LIVE: Ronchi leads United to a convincing win against Karachi Kings


Islamabad United registered an emphatic win against Karachi Kings to break their winning streak in their last game of the first leg. Luke Ronchi was magical for Islamabad with his 71-run inning off 37 deliveries. The experiment of opening with JP Duminy also paid off well for the United as he remained unbeaten on 43* off 44 balls.

With this defeat, Karachi Kings also lost their domination at the points table as Multan Sultans maintain them at the top of the chart.

Islamabad United inning

Over 17.2 – Islamabad United 156/2 (Duminy 43*, Asif 26*)

(17.2) SIX! HUGE! Asif Ali came down the track and lofted it for gigantic six off Imad Wasim and that’s it for today’s game. Islamabad United claim the victory by eight wickets.

Imad Wasim bowls

Over 17 – Islamabad United 150/2 (Duminy 43*, Asif 20*)

(16.6) FOUR! Short-ish to Duminy, he pulled it with authority into the gap for another four.

(16.3) FOUR! Leg-byes this time, short-ish from Mills, Asif Ali looked to pull it but the ball struck his thigh pad and went to the boundary.

(16.1) FOUR! Asif Ali swung it wildly for a big shot, he only managed an inside edge which just misses the stump and raced away to the boundary at third-man.

Mills bowls

Over 16 – Islamabad United 134/2 (Duminy 38*, Asif 14*)

(15.3) FOUR! Muscled away by Asif Ali, it was full on the off-stump, he dragged it from there to mid-wicket.

Usman Shinwari into the attack.

Over 15 – Islamabad United 126/2 (Duminy 37*, Asif 7*)

(14.2) FOUR! Juicy full-toss outside off to the new batsman Asif Ali, he drove it beautifully for a four.

Irfan Jr. continues

Over 14 – Islamabad United 118/2 (Duminy 35*, Asif 1*)

(13.4) OUT! Great comeback from Amir, a good-length delivery on the off-stump which just moved away enough to beat the left-handed batsman to knock down his off-stump. He scored 8 runs off 7 deliveries.

(13.3) FOUR! Juicy full-toss for Talat, he drove it down the ground to earn a boundary.

Mohammad Amir into the attack

Over 13 – Islamabad United 111/1 (Duminy 34*, Talat 3*)

Irfan Jr continues

Over 12 – Islamabad United 109/1 (Duminy 33*, Talat 2*)

Mills continues

Over 11 – Islamabad United 104/1 (Duminy 30*, Talat 0*)

(10.5) OUT! Low full-toss from Irfan Jr., Ronchi played it straight, the bowler put his arm in the way of the shot and caught it brilliantly. He scored 71 off 37 balls.

Mohammad Irfan Jr bowls

Over 10 – Islamabad United 98/0 (Duminy 27*, Ronchi 66*)

(9.5) FOUR! Full toss from Mills, Ronchi backed away and lofted it over cover for another four.

Mills continues

Over 9 – Islamabad United 90/0 (Duminy 27*, Ronchi 60*)

(8.3) FOUR! Slower, shorter and wider from Bopara, Duminy is too good a batsman to miss out on these, cut it brilliantly through point.

(8.1) FOUR! Slower one from Bopara but in ronchi’s arach, he drove it beautifully through cover for another boundary.

Ravi Bopara into the attack

Over 8 – Islamabad United 79/0 (Duminy 22*, Ronchi 55*)

Imad Wasim continues

Over 7 – Islamabad United 75/0 (Duminy 20*, Ronchi 53*)

(6.4) FOUR! Faster and shorter from Mills, Ronchi backed away even further and played a flat-bat baseball-style shot straight over the bowler’s head.

(6.3) FOUR! Short-ish and slower from Tymal Mills, Ronchi backed away and slapped it straight over the bowler for a four.

(6.2) FOUR! Mills bowled from around the stumps, it was short and coming in, a short-arm jab from Ronchi send the ball flying to the mid-wicket boundary.

Tymal Mills into the attack

Over 6 – Islamabad United 61/0 (Duminy 19*, Ronchi 40*)

(5.5) FOUR! Karachi Kings need to stay away from Ronchi’s pads, he is flicking them magnificently.

(5.1) FOUR! Duminy came down the wicket and played beautiful cover drive for another boundary.

Imad brings himself into the attack

Over 5 – Islamabad United 49/0 (Duminy 13*, Ronchi 34*)

(4.6) SIX! Another one on Ronchi’s pad, another flick and another maximum. Amazing batting from the Kiwi batsman.

(4.4) SIX! Shot of the match! On the pads of Ronchi, he just flicked it from there for a big six over fine-leg. It was all wrist!

(4.2) FOUR! Slow ball from Shinwari on Ronchi’s legs, he tickled it for another boundary.

Over 4 – Islamabad United 32/0 (Duminy 12*, Ronchi 18*)

(3.6) SIX! On the hips of Ronchi, he flicked it to fine-leg for the first maximum of the inning.

(3.3) FOUR! Short from Mohammad Amir, it was there to be hit, Ronchi dragged it from outside off to mid-wicket for a one-bounce four.

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 3 – Islamabad United 18/0 (Duminy 10*, Ronchi 6*)

(2.2) FOUR! Shinwari bowled on Ronchi’s pads, he flicked to fine-leg for another boundary for Islamabad United.

Usman Shinwari comes into the attack

Over 2 – Islamabad United 13/0 (Duminy 9*, Ronchi 1*)

(1.4) FOUR! Another one on his pads, this time on the other side of the short fine-leg fielder.

(1.3) FOUR! Amir got on Duminy’s pad, easy picking for the South African batsman, helped its way to fine-leg.

Mohammad Amir into the attack

Over 1 – Islamabad United 1/0 (Duminy 1*, Ronchi 0*)

JP Duminy and Luke Ronchi are opening for Islamabad United, Imad Wasim with the new ball.

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – Karachi Kings 153/6 (Rizwan 21*, Irfan Jr 1*)

(19.3) SIX! Short-ish outside off again, Rizwan picked it from there to deposit it over mid-wicket for a six.

(19.2) FOUR! Outside off from Sami, it was quick and Rizwan smashed it to mid-wicket for a precious boundary.

Sami bowls the last over

Over 19 – Karachi Kings 138/6 (Rizwan 7*, Irfan Jr 0*)

(18.6) OUT! Third for Faheem, straight delivery at almost fourth stump, Imad was looked to play it to mid-wicket, but played on. He scored 10 runs off 6 deliveries.

(18.4) FOUR! Short-ish from Faheem angling in, Rizwan pulled it for a boundary in front of square-leg.

Faheem bowls

Over 18 – Karachi Kings 127/5 (Imad 5*, Rizwan 1*)

Mohammad Rizwan comes out to bat.

(17.5) OUT! Bopara placed it in front of long-on and looked to run two, the Walton came briskly and had a rocket-like throw to Ronchi at the batting end, Bopara had a full-length dive, but was a couple of inches out. He scored 8 off 5 balls.

(17.3) FOUR! Brilliant shot from Imad, short of a length delivery from Sami, he backed away and pierced the gap at cover for a four.

Sami comes back into the attack

Over 17 – Karachi Kings 118/4 (Bopara 6*, Imad 0*)

(16.6) OUT! Short from Hussain, Babar looked to pull it over mid-wicket but skied it, easy catch for Asif Ali in the region. He scored 55 off 53 balls.

(16.4) FOUR! Ravi Bopara came down the wicket, it was short-ish, he struck it to cover for a boundary.

Hussain Talat continues

Over 16 – Karachi Kings 110/3 (Babar 53*, Bopara 0*)

(15.6) OUT! Short of a length from Faheem, Ingram had a faint under-edge, United went for appeal but umpire turned it down. They asked for the review and the decision overturned. He could not open his account.

Colin Ingram is the new batsman.

(15.2) OUT! Khurram was in no composure while playing a slower short one from Faheem, he could not middle it and it was an easy catch for Sahibzada Farhan at the end. He scored 51 runs off 42 balls.

Faheem bowls.

Over 15 – Karachi Kings 106/1 (Khurram 51*, Babar 50*)

(14.6) FOUR! Short from Samit, he backed away and struck it through cover for a four. It brings up his half-century.

(14.1) SIX! Full from Samit Patel, in Babar’s zone, he struck it dead straight for a handsome six.

Samit Patel into the attack

Over 14 – Karachi Kings 91/1 (Khurram 44*, Babar 42*)

(13.3) SIX! A slower one from Talat, Khurram Manzoor gave it all to clear the straight boundary for a maximum.

Hussain Talat continues

Over 13 – Karachi Kings 81/1 (Khurram 36*, Babar 41*)

(12.3) FOUR! Heave from Babar Azam out of desperation, Asif Ali and JP Duminy converged and both missed it.

Shadab continues

Over 12 – Karachi Kings 71/1 (Khurram 35*, Babar 32*)

(11.5) FOUR! Powerful cover drive, it raced away to the boundary in no time.

(11.5) FOUR! Short from Talat, Khurram hit it powerfully through mid-wicket, Andre Russell could not field it properly.

Hussain Talat bowls

Over 11 – Karachi Kings 60/1 (Khurram 26*, Babar 30*)

(10.5) SIX! First maximum of the match, flighted delivery from Shadab, Babar made the most out of it and struck it straight for a six.

Shadab Khan continues

Over 10 – Karachi Kings 49/1 (Khurram 23*, Babar 22*)

Hussain Talat comes on to bowl

Over 9 – Karachi Kings 44/1 (Khurram 21*, Babar 19*)

Shadab continues

Over 8 – Karachi Kings 41/1 (Khurram 20*, Babar 17*)

(7.2) FOUR! Full-ish delivery from Faheem, Babar looked to release some pressure by clearing his front leg and heaving it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

Faheem continues

Over 7 – Karachi Kings 34/1 (Khurram 19*, Babar 11*)

Shadab Khan comes into the attack

Over 6 – Karachi Kings 32/1 (Khurram 18*, Babar 10*)

Faheem Ashraf into the attack.

Over 5 – Karachi Kings 31/1 (Khurram 17*, Babar 10*)

Samit continues

Over 4 – Karachi Kings 25/1 (Khurram 15*, Babar 6*)

(3.5) FOUR! Quick from Sami on the fifth stump line, Khurram guided it fine on third-man for another boundary.

(3.3) FOUR! Cover drive on the up from Khurram Manzoor, not a poor delivery but a graceful shot.

Sami continues

Over 3 – Karachi Kings 16/1 (Khurram 7*, Babar 5*)

(2.3) FOUR! Shorter from Samit, Khurram rocked back and struck it over mid-wicket for a four.

Samit Patel continues

Over 2 – Karachi Kings 10/1 (Khurram 2*, Babar 4*)

(1.5) FOUR! Top shot from Babar Azam, on the middle stump on a full-ish length, he flicked it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

Babar Azam is the new batsman.

(1.4) OUT! Brilliant from Sami, bowled pitched in and moved a tad into the batsman, Denly missed it and Sami hit the bulls-eye. He scored 4 runs off 3 balls.

Mohammad Sami is the other new ball bowler for Islamabad United

Over 1 – Karachi Kings 5/0 (Khurram 1*, Denly 4*)

(0.5) FOUR! Width offered by Samit, Denly played the conventional drive through covers for the first boundary of the match.

Samit Patel starting the proceedings for Islamabad United, Joe Denly and Khurram Manzoor are the openers for Karachi Kings.

Team line-ups

Karachi Kings: Joe Denly, Khurram Manzoor, Babar Azam, Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara, Imad Wasim (c), Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Irfan Jr., Mohammad Amir, Usman Shinwari, Tymal Mills

Islamabad United: Luke Ronchi, Sahibzada Farhan, JP Duminy, Misbah Ul Haq (c), Asif Ali, Hussain Talat, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Andre Russell, Mohammad Sami, Samit Patel


Islamabad United won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Karachi Kings, the table-toppers is taking on the champions of the inaugural edition of the Pakistan Super League, Islamabad United. The Men in Blue will be looking to maintain the dominance on the chart, whereas, Islamabad United will be looking to get back their confidence after having a not-so-impressive second season of the league.

Karachi Kings will miss their Boom Boom all-rounder Shahid Afridi as he is suffering from a knee injury. On the other hand, Islamabad United will miss their spearhead and vice-captain, Rumman Raees, who also injured his knee badly while fielding in a game.