LIVE: Watson, Pietersen help Gladiators to overcome Kings


Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – Karachi Kings 113/8 (Rizwan 26*, Amir 6*)

Anwar Ali bowls the last over of the inning

Over 19 – Karachi Kings 105/8 (Rizwan 23*, Amir 1*)

Rahat Ali bowls

Over 18 – Karachi Kings 102/8 (Rizwan 21*, Amir 0*)

(17.5) OUT! Another wicket for Anwar Ali, this time Mohammad Irfan Jr. was the batsman to get out, who did not bother the scorers.

Mohammad Irfan Jr. is the new batsman

(17.3) OUT! Slower one from Anwar Ali, David Wiese looked to go big, but mistimed it, an easy catch for Ben Laughlin at long-on. He scored 5 off 6 deliveries.

Anwar Ali into the attack

Over 17 – Karachi Kings 99/6 (Rizwan 18*, Wiese 5*)

Ben Laughlin comes back into the attack

Over 16 – Karachi Kings 94/6 (Rizwan 14*, Wiese 4*)

(15.5) FOUR! Room offered by Rahat, David Wiese cut it for a boundary.

David Wiese is the new batsman.

(15.3) OUT! Another short one, this time Imad looked to go straight but failed to time it, easy catch for Anwar Ali at mid-off. He scored 35 runs off 31 deliveries.

(15.2) SIX! Short from Rahat, Imad backed away and struck it over point for a six.

Rahat comes back into the attack

Over 15 – Karachi Kings 82/5 (Imad 29*, Rizwan 13*)

Shane Watson continues

Over 14 – Karachi Kings 76/5 (Imad 26*, Rizwan 10*)

Hassan Khan continues

Over 13 – Karachi Kings 70/5 (Imad 24*, Rizwan 6*)

Shane Watson bowls

Over 12 – Karachi Kings 64/5 (Imad 21*, Rizwan 3*)

Hassan Khan continues

Over 11 – Karachi Kings 61/5 (Imad 19*, Rizwan 2*)

Mohammad Rizwan is the new batsman

(10.1) OUT! Short from Watson, Babar looked to play it straight for a boundary, but could not time, Anwar Ali came in running and dived forward for a marvellous catch! He scored 32 off 32 deliveries.

Over 10 – Karachi Kings 55/4 (Babar 32*, Imad 15*)

Hassan Khan continues

Over 9 – Karachi Kings 50/4 (Babar 29*, Imad 13*)

(8.4) FOUR! Width offered by Anwar Ali to Imad, he slapped it through cover for a precious boundary.

Anwar Ali comes into the attack

Over 8 – Karachi Kings 40/4 (Babar 27*, Imad 6*)

Hassan Khan continues

Over 7 – Karachi Kings 36/4 (Babar 26*, Imad 3*)

Imad Wasim is the new batsman

(6.2) OUT! Karachi Kings’ most consistent batsman since the first season, Ravi Bopara fell to Ben Laughlin on a duck, it was a length delivery which he edged to Sarfraz Ahmed.

Ben Laughlin into the attack

Over 6 – Karachi Kings 32/3 (Babar 25*, Bopara 0*)

(5.6) OUT! A delivery on the middle-stump, Colin Ingram looked for a slog sweep and found the fielder at deep fine-leg. He scored 5 runs on 5 deliveries.

(5.3) SIX! It was flighted delivery from the young spinner, Hassan Khan, Babar Azam came down the track and lofted it for a six over long-on.

Quetta Gladiators’ last night hero, Hassan Khan comes into the attack

Over 5 – Karachi Kings 25/2 (Ingram 5*, Babar 18*)

Nawaz continues

Over 4 – Karachi Kings 23/2 (Ingram 4*, Babar 17*)

(3.6) FOUR! Width offered by Rahat, another beautiful stroke from Babar through point.

(3.1) FOUR! Room offered by Rahat Ali, Babar is a too good player to miss out on those, he cut it beautifully for another boundary.

Rahat continues

Over 3 – Karachi Kings 13/2 (Ingram 4*, Babar 7*)

(2.4) FOUR! Outside off from Nawaz, it was an arm-ball, Babar Azam played a glorious boundary through cover.

Nawaz continues

Over 2 – Karachi Kings 6/2 (Ingram 4*, Babar 0*)

(1.5) FOUR! Short-ish from Rahat outside off, Ingram dragged it from there to mid-wicket for the first boundary of the inning.

(1.3) OUT! Shahid Afridi did not look in the best of nicks, he was just swinging the bat, it was a fuller delivery from Rahat Ali, he looked to go over mid-off but there was no timing, an easy catch for Ben Laughlin. He scored 1 run.

Rahat Ali bowls

Over 1 – Karachi Kings 2/1 (Afridi 1*, Ingram 0*)

(0.6) OUT! Mohammad was impressive in the over, Denly looked to go down the track and crack it, but he could not reach to the pitch the ball and the ball spun away enough to beat the batsman, Sarfraz completed his stumping. He scored 1 run.

The Boom Boom Shahid Afridi is here to open with Joe Denly, Mohammad Nawaz has got the new ball.

Magical innings from Shane Watson of 90* runs and Kevin Pietersen of 52 runs took Quetta Gladiators to a handsome total of 180 runs at a loss just four wickets. Usman Khan Shinwari remained the pick of the bowler with one wicket for 22 runs in his four overs.

Quetta Gladiators inning

Over 20 – Quetta Gladiators 180/4 (Watson 90*, Rameez 1*)

(19.4) OUT! Low full-toss from Irfan Jr, Anwar Ali could not time it properly and it was caught at the long on boundary. He scored 6 runs.

(19.3) FOUR! Another short from Irfan, but it was Anwar Ali to make the most out of it, a boundary to square-leg.

(19.1) SIX! Short from Irfan Jr, Watson pulled it to mid-wicket, where Ingram failed to grab it and palmed it over the boundary.

Irfan Jr bowls the last over

Over 19 – Quetta Gladiators 167/3 (Watson 76*, Anwar 2*)

Anwar Ali is the new batsman

(18.1) OUT! Slower and full outside off, Russow mistimed the big shot and skied it, Joe Denly was the man underneath it who took a comfortable catch. He scored 13 off 7 deliveries.

Mohammad Amir into the attack

Over 18 – Quetta Gladiators 161/2 (Watson 79*, Russow 13*)

(17.3) FOUR! Slower, shorter and outside off from Wiese, Russow slapped it over mid off for the second boundary of the over.

(17.1) SIX! In the firing zone of Russow, it was full and almost at middle stump, he heaved it for a huge hit over mid-wicket.

Wiese bowls

Over 17 – Quetta Gladiators 148/2 (Watson 76*, Russow 1*)

Riley Russow is the new batsman.

(16.2) OUT! Huge wicket for Karachi Kings, Kevin Pietersen looked to heave the short-ish delivery from Shinwari, he top-edged that went miles in the air. Ravi Bopara took a good catch at mid-wicket to dismiss KP for 52 runs.

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 16 – Quetta Gladiators 144/1 (Watson 76*, Pietersen 52*)

(15.6) FOUR! Another boundary to end the over.

(15.3) SIX! Irfan Jr. tried to bowl a yorker, but missed his length marginally, Watson deposited the low full-toss into the stands for a six.

Irfan Jr. bowls

Over 15 – Quetta Gladiators 130/1 (Watson 65*, Pietersen 49*)

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 14 – Quetta Gladiators 122/1 (Watson 63*, Pietersen 43*)

(13.3) FOUR! On the pads of KP, he flicked it powerfully for another boundary.

(13.1) SIX! Amazing stroke! Full and at the off-stump, Watson launched it over cover for a six.

Amir bowls.

Over 13 – Quetta Gladiators 108/1 (Watson 55*, Pietersen 37*)

Shahid Afridi bowls

Over 12 – Quetta Gladiators 103/1 (Watson 53*, Pietersen 35*)

(11.6) FOUR! Short from Wiese, Pietersen absolutely smashed it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

David Wiese continues

Over 11 – Quetta Gladiators 95/1 (Watson 50*, Pietersen 29*)

(10.5) FOUR! This time it was an outside edge, beat the short third-man fielder.

(10.4) FOUR! Short and wide from Afridi, Pietersen muscled it through point.

Afridi bowls,

Over 10 – Quetta Gladiators 85/1 (Watson 49*, Pietersen 20*)

David Wiese bowls

Over 9 – Quetta Gladiators 73/1 (Watson 48*, Pietersen 9*)

Shahid Afridi continues

Over 8 – Quetta Gladiators 68/1 (Watson 45*, Pietersen 7*)

(7.5) FOUR! Short from Shinwari, KP pulled it perfectly to square-leg for his first boundary.

Usman Shinwari continues

Over 7 – Quetta Gladiators 61/1 (Watson 44*, Pietersen 1*)

Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman.

(6.5) OUT! Afridi had the last laugh here, he looked to sweep a straighter one from the leggie and trapped in front of the stump.

(6.2) FOUR! Down the wicket, Afridi dropped it short, he cut it perfectly to find the gap.

(6.1) FOUR! Shafiq greets Afridi with a beautiful cut, a boundary through point.

Shahid Afridi into the attack

Over 6 – Quetta Gladiators 52/0 (Asad 8*, Watson 44*)

(5.6) FOUR! Short-ish length from Irfan Jr., Watson back away and edged it past the keeper for a boundary to third-man.

(5.5) SIX! Lap sweep connects this time, he moved to his off-stump and connected it perfectly for a maximum.

(5.3) FOUR! Watson played a courageous scoop off a full delivery on leg-stump, the ball hit his bat and raised to the fine-leg boundary, but umpire signal a bye.

Mohammad Irfan Jr. is the new bowler

Over 5 – Quetta Gladiators 37/0 (Asad 7*, Watson 30*)

Usman Shinwari into the attack

Over 4 – Quetta Gladiators 34/0 (Asad 5*, Watson 29*)

(3.4) FOUR! Amir bowls a short ball, Watson could not time it perfectly, but Colin Ingram displayed a poor fielding show there, which cost the left-arm pacer a boundary.

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 3 – Quetta Gladiators 27/0 (Asad 2*, Watson 25*)

(2.6) SIX! Make it three in the over, full-ish delivery, once again slog sweep did the trick for the Aussie batsman.

(2.5) SIX! Shot! Imad drops it shorter, Watson rocked back and muscled it for a massive six to square-leg.

(2.2) SIX! On the leg-side, Watson got down on one knee and deposited it over square-leg boundary.

Imad Wasim continues

Over 2 – Quetta Gladiators 9/0 (Asad 2*, Watson 7*)

Mohammad Amir bowls for the other end

Over 1 – Quetta Gladiators 7/0 (Asad 1*, Watson 6*)

(0.3) FOUR! In the slot, it full and at off-stump, Watson played a powerful straight drive for the first boundary of the match.

Asad Shafiq and Shane Watson are the openers for Quetta Gladiators, Imad Wasim is with the new ball for Karachi Kings.

Team line-ups

Shahid Afridi joins Karachi Kings

Karachi Kings: Joe Denly, Muhammad Rizwan, Babar Azam, Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara, Imad Wasim (c), Shahid Afridi, David Wiese, Mohammad Irfan Jr., Mohammad Amir, Usman Shinwari

Quetta Gladiators: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Asad Shafiq, Ramiz Raja Jr., Kevin Pietersen, Riley Russow, Mohammad Nawaz, Shane Watson, Hasan Khan, Anwar Ali, Rahat Ali, Ben Laughlin


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Karachi Kings have been in their top form so far in the tournament, losing just one game in the five contests that they have played. They are comfortable at the third position at the moment with seven points to their name in five matches. If they manage a win against Quetta Gladiators, their position will become even stronger with nine points in only six games. Whereas, Multan Sultans are at the top of the table with nine points in seven matches.

Quetta Gladiators will jump up the table if the pull off a win against the Kings, as they have six points, two more points will put them among top three with eight points against their name.