Imam, Hasan inspire Peshawar Zalmi to victory against Karachi Kings

LIVE: Karachi Kings take on Peshawar Zalmi in PSL 4

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20 – 109/9 (Rizwan 32, Shinwari 1)

(19.1) OUT! Short to Umer Khan, he only managed to find a fielder on the deep square leg

Pollard bowls the last over

Over 19 – 106/8 (Rizwan 30, Umer Khan 0)

(18.6) OUT! Mohammad Amir also falls on a golden duck

(18.4) OUT! Aamer Yamin falls on the first delivery he faced, Dawson took a good diving catch

(18.2) OUT! Imad Wasim tries to hit a six, but failed to connect and caught in the deep, he scored 27 (26)

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 18 – 103/5 (Imad 26, Rizwan 27)

Wahab Riaz continues

Over 17 – 97/5 (Imad 23, Rizwan 24)

(16.4) FOUR! Rizwan gives it a big heave and manages to get a boundary at the cow corner

Umaid Asif continues

Over 16 – 88/5 (Imad 19, Rizwan 18)

Wahab Riaz comes on to bowl

Over 15 – 80/5 (Imad 16, Rizwan 14)

Hasan Ali comes back into the attack

Over 14 – 75/5 (Imad 12, Rizwan 14)

Kieron Pollard bowls

Over 13 – 69/5 (Imad 11, Rizwan 9)

(12.1) FOUR! Beautiful lofted cover drive from Rizwan

Liam Dawson continues

Over 12 – 60/5 (Imad 10, Rizwan 1)

(11.5) FOUR! Powerful cover drive from Imad Wasim earns him a boundary

(11.1) OUT! Umaid Asif bowled a perfect length on a perfect line to dismiss Sikander Raza, who scored 14 (26)

Umaid Asif comes back to bowl

Over 11 – 55/4 (Sikander 14, Imad 6)

Dawson continues

Over 10 – 53/4 (Sikander 13, Imad 5)

Pollard continues

Over 9 – 48/4 (Sikander 11, Imad 2)

Liam Dawson comes on to bowl

Over 8 – 46/4 (Sikander 10, Imad 1)

(7.2) OUT! Horrendous running between the wickets, Imam Ul Haq had a direct hit to remove Colin Ingram, he scored 21 (14)

Kieron Pollard bowls

Over 7 – 42/3 (Ingram 20, Sikander 8)

(6.5) FOUR! Short on the legs, Ingram pulled it in the gap

Ibtisam Sheikh comes on to bowl

Over 6 – 32/3 (Ingram 13, Sikander 5)

(5.4) FOUR! Powerful cover drive from Ingram, beautiful stuff!

(5.2) FOUR! A beautiful off drive from Ingram

Wahaz Riaz bowls

Over 5 – 24/3 (Ingram 5, Sikander 5)

(4.4) FOUR! Full from Umaid, Sikander plays it over the in-field for a boundary

Umaid Asif comes on to bowl

Over 4 – 20/3 (Ingram 5, Sikander 1)

(3.3) OUT! Wahab Riaz manages to get an inner edge of Ben Dunk, which is easily caught by Kamran Akmal. He scored 12 (15)

Wahab Riaz into the attack

Over 3 – 13/2 (Dunk 11, Ingram 0)

(2.6) OUT! Magnificent from Hasan Ali, he was appealing for an LBW, while Babar was looking for a single, the bowler saw an opportunity and he ran, slided, picked the ball and hit the bull’s eye. Big wicket for Zalmi, Babar walks off after scoring 1 run

(2.3) FOUR! Full on the pads of Dunk, he flicked it straight to short fine-leg but a miss-field earned him a boundary

Hasan Ali continues

Over 2 – 6/1 (Babar 0, Dunk 5)

(1.3) FOUR! Effortless shot from Ben Dunk, just lofted it over mid-off for the first boundary of the inning

Umaid Asif attacks from the other end

Over 1 – 1/1 (Babar 0, Dunk 0)

(0.1) OUT! Hasan Ali struck on the first delivery of the inning, Livingstone got plum!

Babar Azam and Liam Livingstone are opening the batting for Karachi Kings, while Hasan Ali bowls the first over

Peshawar Zalmi inning

Over 20 – 153/8 (Sammy 24, Umaid 0)

(19.4) FOUR! Full and outside off, Sammy caressed it through point

(19.3) OUT! Hasan Ali gets run out as he looked to snatch a single

(19.2) FOUR! Sammy muscles it on the leg side for a four

Aamer Yamin bowls the last over

Over 19 – 136/7 (Sammy 8, Hasan 1)

(18.3) OUT! Wahab Riaz falls, Sikander Raza took a good low catch in the deep

Mohammad Amir bowls the penultimate over

Over 18 – 131/6 (Sammy 5, Wahab 0)

(17.5) OUT! Bowled’em, Imam Ul Haq lost his wicket as he looked to accelerate, he scored 56 off 43 balls

(17.3) FOUR! A late cut earned Sammy his first boundary on the first delivery he faced

(17.1) OUT! Liam Dawson falls to Usman Shinwari on a short delivery after playing an impressive 43-run inning off 33 balls

Usman Shinwari continues

Over 17 – 124/4 (Imam 55, Dawson 43)

(16.3) FOUR! Dawson gets lucky as he edged a yorker from Amir for a four

(16.1) FOUR! A beautiful cover drive for a four

Mohammad Amir into the attack

Over 16 – 106/4 (Imam 51, Dawson 34)

(15.1) FOUR! Brilliant from Imam, he came down the wicket and played it over cover for a four, which brought Zalmi’s 100

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 15 – 96/4 (Imam 45, Dawson 30)

(14.6) FOUR! Full toss from Yamin, Dawson puts it away for a boundary

Aamer Yamin into the attack

Over 14 – 86/4 (Imam 43, Dawson 23)

(13.1) SIX! Shorter from Raza, Dawson rocked back and pulled it for a six

Sikander Raza continues

Over 13 – 73/4 (Imam 40, Dawson 13)

Imad bowls

Over 12 – 67/4 (Imam 37, Dawson 11)

(11.3) FOUR! Full and outside off, Dawson pierced the gap at point to our four precious runs

Sikander Raza continues

Over 11 – 59/4 (Imam 35, Dawson 5)

Imad continues

Over 10 – 56/4 (Imam 34, Dawson 3)

Sikander Raza continues

Over 9 – 53/4 (Imam 33, Dawson 1)

(8.2) OUT! Kieron Pollard is simply undone by Imad Wasim’s drifter

Imad continues

Over 8 – 47/3 (Imam 28, Pollard 0)

(7.5) OUT! It is a clean bowled, pitched outside off which came in sharply to undone Wayne Madsen for a duck

(7.2) OUT! Umar Amin came down the track, but missed the completely and got stumped, he scored 15 (18)

Sikander Raza into the attack

Over 7 – 47/1 (Imam 28, Amin 15)

(5.3) FOUR! A stylish cut shot from Imam earned him four runs

Imad Wasim comes himself to bowl

Over 6 – 38/1 (Imam 23, Amin 11)

(5.4) FOUR! Imam Ul Haq tickled from his pads for another boundary

(5.2) FOUR! Straight as an arrow, effortless shot from Umar Amin

Usman Shinwari continues

Over 5 – 25/1 (Imam 17, Amin 5)

Aamer Yamin comes back into the attack

Over 4 – 21/1 (Imam 15, Amin 3)

(3.1) FOUR! Imam came down the wicket again and played it over off side for a four

Usman Shinwari comes on to bowl

Over 3 – 15/1 (Imam 10, Amin 2)

Mohammad Amir continues

Over 2 – 11/1 (Imam 8, Amin 1)

(1.5) SIX! Imam danced down the track and lofted it over mid-wicket for a maximum

(1.2) OUT! Aamer Yamin cleans up Kamran Akmal with a brilliant in-coming delivery

Aamer Yamin bowls from the other end

Over 1 – 1/0 (Akmal 0, Imam 0)

Kamran Akmal and Imam Ul Haq are opening the inning for Peshawar Zalmi, while Mohammad Amir bowls the new ball

Playing XI

Karachi Kings: Babar Azam, Liam Livingstone, Colin Ingram, Ben Dunk, Mohammad Rizwan, Sikander Raza, Imad Wasim (c), Mohammad Amir, Aamer Yamin, Umer Khan, Usman Shinwari

Peshawar Zalmi: Kamran Akmal, Imam Ul Haq, Umar Amin, Wayne Madsen, Kieron Pollard, Liam Dawson, Darren Sammy, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Umaid Asif, Ibtisam Sheikh


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Karachi Kings will look to get their second win of the fourth season of Pakistan Super League as they face Peshawar Zalmi in Sharjah on Thursday.

Kings had an impressive start to PSL 4 against Multan Sultans but lost the game against Lahore Qalandars, however, they are capable of bouncing back in their next match.

The men in blue and red are top heavy, having Babar Azam, Liam Livingstone and Colin Ingram in the top three. They will like to see Ravi Bopara and other middle-order batsmen to fire against Peshawar Zalmi.

On the other hand, Peshawar Zalmi were knocked down by the two-time runner-ups Quetta Gladiators, whereas, they registered a thumping victory against Lahore Qalandars, getting them all out on 78 runs, which they chased down at a loss of 3 wickets.

The contest between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi is expected to be a thrilling one as both the sides have some exciting cricketers in their ranks.