Live: Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars

Live: Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars
Live: Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars
Shukriya Pakistan

SHARJAH: Lahore Qalandars won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Lahore Qalandars win the game by one wicket, what a nerve wrenching game it was! The kind of game every cricket fan wants to see. Pakistan Super League at its best!

Lahore Qalandars 146/9 (19.2): Grant Eliott just dropped the bat after finishing the job with a mighty hit. What a finish, what a game! Amazing stuff!

Lahore Qalandars 140/9 (19.1): Aamer Yamin falls on the first delivery of the over. Islamabad need one wicket while Lahore need just 6 off 5 balls. 

Lahore Qalandars 140/8 (19.0): Rumman gets Sohail Tanvir on the last delivery of the over. He took three wickets in the inning. This game is a thriller!

Lahore Qalandars 134/7 (18.1): Another twist in tale, Rumman gets Narine with a yorker, he is given LBW.

Lahore Qalandars 134/6 (18.0): Qalandars are surely favourite to win this contest here. An expensive over for Mohammad Sami, not all his fault though.

Lahore Qalandars 122/6 (17.0): Some serious hitting from Sunil Narine, he is in the form of his life with the bat.

Lahore Qalandars 110/6 (16.2): Shadab Khan removes the dangerous Umar Akmal with a beaty, he scored 66 off 42 balls.

Lahore Qalandars 110/5 (16.0): Rumman Raees tried to keep Akmal quiet, but a lose delivery from him cost him a boundary.

Lahore Qalandars 102/5 (15.0): Lahore Qalandars need 44 off 30 balls with Umar Akmal on fire.

Lahore Qalandars 94/5 (14.0): Umar Akmal has raised his half century, he is firing up at the right time for Qalandars.

Lahore Qalandars 85/5 (13.0): What a wonderful over by the young leggie Shadab Khan.

Lahore Qalandars 81/5 (12.0): Nothing going in Lahore Qalandars’ favour, Mohammad Irfan Jr. is run out due to his laziness and carelessness. Grant Elliott is out there as the new batsman. However, Umar Akmal is still a hope.

Lahore Qalandars 69/4 (11.0): A big over for Lahore Qalandars, Umar Akmal struck two fours and six in Amad Butt’s over.

Lahore Qalandars 54/4 (10.0): Fantastic bowling by Islamabad United bowlers, Lahore Qalandars need Umar Akmal special here to win this contest.

Lahore Qalandars 42/3 (8.0): Lahore Qalandars are in deep trouble.

Lahore Qalandars 29/1 (6.0): Brilliant start for Rumman Raees, just runs and a pricey wicket of Brendon McCullum in the over.

Lahore Qalandars 27/1 (5.0): Delport’s shaky start ended with a nasty bouncer of Mohammad Irfan. Fakhar Zaman is the new man in.

Lahore Qalandars 23/0 (4.0): A very tight over by Mohammad Sami.

Lahore Qalandars 20/0 (3.0): Islamabad United’s bowlers are not giving anything away here.

Lahore Qalandars 15/0 (2.0): A four off the over, but Sami is too quick to hit even for McCulum.

Lahore Qalandars 6/0 (1.0): A good first over by Mohammad Irfan after conceding a boundary.

Cameron Delport and Brendon McCullum are opening for Lahore Qalandars, while Mohammad Irfan is taking the new ball.

Lahore Qalandars need 146 runs to win the game. Overall a good performance by Lahore, but they must be disappointed with the fact that they could have kept Islamabad under 120 runs as they were 83 for 6 at a moment.

Islamabad United 145/8 (20.0): A 53-run partnership off 33 deliveries between Amad Butt and Shadab Khan has brought Islamabad United back in the hunt. Great batting performance by the youngsters.

Islamabad United 136/6 (19.0): Wonderful batting by United’s young batsmen, a pleasant sight for Pakistan cricket fans.

Islamabad United 118/6 (18.0): Shadab Khan and Amad Butt showing their potential with the bat, impressive so far.

Islamabad United 109/6 (17.0): A good over by Mohammad Irfan Jr at this stage of the game.

Islamabad United 104/6 (16.0): Islamabad’s youngsters Amad Butt and Shadab Khan are looking to rescue their team.

Islamabad United 95/6 (15.0): Amad Butt took on Elliott, something to cheer for IU fans here.

Islamabad United 83/6 (14.0): Lahore Qalandars are on the top here.

Islamabad United 83/6 (13.4): Another easy wicket for Lahore Qalandars, he is LBW off Sunil Narine. The reigning champions are in big trouble.

Islamabad United 81/5 (13.0): Ben Duckett literally threw away his wicket, he tried a reverse sweep on a straight delivery and missed it completely.

Islamabad United 77/4 (12.0): Another poor decision by umpire and another wicket fell of Islamabad United, the lost their skipper Misbah Ul Haq.

Islamabad United 70/3 (11.0):  Islamabad United need to put some pressure on bowlers now.

Islamabad United 64/3 (10.0): Ben Duckett showed the glimpse of his class in the over.

Islamabad United 59/3 (9.0): Misbah struck an enormous six off Yasir Shah, it was 95 meter long!

Islamabad United 50/3 (8.0): An interesting contest between Narine and Misbah.

Islamabad United 43/3 (7.0): Six off the first ball of Yasir Shah and Dwayne Smith fell on the next delivery. However, he was unlucky as he clearly had an inside edge but was given LBW.

Islamabad United 35/2 (6.0): Ben Duckett is the new man in, Yamin bowled a brilliant over here.

Islamabad United 35/2 (5.4): Young Aamer Yamin strikes again and this time its the big wicket of Brad Haddin, he played on. He scored 1 run on 6 balls.

Islamabad United 34/1 (5.0): A very good start for the West Indian spin wizard.

Sunil Narine into the attack.

Islamabad United 31/1 (4.0): A good over by Yamin.

Islamabad United 30/1 (3.3): Mohammad Rizwan finally hangs on to one for Lahore Qalandars, Rafatullah takes the long walk back after scoring 16 off 13 balls.

Islamabad United 28/0 (3.0): Rafatullah going after everything and he had two lucky escapes during Sohail Tanvir’s over.

Islamabad United 16/0 (2.0): Aamer Yamin welcomed with a six by Rafatullah Mohmand.

Islamabad United 5/0 (1.0): Sohail Tanvir bowled a fine over, a boundary by Dwayne Smith early in the over but controlled runs in next deliveries.

Lahore have included Grant Elliott and Aamer Yamin to replace Roy and Bhatti: Fakhar Zaman, Brendon McCullum (c), Cameron Delport, Umar Akmal, Mohammad Rizwan(wk), Grant Elliott, Sunil Narine, Aamer Yamin Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Irfan Jr, Yasir Shah

Islamabad have one change – Duckett comes in for Billings: Dwayne Smith, Rafatullah Mohmand, Brad Haddin (wk), Ben Duckett, Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Shane Watson, Amad Butt, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Irfan, Rumman Raees

Lahore Qalandars are the lowest ranked in the points table after Karachi Kings’ two successful wins. They will be hoping to improve their ranking by winning the game. Whereas, Islamabad United have the opportunity to rule the points table by standing victorious tonight.