LIVE: Four-star Amir helps Kings dominate Sultans

LIVE: Karachi Kings eye winning start against revamped Sultans

Multan Sultans inning

Over 20 – 176/9 (Irfan 4, Junaid 0)

(19.4) OUT! Ilyas goes on the first delivery

(19.3) OUT! Chris Green also bites the dust

Sohail Khan bowls the last over

Over 19 – 168/7 (Green 2, Ilyas 0)

(18.6) OUT! Hammad Azam also falls as he looked to get a win for his team. Amir gets 4 wickets.

(18.2) OUT! Big wicket for Karachi Kings, Mohammad Amir removes Shahid Afridi, he scored 14 (8)

Mohammad Amir bowls the second last over

Over 18 – 164/5 (Afridi 14, Hammad 11)

(17.5) SIX! Slower and short, Hammad Azam pulled it for a six

(17.4) FOUR! In the slot for Hammad Azam, he got it enough to clear mid-off

(17.2) FOUR! Did not middle it, but Afridi struck it powerfully enough for another boundary

(17.1) FOUR! Beautiful flick shot from Afridi to get a boundary

Sohail Khan bowls

Over 17 – 144/5 (Afridi 5, Hammad 0)

(16.5) FOUR! Short ball from Shinwari, Afridi pulled it, but managed to top edge it for a four

(16.3) OUT! A slower and shorter one from Shinwari gets the better of Malik, he scored 52 runs off 29 balls.

Shinwari bowls

Over 16 – 137/4 (Malik 51, Afridi 0)

(15.6) OUT! It was a full and wide delivery, Russell edged to the keeper.

(15.5) SIX! It is a 108 meter six!

Mohammad Amir bowls

Over 15 – 124/3 (Malik 50, Russell 0)

(14.5) OUT! Laurie Evans is run out just as he was approaching his hafl-century, he scored 49 off 37 balls

(14.4) FOUR! A full delivery is hammered down the ground

Usman Shinwari comes to bowl

Over 14 – 116/2 (Malik 47, Evans 44)

(13.5) SIX! A six is followed by a six straight down the ground

(13.4) FOUR! Malik came down the track and played over the in-field at off-side

(13.3) FOUR! Third consecutive boundary for Malik and it was graceful

(13.2) FOUR! On the pads, easy pickings for Malik

(13.1) FOUR! Short from Bopara, Malik picks the gap with perfection

Ravi Bopara bowls

Over 13 – 92/2 (Malik 23, Evans 44)

(12.5) SIX! Short it was and Malik pulled it handsome for a maximum

(12.4) FOUR! A classy square cut earns Malik precious four runs

Sohail Khan comes on to bowl

Over 12 – 77/2 (Malik 9, Evan 43)

(11.6) FOUR! Full delivery from Bopara is beautifully crafted through point

Ravi Bopara into the attack

Over 11 – 67/2 (Malik 6, Evan 36)

Imad bowls

Over 10 – 59/2 (Malik 4, Evan 31)

Shinwari bowls

Over 9 – 54/2 (Malik 1, Evan 30)

(8.2) OUT! Shan Masood looked to up the scoring rate, but found Mohammad Amir in the deep, he scored 20 (20)

Umer Khan bowls

Over 8 – 51/1 (Shan 20, Evan 28)

Usman Shinwari comes on to bowl

Over 7 – 44/1 (Shan 17, Evan 24)

(6.1) FOUR! Shan Masood jumps down the wicket and hammered it straight passed the bowler

Umer Khan comes on to bowl

Over 6 – 39/1 (Shan 12, Evan 23)

(5.6) FOUR! Fuller on the off-stump, beautifully driven through off-side

(5.5) FOUR! Slower one on the legs, a gift for the batsman

(5.1) FOUR! Short one from Khan and Evan pulled it for a four

Sohail Khan into the attack

Over 5 – 23/1 (Shan 11, Evan 10)

(4.2) FOUR! Shan Masood came down the track and lofted it over cover for a four

Imad continues

Over 4 – 15/1 (Shan 5, Evan 8)

(3.5) FOUR! A dangerous shot, it was in the air , but fortunately in the gap. Evan gets his first boundary

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 3 – 9/1 (Shan 4, Evan 3)

Imad Wasim bowls

Over 2 – 6/1 (Shan 3, Evan 1)

(1.5) OUT! Mohammad Amir does the trick for Karachi Kings as he removes Tom Moores for 1 (5)

Mohammad Amir bowls the second over

Over 1 – 3/0 (Shan 2, Moores 1)

Shan Masood and Tom Moores are opening the inning for Multan Sultans, while Imad Wasim is attacking

Karachi Kings inning

Overs 20 – 183/6 (Bopara 3. Sohail 4)

(19.4) OUT! An outside flew to third man, where Hammad Azam took the catch

(19.1) OUT! Sikandar Raza gets run out as he looked to sneak a single

Junaid Khan bowls the last over

Overs 19 – 176/4 (Raza 4, Bopara 1)

Russell bowls the penultimate over

Overs 18 – 167/4 (Raza 0, Bopara 0)

(17.6) OUT! Imad Wasim also loses his wicket as he looked to get some quick runs.

(17.5) OUT! Chris Green gets rid of Babar after scoring 77 (59)

Chris Green bowls

Overs 17 – 167/2 (Babar 75, Imad 2)

(16.5) OUT! A short delivery gets the better of Colin Ingram, Shan Masood took the catch safely, he scored 1 (2)

Andre Russell bowls

Overs 16 – 160/1 (Babar 71, Ingram 0)

(15.4) OUT! And this is the end for Liam Livingstone’s carnage, he missed-timed the shot and skied a delivery from Chris Green. He scored 82 off 43 balls.

(15.1) SIX! Babar danced down the wicket and just lofted it for a straight six. It brings 150-run partnership between the two opening batsmen

Courtesy: PSL Twitter

Chris Green bowls

Overs 15 – 149/0 (Livingstone 82, Babar 61)

(14.3) SIX! In the slot this time from Khan, Livingstone powered it over cow corner for another maximum

(14.1) FOUR! Shorter from Khan, Babar pulled it from the waste height for a boundary

Junaid Khan bowls

Overs 14 – 136/0 (Livingstone 75, Babar 55)

(13.6) SIX! Shorter this time, but the same result, this time Livingstone targeted mid-wicket area

(13.5) SIX! Unbelievable shot, a six with just one hand

Ilyas continues

Overs 13 – 118/0 (Livingstone 62, Babar 51)

(12.3) FOUR! Dismissed from its presence, it was full and he just smashed it straight down the ground, Babar had to duck to save his life

Courtesy: PSL Twitter

Irfan continues

Overs 12 – 109/0 (Livingstone 57, Babar 47)

Ilyas continues

Overs 11 – 105/0 (Livingstone 54, Babar 45)

(10.3) SIX! Woah! Straight down the ground against Shahid Afridi, brings his half-century with the stroke

(10.2) FOUR! Afridi saw Livingstone coming down the track, he bowled the faster one but missed the line and bowled on his pads

Shahid Afridi continues

Overs 10 – 93/0 (Livingstone 44, Babar 44)

(9.3) SIX! Livingstone looking to turn it on against the youngster as he goes for a big hit

Mohammad Ilyas into the attack

Overs 9 – 82/0 (Livingstone 37, Babar 40)

Afridi continues

Overs 8 – 76/0 (Livingstone 36, Babar 39)

(7.4) FOUR! Short again, this time Livingstone hammers it in front of the square leg

(7.2) FOUR! Shorter from Russell, Livingstone heaved it for a boundary to square-leg

Here comes Andre Russell

Overs 7 – 64/0 (Livingstone 29, Babar 37)

(6.6) FOUR! Livingstone joins Babar, came down the wicket and hammered it straight over bowler’s head

(6.4) FOUR! Brilliant shot, came down the track and played it towards on-side, picked up the gap with precision

Shahid Afridi comes to bowl

Overs 6 – 53/0 (Livingstone 20, Babar 31)

(5.5) FOUR! Babar living dangerously, an outside edge gets him a boundary.

Mohammad Irfan back into the attack

Overs 5 – 45/0 (Livingstone 19, Babar 24)

(4.5) FOUR! On the pads this time, Babar Azam is in too good batting form at the moment to miss out on these deliveries

(4.4) FOUR! Babar lives lucky, it was too close to cut, he got an inside edge that ran away for four

Junaid Khan continues

Overs 4 – 34/0 (Livingstone 17, Babar 15)

(3.5) SIX! From around the wicket at the middle stump, Livingstone played a slog sweep to deposit it in the stands

Green continues

Overs 3 – 23/0 (Livingstone 9, Babar 12)

(2.5) FOUR! It was full from Khan from around the wicket, Livingstone heaved it over on side for his first boundary of the inning

Junaid Khan into the attack now

Overs 2 – 13/0 (Livingstone 3, Babar 8)

Chris Green bowls from the other end.

Over 1 – 8/0 (Livingstone 2, Babar 5)

(0.3) FOUR! What a cracking sound this shot made, short and wide from Irfan, Babar hammed it through point, it was the first delivery he faced.

Babar Azam and Liam Livingstone are opening the inning for Karachi Kings, Mohammad Irfan bowls with the new ball for Multan Sultans

Playing XI

Karachi Kings: Babar Azam, Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara, Sikander Raza, Mohammad Rizwan, Imad Wasim (c), Liam Livingstone, Sohail Khan, Mohammad Amir, Usman Shinwari, Umer Khan

Multan Sultans: Shan Masood, Tom Moores, Laurie Evans, Shoaib Malik (c), Andre Russell, Shahid Afridi, Chris Green, Hammad Azam, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Ilyas


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to bat first.

Karachi Kings will be looking to start their campaign in Pakistan Super League’s fourth season with a win against a new-looking Multan Sultans at the Dubai International Stadium.

Kings, who will be playing under Imad Wasim for the second consecutive season, have a balanced squad with both competent bowlers and batsmen in their ranks.

Karachi Kings arguably have the best possible opening combination in T20I format, having the first and second-ranked T20I batsmen, Babar Azam and Colin Munro respectively. But, the Kiwi is not available for the Kings at the moment.

Moreover, they have Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara and Mohammad Rizwan capable batsmen in the side, who can destroy any bowling line on their day. Then there are Mohammad Amir, Usman Shinwari and Imad Wasim who are few of the best bowlers in the shortest format of the game.

Multan Sultans have experienced individuals in their arsenal, Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi, who know how to handle pressure and can inspire youngsters to perform well at the big stage. Then there are players like Andre Russell, who can change the course of the game single-handedly with both the bat and the ball.

Having bowlers like Junaid Khan and Mohammad Irfan can pose threat to even best batsmen of the world.