – Karachi Kings 36/2 (Khurram 8*, Ingram 0*)

(4.1) OUT! Beautiful in-swinging delivery first up to Babar Azam from the left-arm pacer to trap him in front of the stumps. It was plum!

Over 4 – Karachi Kings 36/1 (Khurram 8*, Babar 0*)

Mustafizur Rahman bowls

(3.6) OUT! Yasir Shah has the last laugh here, short again, Denly looked to pull but managed a top-edge, easy catch for Narine.

(3.5) FOUR! Short and wide, cut beautifully by Denly through point.

(3.3) FOUR! Beautiful shot from Denly, came down the wicket and lofted it over Shah.

Yasir Shah bowls.

Over 3 – Karachi Kings 22/0 (Khurram 8*, Denly 20*)

(2.4) FOUR! Crisp shot from Denly, he walked down the wicket, made room off a short delivery and caressed it through cover for another boundary.

Sohail Khan continues

Over 2 – Karachi Kings 22/0 (Khurram 7*, Denly 15*)

(1.5) SIX! Huge from Denly! He came down the wicket, cleared his front leg and absolutely smoked that for a gigantic hit over mid-wicket. Ground staff could not find the ball.

(1.2) FOUR! Width from Shaheen, Denly made the use of it, he cut it in the air through the left of the point fielder for a boundary.

Young Shaheen Shah into the attack

Over 1 – Karachi Kings 9/0 (Khurram 5*, Denly 4*)

(0.5) FOUR! A good delivery by Sohail Khan bamboozled Joe Denly who managed an inside edge off a ball coming into him.

(0.3) FOUR! Short and wide, Khurram Manzoor absolutely hammered it through point for the first boundary of the match.

Sohail Khan takes the new ball for Lahore Qalandars. Khurram Manzoor and Joe Denly are the openers for Karachi Kings.

Team line-ups

Karachi Kings is playing without their spearhead, Mohammad Amir. He is replaced by another impressive left-arm pacer, Usman Khan Shinwari.

Karachi Kings: Joe Denly, Khurram Manzoor, Babar Azam, Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara, Mohammad Rizwan, Shahid Afridi, Imad Wasim (c), Usman Shinwari, Mohammad Irfan Jr, Tymal Mills

Lahore Qalandars: Fakhar Zaman, Brendon McCullum, Dinesh Ramdin, Sohail Akhtar Umar Akmal, Sohail Khan, Yasir Shah, Agha Salman, Mustafizur Rahman, Sunil Narine, Shaheen Shah Afridi


Imad Wasim won the toss and elected to bat first.

It is the time for the big clash, Karachi Kings taking on Lahore Qalandars. The Kings won the first two matches of the tournament against the best teams of the league, Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi. On the other hand, Lahore Qalandars have lost their opening two contests against the new entrants Multan Sultans and Quetta Gladiators.

Qalandars have got good starts in both their contests, but their batting line collapsed both the times. They would like to have some stability in their middle-order, rather than having all the dashers in the side. Karachi Kings’ openers have not fired yet, it is a concern for them, which they need to address, moreover, they would love to see Shahid Afridi doing some fireworks.

It is expected to be a cracker of a contest between the two franchises of the rival cities. The fans are waiting anxiously to see their teams in action. Imad Wasim will look to keep up his team’s winning momentum, whereas, Brendon McCullum will be looking to get things turn in his team’s favour.