LIVE: Kerala Kings qualify for the final of T10 Cricket League


Kerala Kings won the first semi-final of the tournament by five wickets to register a place in the final of the first ever T10 Cricket League

Kerala Kings inning (Target 98 runs)

(9.1) FOUR! It was a cross-angled delivery, Pooran edged it and Kamran Akmal missed it, the ball raced away to the boundary to earn Kerala a win. They qualified to the final of the first ever T20 Cricket League.

Van Der Merwe to bowl the last over, four needed.

Over 9 – Kerala Kings 94/5 (Pooran 1*, Rohan 0*)

(8.5) OUT! Kerala Kings are losing their way at the end of the inning, Shakib Al Hasan was the man to get out.

(8.3) OUT! Mohammad Sami gets Kieron Pollard, he skied one that is easily caught.

Over 8 – Kerala Kings 93/3 (Pooran 0*, Pollard 0*)

(7.6) OUT! Short delivery from Zahoor, Morgan tried to pull it but could only manage an edge, he is gone after a match-winning inning.

(7.4) OUT! Paul Stirling is run-out, something to cheer for Maratha Arabians.

Over 7 – Kerala Kings 90/1 (Morgan 52*, Stirling 15*)

(6.4) SIX! Six off a no-ball, it was a short delivery from the left-arm pacer that Morgan edger for maximum.

(6.4) FOUR! Short and wide from Mohammad Amir, Morgan slapped it straight for a boundary.

Over 6 – Kerala Kings 73/1 (Morgan 39*, Stirling 14*)

(5.6) FOUR! Paul Stirling struck it straight as an arrow and it was almost a six, Kerala Kings are racing towards the target.

Over 5 – Kerala Kings 66/1 (Morgan 37*, Stirling 10*)

(4.5) FOUR! A full delivery on the off stump, Morgan struck it down the ground for a boundary.

(4.2) SIX! Phenomenal shot from Morgan, he came down the track, it was a short delivery, he jumped in the air and hit the ball over cover.

Over 4 – Kerala Kings 53/1 (Morgan 26*, Stirling 10*)

Dwayne Bravo into the attack

Over 3 – Kerala Kings 50/1 (Morgan 24*, Stirling 9*)

(2.6) FOUR! Stirling played a brave scoop off Mohammad Amir’s pacy delivery to end the over.

(2.4) FOUR! Amir bowled full, Stirling made room and struck it through point powerfully four a boundary.

Mohammad Amir replaces Imad Wasim

Over 2 – Kerala Kings 40/1 (Morgan 17*, Stirling 0*)

(1.6) SIX! Morgan finishing touch to an expensive over with a six over mid-wicket. Powerful and soothing hitting from the English limited-over captain.

(1.5) FOUR! Another poor delivery from Sami, outside off, Morgan strikes it for another boundary.

(1.4) FOUR! It was fast and outside off, Morgan cut it hard for a boundary.

(1.1) SIX! Wow! It is massive, it is classic! Sami bowls fast on Morgan legs and he just flicked it for a six.

Mohammad Sami into the attack.

Over 1 – Kerala Kings 17/1 (Morgan 1*, Stirling 0*)

Captain Eion Morgan is out there to bat.

(0.5) OUT! Imad makes a magnificent comeback, Walton was looking for another mighty hit, but could not pick Imad’s arm-delivery that cleaned him up.

(0.4) SIX! A shorter delivery from Imad, he lofts it straight for another maximum.

(0.3) SIX! Walton is not holding himself back, a full delivery blasted straight over bowlers head for a six.

(0.1) FOUR! No nervous starts for Walton as he starts off the proceedings with a boundary straight over Imad’s head.

Paul Stirling and Chadwick Walton are the openers for Kerala Kings. Imad Wasim with the new ball.

Maratha Arabians inning

10 overs – Maratha Arabians 97/8 (Amir 6*, Zahoor 0*)

(9.5) OUT! Sami was looking for another big hit, this time Pollard got the better off him as he is caught at deep mid-on.

(9.1) SIX! Mohammad Sami into the action, Pollard is proving to be expensive for Kerala Kings, it was a beautiful shot from the right-hander.

9 overs – Maratha Arabians 88/7 (Sami 6*, Amir 4*)

(8.6) FOUR! Mohammad Amir finds a boundary through on thir-man.

Mohammad Amir is the new man in.

(8.5) OUT! Emrit ends a courageous inning of Bravo with an accurate yorker that made its way to the stumps through his legs.

(8.4) FOUR! Sami beautifully plays the short delivery from Emrit over short-third man for a boundary and it was a no-ball.

Rayad Emrit into the attack. Mohammad Sami is the new batsman.

8 overs – Maratha Arabians 76/7 (Bravo 26*, Imad 13)

(7.6) OUT! Imad Wasim is deceived by Sohail Tanvir’s slower-one, he tried to clear the boundary but the timing was awful. He played a good inning of 18 runs.

(7.1) FOUR! Imad welcomes the left-arm pacer with a boundary, he backed off a bit to make room and played it to the right of mid-off for four runs.

Sohail Tanvir back into the attack

7 overs – Maratha Arabians 70/6 (Bravo 26*, Imad 13*)

(6.6) FOUR! Beautiful from Bravo! He moved to leg side and just chipped the ball over cover for a boundary.

(6.4) FOUR! It was a shortish delivery from Plunkett, Imad just played it straight over bowler which beats the fielder to reach the boundary.

(6.2) SIX! Bravo shows his class, struck a six over cover off Liam Plunkett, it was not a bad delivery by any means.

Plunkett into the attack

6 overs – Maratha Arabians 54/6 (Bravo 14*, Imad 8*)

(5.4) SIX! Imad in action this time, he lofted one off Pollard to mid-wicket for the third six of the over.

(5.2) SIX! This time Bravo carves one over the short-third man for a maximum.

(5.1) SIX! Finally, some fireworks from Maratha Arabians, he pulled his countrymen to a six.

Kieron Pollard into the attack

5 overs – Maratha Arabians 33/6 (Bravo 1*, Imad 1*)

(4.4) OUT! This time it is Wahab Riaz with a wicket, he was testing Maratha’s batsmen with his pace and channel, Kamran Akmal finally nicked one to the keeper after scoring 9 runs.

Wahab continues

4 overs – Maratha Arabians 30/5 (Kamran 9*, Bravo 0*)

Dwayne Bravo is the new batsman for Arabians.

(3.5) OUT! Another wicket for Kerala Kings, Merwe was looking to pace up the inning, he tried to guide Emrit through short fine-leg but lost his stumps.

Rayad Emrit is the new bowler.

3 overs – Maratha Arabians 24/4 (Kamran 7*, Van Der Merwe 0*)

Wahab Riaz into the attack

2 overs – Maratha Arabians 19/4 (Kamran 2*, Van Der Merwe 0*)

(1.6) OUT! Kerala Kings are on fire, Ashghar Stanikzai had a brief outing with the bat at the big occasion.

(1.3) OUT! Another blow for Maratha Arabians, Plunkett removes Whiteley.

Liam Plunkett is the attacker from the other end. Ross Whiteley is the new batsman for Maratha Arabians.

1 over – Maratha Arabians 7/2 (Kamran 2*, Whiteley 0*)

(0.6) OUT! Huge wicket for Kerala Kings, Sohail Tanvir got the big wicket of Riley Russow with a beautiful slow delivery.

(0.3) FOUR! Riley Russow is continuing his prime form, he started off the inning with a brilliant boundary on the off side.

(0.2) OUT! Sohail Tanvir bowled a beautiful straight delivery to get rid of the dangerous Alex Hales, perfect start for Kerala.

Sohail Tanvir is opening the bowling for Kerala Kings. Kamran Akmal and Alex Hales are the openers.


Eion Morgan won the toss for Kerala Kings and elected to bowl first.