LIVE: Karachi Kings dominate Sultans to eliminate them


Karachi Kings inning

Over 19.2 – 120/5 (Livingstone 53, Imad 0)

(19.2) SIX! Short from Irfan, Livingstone pulled it over square leg to give Kings the win.

Irfan bowls the last over

Over 19 – 112/5 (Livingstone 45, Imad 0)

(18.6) OUT! Rizwan looked to play a glorious shot but found fielder in the deep

(18.2) FOUR! Short from the young pacer and Livingstone pulled it for precious four runs

Mohammad Ilyas bowls

Over 18 – 102/4 (Livingstone 37, Rizwan 9)

Mohammad Irfan Khan bowls

Over 17 – 95/4 (Livingstone 33, Rizwan 6)

Chris Green continues

Over 16 – 90/4 (Livingstone 31, Rizwan 3)

Mohammad Abbas into the attack

Over 15 – 85/4 (Livingstone 29, Rizwan 1)

Chris Green continues

Over 14 – 82/4 (Livingstone 27, Rizwan 0)

(13.5) OUT! Ahmed Iftikhar falls for a duck

(13.2) OUT! Colin Ingram falls to Mohammad Abbas, he scored 31 (24)

Mohammad Abbas bowls

Over 13 – 82/2 (Livingstone 27, Ingram 31)

Chris Green bowls

Over 12 – 77/2 (Livingstone 24, Ingram 29)

(11.5) FOUR! Another boundary for Ingram, easy pickings

(11.1) FOUR! Short again and pulled by Livingstone

The leg-spinner continues

Over 11 – 63/2 (Livingstone 19, Ingram 20)

Chris Green bowls

Over 10 – 59/2 (Livingstone 17, Ingram 18)

(9.4) FOUR! Short on the legs of Ingram, easy boundary for him

(9.3) FOUR! Reverse sweep from Colin Ingram earns him another boundary

Irfan Khan into the attack

Over 9 – 47/2 (Livingstone 16, Ingram 8)

Mohammad Ilyas continues

Over 8 – 43/2 (Livingstone 14, Ingram 6)

(7.5) FOUR! Easy picking for Ingram, he just played it from his hips for a four to fine leg

Mohammad Irfan continues

Over 7 – 37/2 (Livingstone 13, Ingram 1)

(6.4) OUT! Ilyas traps Babar in front of the stumps, he took the review but it was of no use. He scored 12 (19)

Mohammad Ilyas continues

Over 6 – 30/1 (Babar 11, Livingstone 8)

Mohammad Irfan bowls

Over 5 – 25/1 (Babar 10, Livingstone 4)

(4.5) OUT! Colin Munro looked to pull, but top-edged it and Ilyas took a good judged catch. He scored 11 (15)

Mohammad Ilyas into the attack

Over 4 – 19/0 (Munro 9, Babar 10)

(3.2) FOUR! Short and wide from Irfan, beautiful cut shot from Babar Azam

Mohammad Irfan continues

Over 3 – 14/0 (Munro 8, Babar 6)

(2.5) FOUR! Fuller this time, Munro plays it over mid-off for a six

Abbas continues

Over 2 – 9/0 (Munro 3, Babar 6)

(1.6) FOUR! Short from Irfan, Babar pulled it over square leg

Mohammad Irfan attacks from the other end

Over 1 – 5/0 (Munro 3, Babar 2)

Mohammad Abbas opens the bowling for Multan Sultans, Babar Azam and Colin Munro are the openers

Multan Sultans inning

Over 20 – 118/7 (Green 18, Ilyas 3)

Aamer Yamin bowls the last over

Over 19 – 113/7 (Green 15, Ilyas 1)

(18.5) FOUR! A boundary through cover for Green

(18.4) FOUR! Short ball, Green pulled it but top-edged it for a four

Summers bowls the second last over

Over 18 – 102/7 (Green 5, Ilyas 0)

(17.6) OUT! A straight delivery missed by Mohammad Irfan Khan, whose middle stump is out of the ground

(17.5) OUT! It was a straight juicy full toss, but Hammad Azam missed which hit his unguarded part of the leg, he is LBW and was in too much pain, he scored 29 (30)

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 17 – 100/5 (Hammad 28, Green 4)

(16.4) FOUR! Another boundary off a slower delivery this time

(16.2) FOUR! A flick earns Hammad a precious boundary

Aaron Summers bowls

Over 16 – 87/5 (Hammad 17, Green 3)

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 15 – 83/5 (Hammad 16, Green 1)

Aamer Yamin bowls

Over 14 – 81/5 (Hammad 15, Green 0)

(13.5) OUT! Another wicket for Khan, this time it is Daniel Christian

(13.2) OUT! Another big wicket for Umer Khan, Shoaib Malik is caught in the deep, he scored 26 (25)

Umer Khan continues

Over 13 – 73/3 (Malik 24, Hammad 14)

Aamer Yamin bowls

Over 12 – 65/3 (Malik 22, Hammad 8)

Aaron Summers into the attack

Over 11 – 61/3 (Malik 20, Hammad 6)

Umer Khan bowls

Over 10 – 52/3 (Malik 13, Hammad 5)

Imad Wasim continues

Over 9 – 47/3 (Malik 12, Hammad 1)

(8.1) OUT! Umer Khan keeps shining, he gets rid of James Vince after a struggling inning of 16 (26)

Khan continues

Over 8 – 44/2 (Vince 16, Malik 11)

(7.2) FOUR! A quality cover drive from James Vince gets him a four

Imad Wasim comes on to bowl

Over 7 – 38/2 (Vince 11, Malik 10)

Umer Khan into the attack

Over 6 – 35/2 (Vince 10, Malik 8)

(5.4) FOUR! A much-needed boundary for Multan Sultans and Shoaib Malik, a beautiful cut shot got him 4 runs

Aaron Sumers into the attack

Over 5 – 26/2 (Vince 8, Malik 2)

Aamer Yamin comes on to bowl

Over 4 – 25/2 (Vince 7, Malik 2)

(3.1) OUT! It was a ball moving away, it just kissed the stumps on its way to Mohammad Rizwan, which removed the bails. Johnston Charles scored 7 (7)

Usman Shinwari continues from the other end

Over 3 – 17/1 (Vince 5, Charles 7)

(2.5) FOUR! In the middle, Charles swept it for a four over square leg

Imad Wasim continues

Over 2 – 10/1 (Vince 4, Charles 1)

(1.4) FOUR! Outside edge, James Vince earns the first boundary of the inning

(1.1) OUT! Clean bowled, the ball pitches at off and came back in sharply, Umer Siddiq scored 5 runs off 4 balls.

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 1 – 5/0 (Umer 5, Vince 0)

James Vince and Umar Siddiq open the inning for Sultans, Imad Wasim is the attacked for Karachi Kings

Playing XI

Karachi Kings: Babar Azam, Colin Munro, Colin Ingram, Liam Livingstone, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Rizwan, Imad Wasim (c), Aaron Summers, Aamer Yamin, Umer Khan, Usman Shinwari

Multan Sultans: James Vince, Umar Siddiq (wk), Johnson Charles, Shoaib Malik (capt), Hammad Azam, Daniel Christian, Mohammad Ilyas, Mohammad Abbas, Chris Green, Irfan Khan


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to bowl first

Karachi Kings will be hoping for their batting to click, especially the openers, Colin Munro and Babar Azam, who have not lived up to the expectations of fans and pundits. On the other hand, they will be once again looking towards Colin Ingram and Liam Livingstone to set the tone for them.

They found a decent finisher in their last game against Islamabad United in shape of the experienced campaigner, Iftikhar Ahmed, who performed well with both the bat and the ball.

HoweverKarachi Kings will be missing their ace pacer, Mohammad Amir as he is returning home from the UAE due to his mother’s health. In absence of the left-arm pacer, Kings will have to choose between Usman Shinwari or Sohail Khan, who have struggled badly in the PSL 4.

On the other hand, Multan Sultans are in a need of a win to stay alive in the tournament, on the other hand, Karachi Kings having six points under their belt, will be looking to get the better of Sultans who have looked like the weakest team of the tournament.

Whereas, Multan Sultans will hope to see their side play at their potential. They have got all the ingredients to be a competitive opponent but they have failed to threaten the oppositions in the event, winning just two encounters out of eight matches.