KP names Asif as the toughest bowler he has faced

KP names Asif as the toughest bowler he has faced
Mohammad Asif
Shukriya Pakistan

England’s batting maestro, Kevin Pietersen revealed that Pakistan’s right-arm fast bowler Mohammad Asif has been the toughest bowler he has ever faced.

“The best bowler I faced was Mohammad Asif, the bowler from Pakistan who got done for (spot)-fixing,” Pietersen said during the the Howie Games podcast.

“Probably not a bad thing because he tormented a lot of batters. Just his ability to make a batsman feel like the ball was accelerating off the wicket in different directions.”

The man that has played 104 Test matches for England told that he always struggled against the seamer despite of having good form.

“If I was in good form, he made sure I wasn’t in good form a couple of weeks later after playing him.

“If I wasn’t in good form, I knew I wasn’t in good form after playing him for a couple of weeks during a series,” he told.

In 2006, Asif got Pietersen on the very first ball he bowled to him. It was the same match that was forfeited under Inzamam Ul Haq’s captaincy on the accusations of ball tempering by Darrell Hair.

The right-arm pacer dismissed the South African-born English batsman four times more in international cricket, but, only once in Test cricket.