Kohli and I have good mutual understanding: Mohammad Amir

Kohli and I have good mutual understanding: Mohammad Amir

Pakistan’s left-arm pace sensation Mohammad Amir responded to Virat Kohli’s comments where he named him as the toughest bowler he has faced in his career.

Amir once again minted Indian captain as his favourite batsman of recent times and shared that the two competitors have a good understanding.

“Our mutual understanding is really good,” told Amir ESPNCricinfo in an interview. “Whenever we meet we greet each other.” he added.

Amir further told that they both have played U-19 cricket together, when the left-arm fast bowler was representing Pakistan U-19, Kohli was captaining Indian U-19 side.

“We have also played U-19 together. Kohli was the captain of his team in the year I played the U-19 World Cup,” he added.

The two have praised each other a number of times in the past. Recently, Kohli revealed in an interview with the Bollywood star Amir Khan that one has to be at the top of the game to face Amir.

“In the recent times, Mohammad Amir of Pakistan,” said the Indian batting star. “He is in the top two or three bowlers in the world and the toughest bowlers I have played in my career,” he added.

“You have to be on your ‘A’ Game when you’re facing him or he will strike. Oustanding! Very good bowler!” he went on to say.

The 25-year old told that Kohli shows great gestures towards him, he has gifted him his bat twice and he likes his bats a lot.

“He gifted me a bat during Champions Trophy, and before that he presented me one during the World T20 2016.

“I really like his bats, so I always ask him for them, he gifts me them even if I don’t ask him.”

“No doubt, if he requires something from me, I will definitely give him,” he said smiling.

Mohammad Amir is happy to receive praise from one of the best batsmen of his era, he told that it gives him confidence that he can do even better in the future.

“To be honest, it feels good. You get payoff for performing well,” he said. “No doubt, Virat is a good batsman and praise from him gives you confidence and it makes you believe that you can do even better in the future,” he added.

Amir further told that Kohli is his favourite batsman currently.

“I have said it many times before and saying it again that Kohli is my favourite batsman in the recent times.”

“He is a tough batsman and to bowl against him, you too have to be at your best,” he told.

Though the young fast bowler admires Kohli as a batsman, but he is a fierce competitor of his in the ground.

“Obviously, there is no friendship in the ground as everyone represents their country,” he stated. “I have to get him out when we are playing, otherwise he will take the game away for you especially while chasing,” he added.

He also urged the cricket fans of the rival countries, India and Pakistan, to support cricket and do not treat it like a war.

“The fans of both Pakistan and India are extremely passionate, but they should support cricket.

“It was a social media war during Pakistan and India final of the Champions Trophy, I do not think it should happen, fans of both the countries should support cricket.”