Karachi Kings beat Multan Sultans in super-over thriller, qualify for PSL 5 final


Super Over

Multan Sultans inning

(0.6) Dot ball

(0.5) two run

(0.4) One run

(0.4 Wide)

(0.4 Wide)

(0.3) One run

(0.2) One run

(0.1) One run

Rilee Rossouw and Ravi Bopara come to chase 14 while Mohammad Amir bowls for Kings

Karachi Kings inning 

(0.6) OUT! Rutherford gets and outside edge taken at backward point

(0.5) SIX!  Rutherford goes straighter and fuller

(0.4) FOUR! One-handed boundary over point, Rutherford scores a key boundary

(0.3) OUT! Sharjeel departs as he tries to play over the mid-on

(0.2) One run

(0.2 Wide)

(0.1) One run

Sharjeel and Rutherford in the middle for Kings while Tanvir bowls super over for Sultans

Karachi Kings inning

Over 20- 141/8 (Imad 27, Maqsood 1)

(19.6) FOUR! Imad hits a boundary. It’s a super over

(19.2) OUT! Amir departs. 7 runs required in the last four balls

Ilyas comes to bowl the final over

Over 19- 135/6 (Imad 22, Amir 1)

(18.6) FOUR! Imad cuts. An important boundary for Kings

(18.2) SIX! Imad Wasim uses wrists and bottom hand to flick this from outside off to over deep midwicket

(18.1) OUT! Parnell run out. A direct hit from the point by Bopara

Tanvir continues

Over 18- 122/6 (Imad 11, Parnell 1)

(17.4) OUT! Imran Tahir strikes as Rutherford tries to cut but a thin edge. Zeeshan takes a great catch

Tahir continues

Over 17- 119/5 (Imad 9, Rutherford 0)

(16.3) OUT! Walton caught at mid-off

(16.3) OUT! Babar Azam departs after scoring 65 off 53 balls

Tanvir comes to bowl

Over 16- 116/3 (Babar 65, Imad 8)

Ilyas continues

Over 15- 107/3 (Babar 59, Imad 6)

(14.1) SIX! Babar down the track and lofts cleanly 

Afridi continues

Over 14- 96/3 (Babar 51, Imad 3)

(12.4) Fifty for Babar Azam, his 13th in PSL

Tahir continues

Over 13- 90/3 (Babar 48, Imad 0)

(12.5) OUT! Iftikhar departs 

(12.4) FOUR! Tough chance for the fielder, races towards the boundary

Afridi continues

Over 12- 82/2 (Babar 45, Iftikhar 8)

Ilyas continues

Over 11- 77/2 (Babar 44, Iftikhar 4)

(10.4) SIX! Babar rocks back and smashes a pull over deep midwicket 

Shahid Afridi comes to bowl

Over 10- 66/2 (Babar 37, Iftikhar 2)

(9.1) OUT! Another run out at the non-striker’s end. Happened to Masood in the first innings and now Hales is unfortunate.

Khushdil continues

Over 9- 61/1 (Babar 34, Hales 21)

(8.1) FOUR! Hales pounds on an overpitched delivery

Tahir continues

Over 8- 53/1 (Babar 32, Hales 15)

Khushdil Shah comes to bowl

Over 7- 50/1 (Babar 31, Hales 14)

Imran Tahir comes to bowl

Over 6- 46/1 (Babar 29, Hales 12)

(5.4) FOUR! Hales carves one towards the third man boundary

(5.3) FOUR! Hales clears mid-on

Mohammad Ilyas comes to bowl

Over 5- 37/1 (Babar 28, Hales 4)

(4.5) FOUR! Alex Hales joins the part. Beautiful cut shot

(4.2) FOUR! Babar Azam pulls for his fifth boundary. He races to 28 off 19

(4.1) FOUR! Babar Azam is cruising so is Kings

Irfan continues

Over 4- 24/1 (Babar 19, Hales 0)

(3.2) FOUR! Babar Azam drives straight. His third four

(3.1) OUT! Sharjeel caught at square leg

Tanvir continues

Over 3- 19/0 (Sharjeel 4, Babar 15)

(2.2) FOUR! Babar pulls through midwicket for another boundary

Mohammad Irfan comes to bowl

Over 2- 10/0 (Sharjeel 2, Babar 8)

(1.6) FOUR! Babar pulls through midwicket for a boundary

Sohail Tanvir comes to bowl

Over 1- 4/0 (Sharjeel 1, Babar 3)

Babar Azam and Sharjeel Khan arrive in the middle while Adam Lyth bowling the first over for Sultans.

Multan Sultans inning

Over 20 – 141/7 (Ilyas 5, Tanvir 25)

(19.5) FOUR! lucky four runs of leg-byes

(19.3) SIX! Tanvir deposits over the long-on

(19.2) SIX! Tanvir hits over the deep square leg. The ball is on the roof

Parnell bowls the last over of the inning.

Over 19 – 122/7 (Ilyas 3, Tanvir 12)

(18.3) FOUR! Sohail Tanvir places towards the deep midwicket boundary

Amir comes to bowl

Over 18 – 113/7 (Ilyas 1, Tanvir 5)

(17.3) OUT! Bopara caught at mid-wicket. Second wicket for Maqsood

(17.2) SIX! Bopara middles one straight back over the bowler’s head

Maqsood bowls his last over

Over 17 – 104/6 (Bopara 34, Tanvir 3)

(16.3) OUT! Afridi caught at long-on

(16.2) SIX! Afridi connects one 

Arshad continues

Over 16 – 95/5 (Bopara 34, Afridi 5)

Maqsood comes to bowl

Over 15 – 91/5 (Bopara 32, Afridi 4)

Arshad continues

Over 14 – 86/5 (Bopara 29, Afridi 2)

Amir comes to bowl

Over 13 – 81/5 (Bopara 26, Afridi 0)

(12.3) OUT! Khushdil Shah caught at square leg by Amir

Arshad comes to bowl

Over 12 – 78/4 (Khushdil 16, Bopara 24)

(11.3) SIX! Khushdil Shah comes down the track and hits towards the legside

Iftikhar continues

Over 11 – 69/4 (Khushdil 8, Bopara 23)

(10.6) FOUR! Bopara showcases his class. 14 runs off the 11th over

(10.2) FOUR! Bopara guides towards the third man for consecutive fours

(10.1) FOUR! Bopara scores his first boundary

Parnell continues

Over 10 – 55/4 (Khushdil 7, Bopara 10)

Iftikhar continues

Over 9 – 50/4 (Khushdil 5, Bopara 7)

Karachi Kings’ debutant Wayne Parnell comes to bowl

Over 8 – 44/4 (Khushdil 3, Bopara 3)

Iftikhar Ahmed comes to bowl

Over 7 – 41/4 (Khushdil 1, Bopara 2)

(6.3) OUT! Karachi Kings are all over Sultans batting. Zeeshan is out after scoring 21

Imad comes to bowl

Over 6 – 38/3 (Zeeshan 20, Bopara 1)

(5.4) OUT! Rilee Rossouw is run out due to a horrible mix up

Arshad Iqbal comes to bowl

Over 5 – 34/2 (Zeeshan 18, Rossouw 4)

(4.4) FOUR! Zeeshan lofts to mid-on

Maqsood continues

Over 4 – 26/2 (Zeeshan 11, Rossouw 2)

(3.2) OUT! Unlucky dismissal for Shan. Amir touches with his boot and a straight drive from Zeeshan hits the ball at the non-striker’s end.

Amir continues

Over 3 – 23/1 (Zeeshan 11, Shan 3)

(2.3) OUT! A diving catch by Walton and Maqsood has struck. Lyth departs 9

Waqas Maqsood comes to bowl

Over 2 – 18/0 (Zeeshan 9, Lyth 9)

(1.4) SIX! Lyth flicks it away to over deep square leg for the first six of the match

Mohammad Amir comes to bowl

Over 1 – 8/0 (Zeeshan 8, Lyth 0)

(0.3) FOUR! one more outside edge and it clears short third man

(0.2) FOUR! Zeeshan gets an edge and it races away for four

Zeeshan Ashraf and Adam Lyth are opening the batting for Sultans while skipper Imad comes to bowl for Kings.


Karachi: Karachi Kings’ skipper Imad Wasim has won the toss and decided to bowl first against Multan Sultans in PSL 5’s Qualifier at National Stadium. 

“We have come here after a break but we are pumped up to win this tournament and qualify for the final of the event,” he said after winning the toss.

“We dedicate this match to our late coach Dean Jones and we want to dedicate a win to him,” he added.

On the other hand, Shan Masood is looking forward to dominating once again after coming back following 8 months gap due to COVID-19. “We are back and prepared well enough to give them tough time, he said, adding, “The pitch looks good and we will try to score as many runs as we can on the scoreboard.”


Karachi Kings: Imad Wasim, Babar Azam, Sharjeel Khan, Alex Hales, Wayne Parnell, Chadwick Walton, Mohammad Amir, Waqas Maqsood, Sherfane Rutherford, Iftikhar Ahmed, Arshad Iqbal

Multan Sultans: Zeeshan Ashraf, Adam Lyth, Shan Masood, Rilee Rossouw, Ravi Bopara, Khushdil Shah, Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Ilyas, Imran Tahir, Mohammad Irfan