LIVE: Islamabad beat Qalandars in a nail bitting contest

LIVE: Lahore Qalandars won the toss and elected to bowl first

Islamabad United beat Lahore Qalandars in the super over.

Super Over (Islamabad United)

(0.6) SIX! Russell does it for Islamabad

(0.5) FOUR! Keeper missed it and goes for four

(0.5) Wide bowl

(0.4) 1 run

(0.3) No run

(0.2) SIX! it’s a flat-batted six! Good length on middle stump goes deep into the crease

(0.1) 1 run

Mustifizur to bowl the super over for Lahore. Asif Ali and Andre Russell comes to bat

Islamabad need 16 runs off six balls to win

Super Over (Lahore Qalandars)

(0.4) SIX! Smashed it! Goes over the keeper’s head and beyond the ropes!

Akmal comes in

(0.2) OUT! McCullum wanted another six but caught in the deep mid-wicket

(0.1) SIX! first ball and flat six!

McCullum and Fakhar Zaman comes to bat

This is the first time in the PSL that we’re having a super over.

Lahore Qalandars Inning(19.2)

(19.4) OUT! Wonderful delivery, taken by the square leg and it’s a tie, goes for super over

(19.3) SIX! Salman hits it big! unbelievable

Over 19 – Lahore Qalandars 115/8 (McCullum 34*, Salman 0*)

Salman Irshad comes to bat

(18.4) OUT! Yasir Shah gone!

Patel continues

Over 18 – Lahore Qalandars 107/7 (McCullum 32*, Yasir 0*)

Yasir Shah is the new batsman

(17.3) OUT! Another brilliant catch of the league, flying catch in midwicket by Asif Ali. Shadab strikes again!

Over 17 – Lahore Qalandars 105/6 (McCullum 31*, Sohail 0*)

(16.6) WICKET! Edge and gone! The skipper takes it

(16.5) FOUR! Full on off stump, and lifted over cover. Narine is great with his bottom hand, and it’s in Narine’s slot.

(16.1) FOUR! full on off stump, backs away and carves his drive past cover. Enough behind that shot.

Russell continues

Over 16 – Lahore Qalandars 95/5 (McCullum 30*, Narine 0*)

(15.6) OUT! excellent take in the deep! Top edges this pull shot, and the sky is pouched. Short on middle stump, and the pull goes to deep midwicket.

(15.2) SIX! Full outside off stump, BMac walks down the wicket, and wristily flicks over cow corner.

Faheem Ashraf continues.

Over 15 – Lahore Qalandars 85/4 (McCullum 22*, Akhter 2*)

Over 14 – Lahore Qalandars 83/4 (McCullum 21*, Akhter 1*)

Sohail Akhter comes to bat

(13.1) OUT! short on middle stump, the batsman doesn’t duck, and it comes off his arm guard. Lobs into the air, and taken acrobatically by the keeper.

Sami continues.

Over 13 – Lahore Qalandars 81/3 (McCullum 20*, Ramdin 4*)

Rusell continues.

Over 12 – Lahore Qalandars 78/3 (McCullum 20*, Ramdin 1*)

Ramdin is the new batsman.

(11.2) OUT! A well-directed bouncer on middle stump, does well to hook towards the leg side, but top-edged to Patel at fine leg.

Over 11 – Lahore Qalandars 76/2 (McCullum 20*, Salman 48*)

Duminy continues

Over 10 – Lahore Qalandars 68/2 (McCullum 18*, Salman 46*)

(9.3) SIX! Another one! Full on middle stump, and it’s been shovelled towards the leg side.

(9.2) SIX! Young Agha Salman lofted to the mid-wicket, Massive hit.

Over 9 – Lahore Qalandars 53/2 (McCullum 17*, Salman 32*)

Dumminy comes to bowl

Over 8 – Lahore Qalandars 50/2 (McCullum 16*, Salman 30*)

Shadab continues.

Over 7 – Lahore Qalandars 46/2 (McCullum 13*, Salman 29*)

Russell comes to bowl

Over 6 – Lahore Qalandars 39/2 (McCullum 7*, Salman 28*)

(5.5) FOUR! Beats the infielder, and skids away off this surface.

(5.4) FOUR! Terrific blow to the extra-cover

Over 5 – Lahore Qalandars 31/2 (McCullum 7*, Salman 20*)

(4.3) FOUR! Hit hard enough to bounce away fine for another boundary.

Over 4 – Lahore Qalandars 23/2 (McCullum 6*, Salman 13*)

(3.6) FOUR! short and wide outside off, slashes hard at it, and finds the top edge.

Over 3 – Lahore Qalandars 11/2 (McCullum 6*, Salman 1*)

Over 2 – Lahore Qalandars 8/2 (McCullum 4*, Salman 0*)

(1.5) FOUR! Classic! cover-drive from the skipper

Over 1 – Lahore Qalandars 4/2 (McCullum 0*, Salman 0*)

Agha Salman is the new batsman

(0.5) WICKET! Patel strikes again, another big wicket, Fakhar Zaman is gone

Fakhar Zaman comes to bat.

(0.4) OUT! Akmal reviews. Full on middle stump, and Akmal misses the straight drive. Hits his back pad, and this time the lbw appeal is given. Akmal has to go

(0.1) FOUR! starts off with a boundary! Good length on off stump, Akmal walks across to the off side and paddles this behind square.

Samit Patel takes the new ball, Umar Akmal and McCullum are the openers for Qalandars.

Islamabad United Inning

Over 20 – Islamabad United 121/9 (Talat 33*, Sami 0*)

(19.5) OUT! taken on the sixth chance!Umar Akmal the one. Juggles so many times at long-on before completing the catch. Ful

(19.3) Four! Struck well enough to beat deep midwicket and deep backward square

Over 19 – Islamabad United 118/8 (Talat 25*, Shadab 0*)

Over 18 – Islamabad United 107/6 (Talat 21*, Russell 15*)

Over 17 – Islamabad United 96/6 (Talat 12*, Russell 13*)

(16.1) SIX! Hussain talat hits it really big, goes to the top of the roof, Massive six

Sohail Khan comes to bowl

Over 16 – Islamabad United 85/6 (Talat 4*, Russell 12*)

(15.3) SIX! Huge! a terrific shot goes into the stands!

Over 15 – Islamabad United 73/6 (Talat 2*, Russell 2*)

Narine’s over

Over 14 – Islamabad United 71/6 (Talat 1*, Russell 1*)

Hussain Talat comes to bat

(13.5) OUT! Yasir Shah strikes again, excellent delivery, hits to the pads and umpire raised his fingers. Duminy is gone

Andre Russel is the new batsman

(13.3) OUT! Flat and straight, Asif stays low, looking to heave but fails to pick the right delivery, it’s flat and quick, goes through and hits the stumps.

(13.2) FOUR! Excellent shot! clears it to the boundary

Yasir continues.

Over 13 – Islamabad United 64/4 (Duminy 33*, Asif 12*)

(12.1) FOUR! A shortish delivery down leg, Asif rolls his wrists and flicks the ball nonchalantly into the gap behind square leg.

Over 12 – Islamabad United 52/4 (Duminy 32*, Asif 1*)

Salman comes to bowl

(11.6) SIX! Duminy slogged it with fierce power over cover and gone for six

(11.2) OUT! Patel played into the mid-wicket and Narine takes the catch.

Yasir Shah continues

Over 11 – Islamabad United 44/3 (Duminy 25*, Patel 9*)

Narine comes to bowl

Over 10 – Islamabad United 40/3 (Duminy 22*, Patel 8*)

Yasir continues

Over 9 – Islamabad United 36/3 (Duminy 20*, Patel 6*)

(8.1) – WICKET! edged and gone first ball! What a start that is for Irshad. A length delivery outside off, it skids on and Misbah can’t keep up with it.

Salman Irshad to bowl

Over 8 – Islamabad United 29/2 (Duminy 19*, Misbah 4*)

Yasir Shah comes to bowl

Over 7 – Islamabad United 28/2 (Duminy 19*, Misbah 3*)

Narine to bowl.

Over 6 – Islamabad United 25/2 (Duminy 18*, Misbah 1*)

(5.5) FOUR! Bowler has given a room to Duminy, played it really well to the off-side

Mustafizur Rahman to bowl.

Over 5 – Islamabad United 19/2 (Duminy 13*, Misbah 0*)

Over 4 – Islamabad United 13/2 (Duminy 12*, Misbah 0*)

(3.6) OUT! A back of a length delivery around off, Farhan looks to smash the ball over midwicket, but his timing and is terrible. He doesn’t have enough power either.

Over 3 – Islamabad United 13/1 (Duminy 7*, Sahibzada 6*)

Over 2 – Islamabad United 5/1 (Duminy 1*, Sahibzada 4*)

Sohail Khan comes to bowl

Over 1 – Islamabad United 2/1 (Duminy 1*, Sahibzada 1*)

JP Duminy comes to bat

(1.2) OUT! Fakhar Zaman takes it, what a great start by Qalandars. Ronchi has to walk back to the pavilion

Fakhar Zaman takes the new ball for Lahore Qalandars. Luke Ronchi and Sahibzada Farhan are the openers for Islamabad United.


Lahore Qalandars won the toss and elected to bowl first against Islamabad.

Both teams are rock bottom on the points table with Lahore still searching for their first win of the season.

The first game between Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings was called off due to persistent rain and reports are it’s still drizzling at the Sharjah cricket ground.

Islamabad United won the 2016 PSL and Lahore Qalandars has not won any series, however, it has huge fan following and public support

Team line-ups

Islamabad XI: Luke Ronchi, Shahzada Farhan, JP Duminy, Misbah ul Haq, Hussain Talat, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Andre Russell, Mohammad Sami, Samit Patel. Walton, Finn and Raees out.

Lahore XI: Brendon McCullum, Fakhar Zaman, Sunil Narine, Denesh Ramdin, Agha Salman, Sohail Akhtar, Yasir Shah, Mustafizur Rahman, Sohail Khan, Umar Akmal, Salman Irshad. Irshad’s in for Shaheen