‘KPL portrays soft image of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’ Shehryar Afridi


MUZAFFARABAD: The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir, Shehryar Afridi said Kashmir Premier League (KPL) in Azad Kashmir shows that Pakistan wants peace. 

In a video message from the sidelines of KPL’s final here on Tuesday, Afridi said KPL has shown the real image of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

“Freedom is the most beautiful gift of divine power. And, today’s final of KPL shows that people of Kashmir deserve freedom,” he shares.

“On the other side of LOC, there is siege, operations, and violence whereas here, there is festivity and sports. It shows that we want peace,” he maintained.

Afridi invited the world to explore Kashmir. “This tournament gave a message to the globe, come, visit and explore Kashmir,” he concluded.

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