Umaid, Jordan death bowling power Karachi Kings to first win in PSL 5


Peshawar Zalmi inning

(19.4) OUT! Sammy departs, Umaid takes a splendid catch

Umaid to bowl the final over

Over 19 – 186/5 (Livingstone 52, Sammy 27)

(18.2) FOUR! Jordan bowls full and down the leg side, wides and byes.

(18.1) FOUR! Sammy pulls it well high in the air

Jordan bowls

Over 18 – 172/5 (Livingstone 51, Sammy 19)

(17.5) FOUR! Sammy whips it away for a four

(17.4) SIX! Sammy hits it high over the wide long-on fence for a massive six.

(17.2) FOUR! Livingstone swings and brings up his fifty

Amir in his final over

Over 17 – 154/5 (Livingstone 46, Sammy 8)

(16.6) FOUR! Livingstone hits hard down the ground to the long-off fence.

Jordan bowls

Over 16 – 144/5 (Livingstone 40, Sammy 5)

(15.4) SIX! Livingstone hits his third maximum

Imad comes to bowl

Over 15 – 131/5 (Livingstone 30, Sammy 2)

(14.3) OUT! Dawson departs, Amir picks his first

Mohammad Amir comes to bowl his third over

Over 14 – 126/4 (Livingstone 28, Dawson 21)

Umaid Asif in his third over.

Over 13 – 119/4 (Livingstone 26, Dawson 16)

(12.6) SIX! Livingstone hits another

(12.4) SIX! Livingstone launches it over the wide long-on fence for a six.

(12.1) SIX! Dawson pulls it high over the midwicket fence.

Arshad continues

Over 12 – 98/4 (Livingstone 12, Dawson 9)

Skipper Imad comes to bowl his first over

Over 11 – 91/4 (Livingstone 7, Dawson 7)

Arshad continues

Over 10 – 83/4 (Livingstone 4, Dawson 1)

(9.4) OUT! Clean bowled, Kamran departs

(9.1) SIX! Kamran strikes it well and gets it over the fielder at long-on.

Delport continues

Over 9 – 72/3 (Kamran 34, Livingstone 3)

(8.2) OUT! Arshad picks the bowl in his follow-through and scores a direct hit

Arshad bowls

Over 8 – 67/2 (Kamran 34, Malik 16)

(7.6) FOUR! Shoaib Malik hits hard in the air and wide of long-off to the fence.

(7.2) FOUR! Kamran makes room and slices it just over short the third-man

Cameron Delport comes to bowl

Over 7 – 55/2 (Kamran 28, Malik 10)

Umaid Asif continues

Over 6 – 50/2 (Kamran 26, Malik 7)

(5.5) FOUR! Malik plays late to the third-man region

(5.2) FOUR! Kamran squeezes it in the gap past backward point to the fence.

Jordan continues

Over 5 – 39/2 (Kamran 21, Malik 1)

(4.6) FOUR! Kamran edges in the gap down to the third-man fence.

Umaid Asif bowls his first over

Over 4 – 33/2 (Kamran 16, Malik 0)

(3.5) OUT! Clean bowled! Jordan removes Haider

(3.4) FOUR! Haider opens the arm and hits over the long-off fence

(3.2) OUT! Banton departs after a successful review by Kings

Chris Jordan comes to bowl

Over 3 – 29/0 ( Banton 13, Kamran 16)

Amir continues

Over 2 – 26/0 (Banton 11, Kamran 15)

(1.6) SIX! Bad line by Arshad, Kmaran pulls for a six.

(1.5) FOUR! Kamran pulls one to long leg fence

(1.1) FOUR! Banton punches hard through covers

Young Arshad Iqbal comes to bowl from the other end

Over 1 – 9/0 (Banton 5, Kamran 4)

(0.5) FOUR! Kamran punches it well in the gap to extra cover

Kamran Akmal and Tom Banton open for Zalmi, Mohammad Amir on the attack for Kings

Karachi Kings inning

(19.6) FOUR! Ifthikar sliced hard for another boundary

(19.5) SIX! Ifthikar pulls it away well over the midwicket fence.

(19.4) SIX! Ifthikar hits one-off straight past the bowler.

(19.2) FOUR! Walton muscles one for a boundary to the long-on fence.

(19.1) OUT! Imad hits in the air, Shoaib Malik picks a decent catch.

Hasan Ali comes to bowl his final over.

Over 19 – 180/3 (Imad 50, Walton 4)

Wahab in his last over.

Over 18 – 173/3 (Imad 48, Walton 0)

(17.5) OUT! Babar is run-out

Rahat Ali on the attack

Over 17 – 163/2 (Babar 75, Imad 43)

Wahab on the attack

Over 16 – 159/2 (Babar 72, Imad 42)

(15.4) SIX! Babar moves across, hits over the long-on fence.

(15.2) FOUR! Imad hits it well high over the extra cover fielder to the fence.

Mohammad Mohsin comes to bowl

Over 15 – 146-2 (Babar 65, Imad 37)

(14.4) FOUR! Babar hits over the mid-off long-off fence.

(14.1) SIX! On slot, Babar hits it over the long-off fence.

Hasan Ali comes to bowl

Over 14 – 132-2 (Babar 53, Imad 35)

(13.3) SIX! Imad launches it over the long-off fence for a six.

Rahat Ali comes to bowl

Over 13 – 123-2 (Babar 51, Imad 28)

(12.5) FOUR! Inside edge and goes to the boundary

(12.1) SIX! Imad hits the second maximum of his innings

Shoaib Malik comes to bowl

Over 12 – 109/2 (Babar 48, Imad 17)

Wahab comes to bowl

Over 11 – 102/2 (Babar 44, Imad 14)

(10.5) SIX! Imad hits it well and high in the air over the long-on fence.

(10.1) FOUR! Babar cuts well in the gap between backward point and short third-man

Mohsin continues

Over 10 – 87/2 (Babar 37, Imad 6)

(9.6) FOUR! Babar pulls hard in the air to the midwicket fence.

(9.5) FOUR! Babar plays square through point to fence, wonderful timing.

(9.1) FOUR! Imad reverse sweeps over the backward point fielder to the fence.

Dawson continues

Over 9 – 74/2 (Babar 29. Imad 1)

(8.4) OUT! Mohsin knocks the top of the off stump, was the googly, Delport goes back to pavilion after scoring 20

Mohammad Mohsin continues

Over 8 – 72-1 (Babar 28, Delport 20)

(7.5) FOUR! Delport moves back and cuts hard to the left of extra cover to the fence.

Liam Dawson comes to bowl

Over 7 – 63-1  (Babar 24, Delport 15)

Mohammad Mohsin on the attack

Over 6 – 57/1  (Babar 21, Delport 12)

(5.5) FOUR! Delport cut hard behind point to the fence, Wahab under pressure

(5.2) FOUR! Babar hits down the leg side and put away to the fine leg fence.

(5.1) SIX! Free-hit, Babar hits in the air down the ground to the long-on fence.

Wahab into the attack

Over 5 – 40/1 (Babar 12, Delport 7)

(4.1) FOUR! Delport hits it over the extra cover fielder to the fence.

Shoaib Malik into the attack

Over 4 – 32/1 (Babar 10, Delport 1)

(3.6) FOUR! Babar punches of the back foot

Rahat Ali continues

Over 3 – 25/1 (Babar 5, Delport 0)

(2.6) OUT! Sharjeel departs after scoring 19 off 10.

(2.4) SIX! Sharjeel picks it up and launches it over the long leg fence for another six.

(2.3) SIX! Sharjeel picking the length early hits first six

Hasan Ali continues

Over 2 – 11/0 (Babar 4, Sharjeel 7)

(1.2) FOUR! Sharjeel cuts hard and it’s the first boundary of Kings innings.

Rahat Ali on the attack from the other end

Over 1 – 4/0 (Babar 3, Sharjeel 1)

Babar Azam and Sharjeel Khan open the inning for Karachi Kings, Hasan Ali on the attack for Peshawar Zalmi

Karachi Kings

Imad Wasim (C), Babar Azam, Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Amir, Umaid Asif, Chris Jordan, Ifthikar Ahmed, Arshad Iqbal, Chadwick Walton, Cameron Delport.

Peshawar Zalmi

Dareen Sammy (C), Kamran Akmal, Tom Banton, Haider Ali, Liam Livingstone, Liam Dawson, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Rahat Ali, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Mohsin


Karachi: Peshawar Zalmi captain Darren Sammy has won the toss and decided to bowl first against Karachi Kings of the first match of a double-header at National Stadium.

“We will restrict Zalmi around 170, Karachi is in our heart and we will give them a good show,” Imad Wasim, Karachi Kings skipper.