LIVE: Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars


One of the most important match of the inaugural season on PSL will be played between Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars. Both the teams are struggling to register wins in this tournament and so this match is vital for both sides.

Toss update 

Lahore Qalandars have won the toss and will bowl first in this all important clash. Bravo will be captaining the side as Azhar has decided to voluntarily drop himself from the side.



Karachi Kings: Amir, Bangash and Simmons out, Sohail Khan, Mushfiqur Rahim and Mir Hamza.


Rizwan and Shaikb are confident that both the sides will put up a good show and hopefully their respective side will win.

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Pitch Report 

According to the pitch report the side batting first should at least cross the 170 mark in order to improve their chances of winning this contest.


Kevon Cooper drops a catch as Noman Anwar gets a life at 0.

Shoaib Malik hits a boundary on his first ball.

Wonderful delivery to end the over from Ehsan Adil, the ball jagged back from the off stump channel to leave the batsman comprehensively beaten.

At the end of first over the score was 8/0.

Bravo will start bowling from the other end. Tight over the standing Lahore captain.

At the end of second over the score was 12/0.

A decent over from Adil comes to an end where he conceded just 6 runs in spite of  a boundary. The crowd was enjoying the match.


At the end of third over the score was 18/0.

Bravo drops a sitter to give Noman another chance. He is definitely living a charmed life.


A six from Malik to end the over in emphatic fashion.

At the end of four overs the score was 27/0.


A six in the over from Noman to the left arm spinner  Zohaib Khan. 10 runs came off the over.

At the end of 5 overs the score reached 37/0.

Crowd were pouring into the stadium.


A six from Noman Anwar to end the powerplay on a high. Good start from the Karachi Kings in the first phase of the game but had the Qalandars held onto their chances the story would have been different.

At the end of 6 overs the score was 49/0.

Out !! Noman Anwar was caught at Long on off the bowling of Zohaib Khan. He 35 runs off 25 balls. James Vince is the new batsman in.


At the end of 7 overs the score was 55/1. 

Rizwan drops another catch as Kevon Cooper goes back to his bowling mark disappointed.

At the end of 8 overs the score was 58/1.

Out !! Zohaib Khan gets another wicket for the Qalandars. James Vince goes for 7 runs.


The hero from previous game Ravi Bopara comes into to bat.

At the end of 9 overs the score was 68/2. 

Just 5 runs came off this over.

At the end of 10 overs the score was 73/2.


Malik ended the over with a massive six. Zohaib Khan ended his spell with that who conceded 35 runs in his 4 overs and took 2 wickets.

At the end of 11 overs the score was 82/2.

Time for a strategic time out, the first one of the match. Match evenly poised right now.


At the end of 12 overs the score was 92/2. 

Shoaib Malik caught at mid off, Zafar Gohar strikes in his first over. Malik scored 27 runs in 25 balls. Delport takes an easy catch. The crowd went ecstatic as Malik makes his way back to the hut.


At the end of 13 overs the score was 96/2. 

Although Delport bowled a no ball as well in this over but still only 9 runs came off this over.

At the end of 14 overs the score was 105/3. 

Shakib scored 9 runs off 9 balls but in order to up the anti he was caught in the outfield. Zafar Gohar takes another wicket. Bravo completes a simple catch.

At the end of 15 overs the score was 111/4.  

A six from Imad Wasim came in this over. A huge shout from Bravo on the last ball is not given out by the umpire although that was a clear LBW.

At the end of 16 overs the score was 122/4. 

Two sixes in the over from Ravi Bopara gets the Karachi team to 139 at the end of the over. 17 came of this one.

At the end of 17 overs the score was 139/4. 

Imad Wasim gone on the first ball of the over. Big wicket for Lahore Qalandars. 139/5. Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman, he is playing his first match and is originally from Bangladesh.


At the end of 18 overs the score was 145/5. 

Bopara hits another fifty for the Karachi Kings. What a player he is turning out to be for the kings!

20 runs came in this over as the KK team is now rollicking along at a swift pace.

At the end of 19 overs the score was 165/5.

The target is 179 for Lahore Qalandars which is quite a decent total but good bowling is required in order to win. Gayle holds the key for the Lahore Qalandars. The owners appreciating the team’s performance.


Ravi Bopara was the top scorer for Karachi kings with 71 runs. Zohaib Khan and Zafar Gohar took two wickets each.

The action from second innings 

Tight start from Karachi and Shoaib Malik, who bowled the first over.

At the end of first over the score was 5/0.

At the end of second over the score was 13/0.

At the end of third over the score was 16/0.

At the end of fourth over the score was 25/0.

A six from Gayle to end the over. The over yields 13 runs.


At the end of 5 overs the score was 38/0. 

A good over from Sohail Tanvir comes to an end. Meanwhile Shahid Afridi is in the house for the next match of the day.


At the end of 6 overs the score was 43/0.

At the end of 7 overs the score was 47/0. 

Gayle moves to 25 while Delport is on 34. 15 runs came in this over. Good over for the Qalandars.


At the end of 8 overs the score was 62/0.

Another good over from Qalandars despite of the fact that Usama Mir bowled some good deliveries.

At the end of 9 overs the score was 73/0.

Gayle hits a six off the last ball as Mir Hamza concedes 17 off the over. LQ on top now, Karachi need to strike big and take a few quick wickets.


At the end of 10 overs the score is 90/0.

Six off the first ball as Delport hits a fantastic fify which could possibly turn out to be a match winning one.


Delport goes, stumped off the bowling of Usama Mir. Finally a wicket for Karachi Kings.


Umar Akmal is the new batsman.

At the end of 11 overs the score is 98/1. 

Gayle out. big wicket for Karachi Kings. They are back in it !!


Bravo is the new batsman.

Bravo also back in the hut as Ravi Bopara strikes take 2 wickets in quick succession.

What a brilliant over from Ravi Bopara.

At the end of 12 overs the score is 100/3.

At the end of 13 overs the score is 104/3. 

At the end of 14 overs the score is 110/3

10 runs came off this over from Usama Mir.


At the end of 15 overs the score is 120/3.

Rizwan gone as he is clean bowled by Ravi Bopara. Ravi is going through a golden time.

Hammad Azam is the new batsman.

Azam comes and goes as Bopara is now on a hattrick. Score 122/5


Another one gone !!! 5 wickets for Ravi Bopara in the match

At the end of 16th over the score was 122/6. 


The Karachi fans are ecstatic and they should be. What a comeback

At the end of 17th over the score is 128/6. 

Umar Akmal gone as well. Bopara takes his 6th wicket. I have no words for Bopara, what a performance from the Englishman.


At the end of 18th over the score is the score 134/7.

Karachi kings cruising to victory.


At the end of 19th over the score is 141/8.

Karachi Kings win by 27 runs !!

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