Ronchi, Patel take Islamabad United to a convincing win

LIVE: Karachi Kings take on Islamabad United

Islamabad United inning

Over 16.1 – 147/3 (Ronchi 67, Samit 45)

(16.1) FOUR! Patel cut it to give Islamabad a convincing win against Karachi Kings by 7 wickets

Over 16 – 143/3 (Ronchi 67, Samit 41)

Colin Munto into the attack

Over 15 – 139/3 (Ronchi 65, Samit 39)

(14.3) FOUR! Beautiully played through cover from Patel

(14.2) FOUR! Short and wide, Samit Patel square cut it over point

Aamer Yamin bowls

Over 14 – 129/3 (Ronchi 64, Samit 30)

(13.6) FOUR! Well directed bouncer to Ronchi, but he upper cut it for another boundary

(13.4) FOUR! Juicy full toss from Amir which is driven straight for another boundary

(13.3) FOUR! Slower bouncer, but Ronchi was able to pull it fine enough to beat Usman Shinwari on the boundary

Mohammad Amir bowls

Over 13 – 116/3 (Ronchi 52, Samit 29)

(12.5) SIX! Fuller this time and heaved by Patel for a big one

(12.4) FOUR! Short again and pulled down the ground for a boundary

(12.2) FOUR! Powerful pull shot from Samit Patel and perfectly in the gap

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 12 – 101/3 (Ronchi 52, Samit 14)

(11.4) FOUR! Samit Patel came down the wicket and drove it powerfully passed the bowler

Khan bowls his last over

Over 11 – 90/3 (Ronchi 52, Samit 3)

Imad Wasim continues

Over 10 – 87/3 (Ronchi 51, Samit 1)

Khan continues

Over 9 – 85/3 (Ronchi 50, Samit 0)

(8.6) OUT! First ball stumped, Hussain Talat came down the wicket on the first ball and missed the ball completely

(8.5) OUT! Farhan misjudged the length and played a fuller delivery from the backfoot, the ball hit his pad and then the stumps, he scored 30 (28)

(8.1) FOUR! Ronchi came down the wicket again and lofted it over mid-off

Skipper continues

Over 8 – 78/1 (Ronchi 43, Farhan 29)

(7.1) FOUR! A beautiful shot gets Luke Ronchi another boundary

Umer Khan continues

Over 7 – 71/1 (Ronchi 38, Farhan 28)

(6.5) SIX! Ronchi danced down the track and lofted it straight for a six

Imad Wasim continues

Over 6 – 61/1 (Ronchi 30, Farhan 26)

Imad Wasim brings Umer Khan into the attack

Over 5 – 56/1 (Ronchi 29, Farhan 22)

(4.5) FOUR! Ronchi backed off and caressed it through cover

Imad Wasim into the attack

Over 4 – 49/1 (Ronchi 24, Farhan 20)

(3.6) SIX! Shorter this time, but the same result, it was lofted over mid-wicket

(3.5) SIX! Full in the middle, Ronchi backed off and lofted it over mid-off for a six

Usman Shinwari comes on to bowl

Over 3 – 35/1 (Ronchi 11, Farhan 19)

(2.6) FOUR! Another one on the pads and the same result

(2.3) FOUR! Full on the off, Farhan drove it through cover

(2.2) FOUR! Once again on the pads of Farhan and it was yet again easy for him

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 2 – 22/1 (Ronchi 10, Farhan 7)

(1.3) FOUR! Once again on the pads, Farhan flicked it for another four

(1.1) FOUR! On the pads of Farhan, he just helped it on his way

Aamer Yamin bowls the second over

Over 1 – 9/1 (Ronchi 9, Farhan 0)

(0.5) OUT! Cameron Delport gets run out on a duck, courtesy of Munro’s brilliance in the field

(0.1) FOUR! Lofted the first delivery from Amir over mid-wicket

Luke Ronchi and Cameron Delport are the openers for Islamabad United, while Mohammad Amir bowls the first over

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – 143/6 (Dunk 49, Aamer 35)

(19.6) FOUR! Aamer Yamin ends the inning with a beautiful cover drive

Faheem Ashraf bowls the last over

Over 19 – 135/6 (Dunk 47, Aamer 29)

(18.6) SIX! A gigantic six from Raees ends Rumman Raees’ over

(18.2) SIX! Full in the slot, Yamin deposited it over the boundary

Rumman bowls the second last over

Over 18 – 118/6 (Dunk 37, Aamer 22)

(17.6) FOUR! Muscled straight over the head by Dunk

(17.2) FOUR! Under edge earns Dunk another four

(17.1) FOUR! Pulled powerfully in front of the square by Ben Dunk

Wayne Parnell bowls his first over

Over 17 – 102/6 (Dunk 24, Aamer 19)

(16.1) FOUR! On the pads, easy picking for Aamer Yamin, he just tickled it to the boundary

Musa comes back to bowl his last over

Over 16 – 90/6 (Dunk 22, Aamer 9)

(15.4) SIX! Powerfully struck cut shot from Aamer Yamin straight to Sahibzada Farhan, who mistimed his jump and palmed it over the boundary

Faheem Ashraf bowls

Over 15 – 80/6 (Dunk 19, Aamer 2)

Rumman Raees comes back into the attack

Over 14 – 74/6 (Dunk 16, Aamer 0)

(13.5) OUT! Another inside edge gets Faheem Ashraf second consecutive wicket, Imad Wasim gone on golden duck

(13.4) OUT! Liam Livingstone played one from Faheem Ashraf, he scored 22 (31)

Faheem Ashraf comes on to bowl

Over 13 – 72/4 (Livingstone 21, Dunk 15)

Shadab Khan bowls his last over

Over 12 – 67/4 (Livingstone 18, Dunk 13)

(11.2) SIX! Finally a boundary for Karachi Kings, a well-timed shot from Dunk over mid-wicket gets him six runs

Samit Patel bowls

Over 11 – 56/4 (Livingstone 16, Dunk 4)

Shadab continues

Over 10 – 51/4 (Livingstone 13, Dunk 2)

Samit Patel continues his spell

Over 9 – 46/4 (Livingstone 10, Dunk 0)

(8.5) OUT! Livingstone played it straight to Samit Patel at short third man, Patel hits a bulls-eye, Babar was short of his crease, he scored 27 (21)

Shadab Khan bowls

Over 8 – 42/3 (Babar 26, Livingstone 7)

Samit Patel into the attack

Over 7 – 38/3 (Babar 24, Livingstone 5)

Shadab Khan comes on to bowl

Over 6 – 34/3 (Babar 22, Livingstone 3)

(5.6) FOUR! Class from Babar! Short and a bit of width offered, fabulous drive from the opening batsman.

Over 5 – 27/3 (Babar 17, Livingstone 1)

(4.3) OUT! Another short delivery does the trick for Islamabad United, Ingram tried to pull it but only managed a top edge. He scored 5 (6)

(4.2) FOUR! A well-timed cut shot earns Ingram his first boundary of the inning

Faheem Ashraf comes on to bowl

Over 4 – 21/2 (Babar 16, Ingram 1)

(3.2) OUT! A well-directed short delivery earns Musa his first wicket of the match, Awais Zia walks off after scoring 3 (9)

Muhammad Musa

Over 3 – 19/1 (Babar 15, Zia 3)

Rumman continues

Over 2 – 16/1 (Babar 14, Zia 2)

(1.6) FOUR! Shorter from Musa, Babar pulled it for another boundary

Muhammad Musa bowls

Over 1 – 9/1 (Babar 9, Zia 0)

(0.5) FOUR! Back to back boundaries for Babar Azam

(0.4) FOUR! Beautiful shot from Babar Azam

(0.3) OUT! Colin Munro falls on the first delivery faced, Hussain Talat took a good diving catch

Rumman Raees opens the bowling, Babar Azam and Colin Munro are the batsmen for Karachi Kings

Playing XI

Karachi Kings: Colin Munro, Babar Azam, Awais Zia, Colin Ingram, Liam Livingstone, Ben Dunk, Imad Wasim (c), Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Amir, Umer Khan, Usman Shinwari

Islamabad United: Luke Ronchi, Sahibzada Farhan, Cameron Delport, Hussain Talat, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan (c), Faheem Ashraf, Wayne Parnell, Samit Patel, Rumman Raees, Mohammad Musa


Shadab Khan won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Karachi Kings have been facing a problem with their middle-order, who have been unable to fire yet in the tournament. They are a top-heavy side with Babar Azam, Liam Livingstone, Colin Ingram and now Colin Munro, who has recently joined the squad.

The bowling line of Karachi Kings is one of the best in the tournament and has not allowed any batting line up to score freely against them. They have competent pacers, Usman Shinwari, Mohammad Amir and Aamer Yamin, and effective spinners in the line up, Imad Wasim and Umer Khan. All they need to find is the right balance that can click.

On the other hand, Islamabad United is looking impressive with a couple of changes in their line up, adding the young fast bowler, Mohammad Musa in the ranks, while replacing Rizwan Hussain with Sahibzada Farhan in the opening slot.

However, Luke Ronchi still holds the key for the reigning champions, if Karachi Kings manage to remove the destructive Kiwi batsman early in the inning, they have bright chances of restricting the whole team under a moderate total.