Legal notice sent to Shahid Afridi


Pakistan’s skipper Shahid Afridi has been asked to apologize on his stance regarding Pakistan in a press conference in India.

The Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) of Lahore has sent a legal notice to the star all rounder because they feel that Afridi’s remarks have hurt the sentiments of the entire nation. Afridi had said that he admires the love and respect he receives from Indian people and he even went on to say that their gratitude even surprasses that of the people in Pakistan.

Afridi’s remarks spread widespread controversy and the various factions of Pakistan were clearly unhappy over it which is why Afridi faced significant amount of criticism.

JAP have asked Afridi to apologize or else he should be ready to face legal action over his remarks. They have given him a time span of 15 days to file his response. They have also asked Afridi to concentrate on playing cricket rather than indulging in political remarks.

The former cricketers are divided on this issue as some of them believe that Afridi’s response should not be hyped as the team needs to backed for their World T20 campaign. While others believe that proper inquiry should be carried out as to why he came out with such remarks.

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