Leisure Leagues—Small side leagues to be played in Pakistan

Leisure Leagues—Small side leagues to be played in Pakistan
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KARACHI: Famous British football league, Leisure Leagues to hold small-side leagues in Pakistan from January next year.

It is a T20 kind of a league that feature five, six and seven players-a-side matches. The league was announced in Pakistan on Monday at the British Deputy High Commission.

The league is already popular in 62 other countries of the world and now this shorter format of football will be played in Pakistan.

The ceremony was attended by national men and women players as they are appointed as the ambassadors for the leagues.

Pakistan women’s team captain, Hajra Khan has hailed the step, “It is a very good initiative, it will help us work on the grass root level.

“It is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to play football.”

The national team captain and the star footballer of Pakistan, Kaleemullah said on the occasion, “The league will feature many foreign players and many foreign teams, this will give exposure to the young players and they will have an opportunity to do well against strong oppositions.”

Pakistan team has already been formed for five, six and seven-a-side competitions that will compete against different teams of the world in future.

The schedule of the tournament has not been disclosed yet, however, it will soon be announced.