LIVE: Kerala Kings become the first ever T10 League Champions


Kerala Kings become the first ever T10 League Champions! They played magnificently in the latter part of the tournament to lift the gold. Phenomenal stuff from both the teams, but there had to be one winner and one loser. Hard luck for Punjabi Legends, and well-deserved win for Kerala Kings under Eion Morgan’s captaincy, who led from the front.

Kerala Kings inning (target 121)

Its a wide and that is it! Kerala Kings are your first ever T10 League Champions, they won the final comfortably by 8 wickets.

Overs 8 – Kerala Kings 120/2 (Stirling 52*, Pollard 2*)

(7.2) FOUR! Full from Chris Jordan and Stirling powered it straight over the bowler’s head for a boundary.

Chris Jordan bowls

Overs 7 – Kerala Kings 113/2 (Stirling 47*, Pollard 0*)

(6.5) SIX! Some reward for Hasan Ali too as he got rid of the dangerous Eion Morgan, but his blistering inning has probably taken the match away from the Punjabi Legends already.

(6.4) SIX! Convincing this time, Morgan got it full, a full flow of the bat bat earned him a six.

(6.3) FOUR! Morgan gets lucky, it was a fine full delivery from Hasan Ali that he inside edged for a boundary.

Hasan Ali bowls.

Overs 6 – Kerala Kings 101/1 (Stirling 46*, Morgan 53*)

(5.6) SIX! Incredible use of the wrists from Paul Stirling, it was a good delivery nearly in the block hole from Jordan, but the Irishman dug it from there for a six over mid-wicket.

Chris Jordan bowls

Overs 5 – Kerala Kings 91/1 (Stirling 39*, Morgan 52*)

(4.6) SIX! Third maximum of the over from Morgan as he raises the fastest half-century of the tournament off just 14 balls.

(4.5) SIX! Shorter from Bopara on the middle-leg stump, Morgan pulled it for another six.

(4.4) SIX! On the off stump, Morgan came down the wicket and played a lofted drive on the up for a six.

(4.3) FOUR! A bit short and at off stump, Morgan cut it beautifully for a boundary.

Ravi Bopara into the attack

Overs 4 – Kerala Kings 69/1 (Stirling 38*, Morgan 30*)

(3.3) SIX! Zadran goes even fuller, but still the same result, however this time it was over mid-on for a six. Kerala Kings are on fire!

(3.2) SIX! A tad fuller this time, but no change in the result, Stirling gave it all to deposit it into the crowd.

(3.1) SIX! Shorter from Dawlat Zadran, Paul Stirling pulled it over mid-wicket for a six. Kings are cruisng to the total.

Dawlat Zadran into the attack

Overs 3 – Kerala Kings 48/1 (Stirling 19*, Morgan 28*)

(2.6) SIX! Grant finish to the over, it was full and in the slot for the English captain, he struck it straight over mid-off for another six, 24 runs off the over.

(2.5) FOUR! Faheem tries yorker this time, but it just turned out to be a low full toss for Morgan, he struck it straight for another four.

(2.3) SIX! Morgan middles this one properly and it travelled miles, probably the biggest six of the tournament.

(2.2) FOUR! Shortish length from the bowler, Morgan did not middle it but got enough to get it to the boundary.

(2.1) FOUR! Full on the off side from Faheem Ashraf, Morgan sliced it from the left of the point fielder for a boundary.

Faheem continues.

Overs 2 – Kerala Kings 24/1 (Stirling 19*, Morgan 4)

(1.4) FOUR! Very similar shot and same result, full on the off stump and he played it over cover again.

(1.3) FOUR! It was full from Hasan Ali and Stirling played it over cover for a four.

Over 1 – Kerala Kings 12/1 (Stirling 8*, Morgan 3)

(0.5) SIX! Its a boundary off a no-ball, Faheem Ashraf’s excellent over spoilt by Paul Stirling.

(0.1) OUT! Dream start for Faheem and Legends, a short delivery to Walton proved to enough to get his wicket. He tried a pull shot but only managed to sky it. Easy catch for Umar Akmal.

Chadwick Walton and Paul Stirling are the openers for Kerala Kings, Faheem Ashraf to open the bowling.

Punjabi Legends posted a firm total on the board of 120 runs. Kerala Kings need 121 runs to become the first ever T10 Cricket League Champion.

Punjabi Legends inning

Overs 10 – Punjabi Legends 120/2 (Faheem 9*, Brathwaite 3*)

(9.3) FOUR! On the legs of Faheem Ashraf, he had to beat short-fine leg and he did exactly that to earn a boundary.

Faheem Ashraf is the new batsman.

(9.1) OUT! Luke Ronchi finally departs after a blistering inning of 69 runs, he is run out.

Plunkett bowls the last over.

Overs 9 – Punjabi Legends 107/2 (Ronchi 69*, Brathwaite 1*)

Carlos Brathwaite is the new batsman

(8.2) OUT! Short from Emrit, Malik looked to hit the ball over cover for a six, but the ball did not have enough legs to travel that far, he was caught in the deep.

Emrit into the attack

Overs 8 – Punjabi Legends 101/1 (Ronchi 64*, Malik 26*)

(7.6) SIX! Another mighty blow from Malik, he is continuing his ruthless run.

(7.4) FOUR! Full and wide from Shakib to Ronchi, he lofted it over point for a boundary.

(7.2) SIX! Shoaib Malik plays an amazing slog sweep for a handsome six.

Overs 7 – Punjabi Legends 80/1 (Ronchi 58*, Malik 13*)

Sohail Tanvir bowls

Overs 6 – Punjabi Legends 74/1 (Ronchi 55*, Malik 10*)

(5.5) FOUR! Malik goes over cover for a boundary, it was full and there to be hit.

Shakib Al Hasan into the attack

Overs 5 – Punjabi Legends 53/1 (Ronchi 40*, Malik 3*)

(4.6) SIX! That’s fifty for the Luke Ronchi, it was full from Wahab Riaz and he just played it straight over the head of the left-arm pacer.

(4.3) SIX! Short from Wahab, Ronchi made room and played it over covers for another six.

Wahab bowls

Overs 4 – Punjabi Legends 49/1 (Ronchi 40*, Malik 1*)

(3.6) FOUR! On the legs on Ronchi, he just helped its way to the ropes.

(3.5) FOUR! It was on Ronchi’s off-stump, he lofted it over point for a boundary.

(3.3) SIX! Not a bad delivery from Emrit, but an impressive shot from Ronchi, it was shortish in length, he deposited it into the crowd on the leg side.

(3.1) SIX! It was on the middle stump almost, he just flicked it for a six, incredible shot from the Kiwi batsman.

Rayad Emrit into the attack

Overs 3 – Punjabi Legends 27/1 (Ronchi 18*, Malik 1*)

(2.5) FOUR! Short from Wahab Riaz, Ronchi hit a short-arm jab to send ball to the boundary in the mid-wicket area.

Wahab Riaz is the new bowler

Devastating Shoaib Malik on the crease now.

Overs 2 – Punjabi Legends 19/1 (Ronchi 12*, Malik 0*)

(1.6) OUT! Clever bowling from Plunkett, it was full and slower. Akmal was looking to flick it cheekily, but failed to make any contact with the ball.

(1.5) FOUR! Not convincing from Umar Akmal, nonetheless, it is a boundary for Legends.

Liam Plunkett is the other attacker for Kings

Over 1 – Punjabi Legends 12/0 (Ronchi 11*, U Akmal 1*)

(0.4) SIX! Slow delivery from Tanvir, but it was in the slot for Ronchi, he played a skier that landed way beyond boundary ropes.

(0.1) FOUR! Short and width offered, Ronchi pounced on it and cut it through point region for a boundary, no sightings from the batsman.

Sohail Tanvir is opening the bowling for Kerala Kings in the final, Umar Akmal and Luke Ronchi are the openers for Punjabi Legends.

Both Kerala Kings and Punjabi Legends have won their semi-finals convincingly. The final of the first ever T10 Cricket League is expected to be a cracker of a contest. Sharjah is sold out and it is electrifying atmosphere there at the moment.


Kerala Kings won the toss and elected to bowl first in the all-important final of the T10 Cricket League.