‘Kohli’s wicket was a big achievement for me’ – Amir.

Mohammad Amir
'Kohli's wicket was a big achievement for me' - Amir.

Star fast-bowler Mohammad Amir speaks about his comeback to cricket after five-years. Amir said that he is satisfied as he had made a comeback in all three formats after five years ban and it’s a big accomplishment.

Amir didn’t play any cricket during five years period & had hardly played five first-class games. He maintained his fitness even without playing cricket & after his return in 2016, he bowled second most overs for Pakistan in that year. He thanked Almighty Allah for keeping him fit & he kept on representing Pakistan in all formats.

After his return to Pakistan international team, he was unlucky at times when catches were dropped during his bowling. It was difficult for him to continue with the same momentum after 5 years gap.

25-years old said, “Those two deliveries in Champions Trophy final against India, changed my image in the UK, the first one on which Azhar dropped Kohli’s catch and the next ball where I claimed his wicket, it was a big achievement for me”

Amir also said. “When I was walking back to my bowling mark after the catch was dropped, I was thinking that we have lost half of the final now as India rely on Kohli,” he added.

He further said that since there is a rotation policy in place, it is easier to get rotated. “The rotation policy also helps a team strengthen the bench, which is very important going forward,” he said.

Fast-bowler has yet plan to play all formats until he feels fit.

According to him, nowadays the margin of swing in cricket has reduced and it is difficult to get wickets with swinging deliveries now. However, it depends upon certain conditions, if it rains before the match then there will be moisture which can swing the ball otherwise the tracks are suitable for batting. As for the swing, when he played a Test series in West Indies, the conditions suit his bowling. The Duke ball swung so it means that he can still swing the ball.