Karachi Kings beat Quetta Gladiators by seven wickets in PSL 6 opener


Karachi Kings inning

(13.5) SIX! Nabi finishes the chase. Karachi Kings win PSL 6 opener by seven wickets

(13.2) SIX! Nabi pulls and its another maximum

(13.1) SIX! Nabi hits over mid-off

Ben Cutting comes to bowl

Over 13- 106/3 (Ingram 15, Nabi 11)

Hasnain continues

Over 12- 105/3 (Ingram 15, Nabi 10)

(11.5) FOUR! Ingram reverse sweeps for a boundary

Qais continues

Over 11- 95/3 (Ingram 8, Nabi 8)

(10.6) FOUR! 

(10.4) FOUR! 

(10.1) OUT! Babar is out courtesy of a brilliant catch by Sarfaraz

Hasnain comes to bowl

Over 10- 87/2 (Babar 24, Ingram 8)

(9.1) FOUR!

Qais comes to bowl

Over 9- 80/2 (Babar 18, Ingram 7)

Nawaz continues

Over 8- 76/2 (Babar 16, Ingram 5)

(7.3) FOUR! Babar plays fine over the top of wicketkeeper

Usman continues

Over 7- 67/2 (Babar 9, Ingram 3)

(6.5) FOUR! Babar sweeps 

Mohammad Nawaz comes to bowl

Over 6- 60/2 (Babar 4, Ingram 1)

(5.2) OUT! Clarke out as he tries to play too many shots. He makes 46 on his PSL debut

Usman Shinwari comes to bowl

Over 5- 58/1 (Babar 4, Clarke 46)

(4.6) FOUR! Another boundary

(4.5) FOUR! Smashes towards mid-on

(4.4) SIX! Over long-on fielder

(4.3) FOUR! Through the cover

(4.2) SIX! Over the extra cover by Clarke

Qais Ahmed bowls

Over 4- 31/1 (Babar 3, Clarke 23)

(3.5) FOUR! Clarke hits over the point

(3.4) FOUR! Clarke pulls, one bounce and four

(3.3) SIX! Clarke goes over the top of mid-on 

(3.1) FOUR! Clarke hits his first four

Naseem continues

Over 3- 12/1 (Babar 3, Clarke 4)

Hasnain continues

Over 2- 8/1 (Babar 2, Clarke 1)

Naseem Shah comes to bowl from the pavilion end

Over 1- 4/1 (Babar 0, Clarke 0)

(0.4) OUT! Hasnain traps Sharjeel in front

(0.1) FOUR! Sharjeel cuts and goes like a bullet

Babar and Sharjeel open the inning for Kings while Hasnain bowls first over

Quetta Gladiators inning

Kings need 121 to win PSL 6 opener

(18.2) OUT! Nick and caught by the keeper, Gladiators all out for 121

(18.1) SIX! Qais slogs it over long-on

Waqas bowls

Over 18- 114/9 (Qais 10, Naseem 1)

Amir continues

Over 17- 111/9 (Qais 8, Naseem 0)

(16.5) OUT! Arshad picks his third wicket, Hasnain departs

(16.2) FOUR! Hasnain swings and got a boundary

Arshad continues

Over 16- 106/8 (Qais 7, Hasnain 0)

(15.5) OUT! Amir picks his first wicket of the match

Amir comes to bowl

Over 15- 104/7 (Qais 6, Usman 0)

(14.6) OUT! Arshad dismantles stumps as Cutting back to pavilion

(14.1) FOUR! Qais tucks away fine 

Arshad continues

Over 14- 97/6 (Cutting 9, Qais 1)

(13.4) FOUR! Cutting hits his second boundary

Imad continues

Over 13- 91/6 (Cutting 4, Qais 0)

(12.4) OUT! Azam departs as he couldn’t middle it. Christian takes an easy catch

Arshad Iqbal comes to bowl

Over 12- 89/5 (Azam 17, Cutting 4)

(11.5) FOUR! Cutting hits his first boundary

(11.1) SIX! Azam smashes over Imad’s head

Imad continues

Over 11- 78/5

(10.5) OUT! Nawaz departs

Christian continues

Over 10- 72/4

Imad comes to bowl

Over 9- 68/4

(8.1) FOUR! Gayle hits straight for another four

Dan Christian comes to bowl

Over 8 – 61/3 (Gayle 33, Azam 6)

(7.4) FOUR! Azam Khan flicks for a boundary on first ball

(7.3) OUT! Saim hits straight in the hands of fielder.

Waqas continues

Over 7 – 53/2 (Gayle 32, Saim 7)

Arshad Iqbal comes to bowl

Over 6 – 49/2 (Gayle 29, Saim 6)

(5.4) FOUR! Saim Ayub smacks his first four

Waqas Maqsood comes to bowl his first over

Over 5 – 43/2 (Gayle 28, Saim 1)

(4.5) SIX! Gayle is in the mood

(4.4) SIX! It’s a flick and over the boundary rope

(4.3) FOUR! Gayle hits over the mid-on fielder

Yamin continues

Over 4 – 25/2 (Gayle 10, Saim 1)

(3.1) FOUR! Thick edge and it races past first slip and beats third man

Amir continues

Over 3 – 18/2 (Gayle 5, Saim 0)

(2.4) OUT! Sarfaraz tries to play towards third man but a thick nick travels back to keeper

(2.1) FOUR! Sarfaraz hits his first boundary

Aamir Yamin comes to bowl

Over 2 – 13/1 (Gayle 5, Sarfaraz 3)

Mohammad Amir comes to bowl

Over 1 – 10/1 (Gayle 4, Sarfaraz 1)

(0.5) FOUR! Gayle times it beautifully for a boundary

(0.4) OUT! Banton departs

(0.3) FOUR! Banton comes down the wicket and placed towards mid-on

Gladiators’ captain Sarfaraz Ahmed and Tom Banton are opening the inning while Kings’ skipper Imad Wasim is bowling first over


Karachi Kings’ captain Imad Wasim has won the toss and decided to bowl first against Sarfaraz Ahmed led Quetta Gladiators in the opening fixture of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season six.

“It’s a very good wicket and it’s going to hold so we hope to chase down what we’re set,” Imad Wasim said. “Chris Gayle is a T20 superstar but we have certain plans for him and we’re confident we can execute our plans,” he added.

“Tom Banton is really exciting us, as is Qais Ahmed,” Sarfaraz Ahmed said. “I feel very confident in our young pace attack, led by Naseem Shah and Mohammad Hasnain. Let’s see how it goes,” he added.

Karachi Kings: Babar Azam, Sharjeel Khan, Colin Ingram, Joe Clarke, Mohammad Nabi, Dan Christian, Imad Wasim (capt) Aamer Yamin, Waqas Maqsood, Mohammad Amir, Arshad Iqbal

Quetta Gladiators: Chris Gayle, Tom Banton, Azam Khan, Sarfaraz Ahmed (capt), Saim Ayub, Ben Cutting, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Hasnain, Qais Ahmed, Naseem Shah, Usman Shinwari