LHC issues stay order against notice for income tax against PCB


Lahore High Court heard the petition Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) filed against the issuance of income tax notice from the FBR.

Federal Bureau of Revenue issued a notice for advance income tax to the PCB of Rs. 40 crore for two years on the arrival of World XI for the Independence Cup.

On the non-payment of the amount, FBR issued them the notice.

However, the lawyer of the board stated during the hearing that PCB is a national institute that works for the development of sports, according to government policy, it should be exempted from all taxes.

He also said according to Income Tax ordinance 236 (A), only individuals’ earnings are taxable.

The lawyer requested the court to announce the notice null and void.

Justice Aisha. A. Malik has issued a stay order on the notice and has asked for an answer from the FBR, federal government and the commissioner in land.