Leaving Pakistan was a tough decision but no regrets now, says Tahir

Shukriya Pakistan

The 37-year old Pakistani-born South African cricketer, Imran Tahir opened up about leaving his native country and moving to South Africa to achieve his dreams.

The top T20 bowler of the world, Imran Tahir told Pak Passion that it was an extremely difficult decision for him to leave Pakistan, all his friends and family behind and move to a new place.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for me but such opportunities and chances do not come around every day. To leave my family especially my parents, friends and my country was a very tough decision,” he said.

“But my wife was in South Africa and it was a decision that I had to make. It was one of those situations where in order to gain something, I had to lose something,” he added.

However, Tahir has no regrets over his decision now, he believes it had to happen and he is extremely grateful to the cricketing body of South Africa, CSA.

“No regrets. It was in my destiny that I would go to South Africa and I’m really happy as to how things have worked out for me.

“I’m very grateful to Cricket South Africa for the opportunities they have given me and I will be forever thankful to them for the chances they have given me to enhance and display my skills to the world,” he stated.

Similar to all Pakistani children, the leg-spinner also wished to bear the star on his chest one day, but, things did not turn out that way, however, he is still able to live his dream of playing international cricket.

“When I started playing cricket as a child and then through the grades and levels and onto First-Class cricket, my dream was always to play for Pakistan.

“That opportunity never came, but never mind, the chance for South Africa came and my path to international cricket came about as a result of moving to South Africa,” he told.