Ingram single-handedly takes Kings to an incredible win


Karachi Kings inning

Over 18.4 – 188/4 (Ingram 127, Dunk 15)

(18.4) SIX! A huge six for to end the game from Colin Ingram

(18.3) FOUR! Straight as an arrow from Ben Dunk

Anwar Ali bowls

Over 18 – 171/4 (Ingram 117, Dunk 8)

(17.6) FOUR! Powerfully cover drive from Ingram

Sohail Tanvir bowls

Over 17 – 162/4 (Ingram 111, Dunk 6)

(16.6) FOUR! Shorter on the leg, easy picking for Dunk

(16.3) SIX! Shorter this time and Ingram pulled it for a huge six

(16.2) FOUR! Slower one outside off, Ingram played it cover

Ghulam Mudassar bowls

Over 16 – 146/4 (Ingram 100, Dunk 1)

(15.4) OUT! Sohail Tanvir gets Liam Livingstone with a clever slower delivery

Anwar Ali bowls

Over 15 – 139/3 (Ingram 98, Livingstone 17)

(14.2) FOUR! Slower outside off, Ingram cut it powerfully for another boundary

Anwar Ali bowls

Over 14 – 133/3 (Ingram 93, Livingstone 16)

(13.6) SIX! Hat-trick of sixes here from Ingram

(13.5) SIX! Huge hit from Ingram and he has brought Karachi Kings in the game

(13.4) SIX! This time he eyed the mid-wicket region and got it over the boundary

(13.1) FOUR! Cheeky from Ingram, played a ramp off the spinner

Mohammad Nawaz bowls

Over 13 – 109/3 (Ingram 70, Livingstone 15)

(12.5) FOUR! Beautifully caressed through third man by Colin Ingram

(12.3) SIX! Massive six over cover from Colin Ingram

(12.2) FOUR! Ingram flicked over the short fine-leg

Ghulam Mudassar bowls

Over 12 – 91/3 (Ingram 53, Livingstone 14)

(11.2) SIX! Huge six from Livingstone on a short delivery from Fawad Ahmed

Fawad Ahmed bowls last over of his spell

Over 11 – 81/3 (Ingram 51, Livingstone 6)

(10.5) FOUR! The boundary gets Ingram to his half-century

Anwar Ali comes back into the attack

Over 10 – 73/3 (Ingram 45, Livingstone 3)

(9.1) FOUR! Shorter from Ahmed, Ingram moved away and cut it powerfully over cover

Fawad Ahmed continues

Over 9 – 65/3 (Ingram 38, Livingstone 2)

(8.2) SIX! Huge hit, Ingram came down the wicket and hit miles in the up and also made the distance

Mohammad Nawaz comes on to bowl

Over 8 – 54/3 (Ingram 30, Livingstone 0)

(7.6) OUT! Fawad bowled googly, which is edged by Awaiz Zia to Sarfraz Ahmed, he scored 19 off 21 deliveries

Fawad Ahmed continues

Over 7 – 49/2 (Zia 15, Ingram 29)

(6.2) SIX! On off stump, Ingram lofted it over cover for a six

Anwar Ali into the attack

Over 6 – 39/2 (Zia 14, Ingram 21)

(5.6) FOUR! Half-tracker from Fawad, Ingram pulled it with ease for a boundary

Fawad Ahmed comes on to bowl the last over of the powerplay

Over 5 – 31/2 (Zia 12, Ingram 15)

(4.3) FOUR! It was not a bad delivery, Ingram came down the wicket and struck it powerfully through covers

Ghulam Mudassar into the attack

Over 4 – 21/2 (Zia 10, Ingram 8)

(3.6) FOUR! On the pads of Awaiz Zia, he flicked it powerfully for the third boundary of the over

(3.3) FOUR! Zia came down the track and hit it to the leg side, a miss-field from Anwar Ali gets him a boundary

(3.1) FOUR! On the pads of Colin Ingram, just tickled it for the first four of the inning

Mohammad Nawaz bowls

Over 3 – 6/2 (Zia 1, Ingram 2)

Sohail Tanvir continues

Over 2 – 5/2 (Zia 1, Ingram 1)

(1.2) OUT! Poor delivery from Nawaz, but Munro played it straight to Shane Watson on short square-leg

(1.2) OUT! Poor delivery from Nawaz, but Munro played it straight to Shane Watson on short square-leg

Mohammad Nawaz into the attack

Over 1 – 4/1 (Munro 3, Zia 1)

(0.1) OUT! Babar Azam looked to drive on the first delivery which was swinging away, he edged it straight Mohammad Nawaz at point

Babar Azam and Colin Munro are opening the inning for Karachi Kings, Sohail Tanvir is the bowler

Quetta Gladiators inning

Over 20 – 186/5 (Anwar 27, Nawaz 0)

(19.6) SIX! Fourth six for Anwar Ali on just six deliveries, incredible way to end the inning

(19.4) OUT! Amir bowls a fuller one to Dwayne Smith, he looked to flick it for a six over mid-wicket but found Livingstone in the deep

(19.2) SIX! Third delivery faced by Anwar Ali and third six for the man

Mohammad Amir bowls the last over of the inning

Over 19 – 169/4 (Smith 8, Anwar 12)

(18.6) SIX! Fuller this time, but the same result, a six over mid-on

(18.5) SIX! First ball to Anwar Ali, it was a bouncer going across him, he helped him on its way for a six.

(18.3) OUT! Low full toss from Yamin this time, Akmal looked to clear the boundary, but could not get enough on it, he scored 55 (37)

(18.2) SIX! Shorter from Yamin, Akmal pulled it powerfully for another six, he brings up his half-century with the strike

Aamer Yamin bowls the second last over

Over 18 – 149/3 (Akmal 49, Smith 6)

Mohammad Amir comes back to bowl death overs

Over 17 – 144/3 (Akmal 47, Smith 3)

(16.4) SIX! Juicy full-toss from the Kiwi bowler, Akmal deposited it over mid-wicket once again

(16.1) SIX! It was once again slower from Munro, Akmal came across the stumps and played it over mid-wicket

Imad continues with Munro

Over 16 – 128/3 (Akmal 33, Smith 1)

The captain comes back to bowl

Over 15 – 127/3 (Akmal 32, Smith 1)

Munro bowls his third over

Over 14 – 124/3 (Akmal 31, Smith 0)

(13.5) OUT! Aamer Yamin bowls full and Rossouw missed it, the middle stump is uprooted, he scored 44 (32)

Aamer Yamin into the attack

Over 13 – 119/2 (Rossouw 43, Akmal 27)

(12.6) SIX! Short from Munro pulled it powerfully for a flat six

Munro continues

Over 12 – 108/2 (Rossouw 36, Akmal 23)

(11.6) FOUR! Rossouw came down the ground and played it though cover

(11.5) FOUR! Short slower one now, it is slapped over the bowler’s head

(11.4) FOUR! Slower one and it is struck powerfully by Rossouw down the ground

Sohail Khan into the attack

Over 11 – 92/2 (Rossouw 23, Akmal 21)

Colin Munro comes on to bowl

Over 10 – 87/2 (Rossouw 21, Akmal 19)

Imad Wasim continues

Over 9 – 82/2 (Rossouw 19, Akmal 17)

(8.5) SIX! Same result, same technique but this time he went over mid-off

(8.4) SIX! Straight hit, Umar Akmal came down the wicket and hammered it

Umer Khan bowls

Over 8 – 67/2 (Rossouw 18, Akmal 3)

Imad Wasim continues

Over 7 – 61/2 (Rossouw 15, Akmal 0)

(6.6) OUT! Slower from Khan, Watson looked to go across the line, but managed to top edge it, Sohail Khan took a good catch. He scored 25 (24)

(6.5) FOUR! Not in complete control Watson, he cut it through point but it was in the air, fortunately for him, in the gap

Umer Khan into the attack

Over 6 – 53/1 (Watson 21, Rossouw 12)

(5.6) FOUR! Wide and full from Yamin, Watson reached for it and played it over the in-field

Imad calls back Aamer Yamin into the attack

Over 5 – 45/1 (Watson 15, Rossouw 10)

(4.4) SIX! Another shot one, this time Watson makes the full contact and get over the square leg boundary

(4.2) SIX! Short pitched delivery, Watson pulled it but could not middle, however still enough legs to get it over the fine-leg boundary

Sohail Akhtar comes on to bowl

Over 4 – 29/1 (Watson 2, Rossouw 7)

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 3 – 19/1 (Watson 1, Rossouw 4)

(2.2) FOUR! Riley Rossouw gets off the mark with an elegant drive through the of side

(2.1) OUT! Aamer Yamin manages to get an edge from Ahsan Ali, which is easily taken by Ben Dunk, he scored 7 (6)

Aamer Yamin into the attack

Over 2 – 13/0 (Watson 1, Ali 7)

(1.4) FOUR! Beautiful drive from young Ahsan Ali

Mohammad Amir bowls from the other end

Over 1 – 6/0 (Watson 0, Ali 1)

Imad Wasim bowls the first over, Shane Watson and Ahsan Ali are the opening batsmen for Quetta Gladiators

Karachi King: Colin Munro, Babar Azam, Awais Zia, Colin Ingram, Liam Livingstone, Ben Dunk (wk), Imad Wasim (capt), Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Amir, Sohail Khan, Umer Khan

Quetta Gladiators: Shane Watson, Ahsan Ali, Rilee Rossouw, Umar Akmal, Sarfraz Ahmed (capt/wk), Dwayne Smith, Mohammad Nawaz, Anwar Ali, Sohail Tanvir, Ghulam Mudassar, Fawad Ahmed


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to field first.

Karachi Kings seek a return to form in their important clash against the table-toppers Quetta Gladiators in Sharjah on Sunday, knowing another defeat will put them in a relegation zone of the Pakistan Super League 4.