Live: Karachi Kings take on Quetta Gladiators

Live: Karachi Kings take on Quetta Gladiators
Live: Karachi Kings take on Quetta Gladiators

SHARJAH: Quetta Gladiators won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Quetta Gladiators 158/4 (19.0): Quetta Gladiators registered another win here, they win by  six wickets. Quetta Gladiators are through to the playoffs.

Quetta Gladiators 147/4 (18.0): Mehmudullah started off the proceedings with a boundary.

Quetta Gladiators 142/4 (17.4): Usama Mir removes Riley Russow, Sangakkara took the catch.

Quetta Gladiators 141/3 (17.0): A good over by Shoaib Malik, but probably too late.

Quetta Gladiators 136/3 (16.0): Gladiators need just 19 runs off 24 deliveries with seven wickets in hand.

Quetta Gladiators 130/3 (15.0): Quetta Gladiators are having their match winning pair of Sarfraz Ahmed and Riley Russow at the crease, they will be looking to finish the job.

Quetta Gladiators 118/3 (14.0): Karachi Kings are looking to get their way back into the game.

Mohammad Amir to attack for Karachi Kings.

Quetta Gladiators 111/3 (13.0): Another wicket! Asad Shafiq also back in the hut, he scored 51 off 37. Three wickets in an over, the game is on here!

Quetta Gladiators 111/2 (12.4): Kevin Pietersen takes the long walk back without facing a ball, he is run out. Is there a twist in the tale?

Quetta Gladiators 105/1 (12.1): Finally a breakthrough for Karachi Kings, after dropping a dolly of Asad Shafiq, Pollard grabs a skier of Ahmed Shehzad off Sohail Khan. He struck 54 on 41 balls.

Quetta Gladiators 105/0 (12.0): Kumar Sangakkara needs to think something out of the box here, cannot let Shafiq and Shehzad score so easily.

Quetta Gladiators 100/0 (11.0): Gladiators’ openers are giving nothing away to Kings, rotating the strike and running aggressively. 

Quetta Gladiators 94/0 (10.0): It is the highest opening partnership in Pakistan Super League’s second edition.

Quetta Gladiators 83/0 (9.0): Ahmed Shehzad is in some touch today, lovely use of the feet against Imad Wasim for a straight six. Shafiq and Shehzad seem to be taking the game away from Kings.

Karachi Kings need some magic here.

Quetta Gladiators 74/0 (8.0): Quetta Gladiators batsmen are in no meed let Usama Mir settle down. Ahmed Shehzad struck two sixes and two fours in the over,

Usama Mir is the new bowler.

Quetta Gladiators 53/0 (7.0): Quetta brought up their half-century, a good start for them chasing 155 runs.

Imad brought back in by Sanga.

Quetta Gladiators 49/0 (6.0): Another day, another match, another over, another chance and another dropped catch on Mohammad Amir’s delivery. Two back to back boundaries afterwards.

Amir back into the attack.

Quetta Gladiators 39/0 (5.0): An expensive over from Usman Khan, two boundaries in over and three singles.

Quetta Gladiators 28/0 (4.0): Two boundaries in the over, a good one in the context of the game.

Another bowling change, Sohail Khan to bowl now.

Quetta Gladiators 18/0 (3.0): A lucky boundary for Asad Shafiq in the over with a top edge, still just six runs conceded by Shinwari in his first six balls.

Usman Khan Shinwari into the attack now.

Quetta Gladiators 12/0 (2.0): Amir was slightly off line and conceded a boundary and a double from Shehzad’s pads. All in all a decent over.

Mohammad Amir sharing the new ball with Imad.

Quetta Gladiators 4/0 (1.0): A good start for Imad Wasim, just six off the first over.

Imad Wasim with the new ball, Ahmed Shehzad and Asad Shafiq to open.

Quetta Gladiators need 155 runs to win the game and qualify to the playoffs.

Mir Hamza proved to be extremely expensive for Quetta Gladiators, he conceded 48 runs in his four overs for just one wicket. Whereas, Mehmudullah took three wickets for 21 runs in four overs. Kieron Pollard remained the pick of the batsmen with 31 runs in 19 balls.

Karachi Kings 154/6 (20.0): Kieron Pollard went all guns blazing against Mir Hamza and struck 14 off three balls, he fell on the fifth ball of the over. Imad Wasim finished the inning with a huge six.

Karachi Kings 133/5 (19.0): Ravi Bopara is back in the hut after scoring just one run, Anwar Ali picked his second of the over and inning.

Ravi Bopara is the new batsman.

Karachi Kings 131/4 (18.2): Chris Gayle struck Anwar Ali out of the park on the first delivery and perished on the next one, third catch for young Hassan Khan. Gayle scored 29 runs off 34 balls.

Karachi Kings 125/3 (18.0): Absolutely nothing to celebrate for Karachi Kings’ supporters at the moment. Gayle and Pollard seem to be just stuck at the crease.

Karachi Kings 118/3 (17.0): The two big hitters at the crease, but unable to hit big. Good bowling from Quetta Gladiators’ bowlers.

Karachi Kings 110/3 (16.0): Chris Gayle finally middles one and it is struck 15 rows back, a good comeback by Hamza in the over after conceding an early boundary, a mishit on the last ball of the over gave KK another much needed boundary.

Mir Hamza gets the ball after strategic timeout.

Karachi Kings 98/3 (15.0): The stay of Chris Gayle at the crease is surely not helping Karachi Kings’ cause, he is batting on 11 on 23 balls.

Anwar Ali to bowl now.

Karachi Kings 94/3 (14.0): Kieron Pollard is the new batsman, the duo needs to fire here.

Karachi Kings 94/3 (13.5): Another wicket falls, Shoaib Malik is gone, Mehmudullah picks his third wicket.

Karachi Kings 88/2 (13.0): First boundary for Gayle in the over, he deposited a short delivery for a four to cover.

Tymal Mills here.

Karachi Kings 80/1 (12.0): Kings need some big hits here, they need to accelerate.

Shoaib Malik replaces Babar at the crease.

Karachi Kings 77/2 (11.2): Babar Azam falls probably due to extra pressure from the other end, they had to push the scoring rate up. Hassan Khan took a blinder at boundary. He scored 36 off 37 balls.

Karachi Kings 77/1 (11.0): Poor umpiring once again, ball kissed Gayle’s pad and went for boundary but given wide. Gayle cannot middle anything at the moment.

Karachi Kings 69/1 (10.0): Chris Gayle is looking totally off-colour, he has scored 3 runs on 9 deliveries. Quetta Gladiators are on top here.

Karachi Kings 65/1 (9.0): Hassan Khan kept Gayle quiet, just two in the over. The young spinner deserves a pat on his back. 

Karachi Kings 63/1 (8.0): Karachi Kings will hoping for some fireworks from the big bashing batsman.

Chris Gayle is out there.

Karachi Kings 63/1 (7.5): Sangakkara looked to go big by using his feet on a delivery of Mehmudullah and missed it, Sarfraz does the rest of the work. He scored 28 off 18 balls.

Karachi Kings 56/0 (7.0): A very good start by the young slow left-arm bowler, just six off it.

Hassan Khan is the new bowler for Quetta.

Karachi Kings 50/0 (6.0): End of powerplay, 50 up for Karachi Kings. A good over by Mills, only four runs off it.

Karachi Kings 46/0 (5.0): Sangakkara is looking in great touch today, he welcomed Nawaz with a charge down the wicket and a six. Babar made matters worse for the slow left-arm with a boundary on the second last delivery.

Another bowling change by Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz to bowl now.

Karachi Kings 35/0 (4.0): Ten runs off the over without boundaries, Babar Azam survived the scare, he top edged one and Mehmoodullah completely misjudged it.

Anwar Ali into the attack now.

Karachi Kings 25/0 (3.0): Eventful over here, a boundary from Babar Azam and a mesmerizing six from Kumar sangakkara, Mir Hamza ended the over with a beauty to KK skipper.

Karachi Kings 14/0 (2.0): Two beautiful boundaries in the over, one by Babar and the other by Sangakkara. Though, Mills bowled a decent over.

Tymal Mills, the bowler with fiery pace is sharing the new ball.

Karachi Kings 4/0 (1.0): A good start by the young pacer Mir Hamza.

Karachi Kings’ skipper Kumar Sangakkara and Babar Azam are once again opening, instead of Chris Gayle. Mir Hamzai is there for Quetta Gladiators with the new ball.

Karachi Kings:  Babar Azam, Kumar Sangakkara (c & wk), Chris Gayle, Shoaib Malik, Ravi Bopara, Kieron Pollard, Imad Wasim, Sohail Khan, Mohammad Amir, Usama Mir, Usman Khan

Quetta Gladiators: Asad Shafiq, Ahmed Shehzad, Kevin Pietersen, Riley Rosssouw, Sarfraz Ahmed, Anwar Ali, Mahmudullah Riyadh, Mohammad Nawaz, Hasaan Khan, Mir Hamza, Tymal Mills.

Karachi Kings’ two consecutive wins have made a force to reckon in the ongoing Pakistan Super League. Whereas, Quetta Gladiators have looked the most solid side of the tournament so far. Gladiators are just a win away from qualifying to playoffs. On the other hand, Karachi Kings will be hoping to win the contest to improve their position in the league.

They are at the bottom of the table with four points, Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi and Lahore Qalandars all have six points. A win for Kings will make the tournament even more competitive.