Islamabad United are through to the playoffs

Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United

(19.1) OUT! right into the blockhole and the middle pole takes a walk as he swings and misses.

Over 19 – Multan Sultans 152/9 (Imran 7*, Irfan 0*)

(18.5) OUT Asif Ali takes an easy catch, Umar Gul is gone.

Faheem Ashraf continues

Over 18 – Multan Sultans 144/8 (Gul 8*, Imran 1*)

Imran Tahir comes to bat

(17.4) OUT! flicked straight to Hales at deep square leg. Sami went full and straight on leg stump, Pollard didn’t get enough power or elevation

Over 17 – Multan Sultans 138/7 (Gul 6*, Pollard 71*)

(16.6) SIX! Gul flat-bats this over long-on. Absolutely clobbered that. Wow, he’s not lost any of that hitting ability

(16.4) SIX! Another one, swats this full toss from way outside off to the wide long-on fence again.

(16.3) SIX! launched over long-on. Erred in length, this was a low full toss that Pollard swung through cleanly like he would at a golf course.

Over 16 – Multan Sultans 119/7 (Gul 0*, Pollard 59*)

Umar Gul comes to bat

(15.5) OUT! the ball deflects off Sami’s fingers onto the stumps. Tanvir caught outside the crease

(15.4) SIX! Incredibly, he’s just chipped this with one hand even as he was deceived by the length

(15.2) FOUR! full on off and he’s drilled this back down to the long-off fence

Over 15 – Multan Sultans 105/6 (Tanvir 6*, Pollard 51*)

(14.4) SIX! Humped over the wicket! Pollard smacked it once again

Fahee Ashar bowls

Over 14 – Multan Sultans 90/6 (Tanvir 0*, Pollard 42*)

(13.6) OUT! JP Duminy takes an easy catch, Whiteley gone

(13.5) FOUR! smashed it into the gap between the two fielders

Shadab continues

Over 13 – Multan Sultans 80/5 (Whiteley 6*, Pollard 37*)

(12.4) FOUR! short pitch hooked over the mid-wicket. great shot

(12.3) SIX! Magnificient shot! Full toss and Pollard punished it

Hussain Talat bowls

Over 12 – Multan Sultans 69/5 (Whiteley 5*, Pollard 27*)

Over 11 – Multan Sultans 62/5 (Whiteley 4*, Pollard 22*)

(10.2) FOUR! swivels back and pulls this short ball to the deep backward square leg fence. One bounce to the ropes

Sami continues

Over 10 – Multan Sultans 50/5 (Whiteley 0*, Pollard 10*)

(9.5) OUT! beaten by one that keeps low. This was the quicker one that drifted into middle, Malik looked to pull but is beaten by one that skids through. Big wicket.

(9.1) SIX!  bravely tossed up outside off, Pollard decides he’s had enough and goes through with this lofted hit over cover even though he didn’t get to the pitch of it. Just had enough to clear Talat right at the ropes. He got his hands on the ball, but was over the line.

Over 9 – Multan Sultans 34/4 (Malik 11*, Pollard 5*)

(8.6) FOUR! Crashed it! Pollard stepped away and played over the off side

Over 8 – Multan Sultans 34/4 (Malik 6*, Pollard 3*)

(7.6) FOUR! half-tracker on middle, Malik pulls this to the deep square leg fence.

Shadab comes to bowl

Over 7 – Multan Sultans 29/4 (Malik 2*, Pollard 2*)

Over 6 – Multan Sultans 25/4 (Malik 0*, Pollard 0*)

(5.1) OUT! The first ball of the over and Amad Butt takes Sohaib Maqsood’s wicket

Over 5 – Multan Sultans 20/4 (Malik 0*, Maqsood 13*)

Shoaib Malik comes to bat

(4.2) OUT! slices this straight the third man. This is as easy as catches come. Shehzad plays a very poor stroke under the circumstances.

Faheem Ashraf comes to bowl

Over 4 – Multan Sultans 20/2 (Shehzad 3*, Maqsood 13*)

Over 3 – Multan Sultans 16/2 (Shehzad 1*, Maqsood 11*)

(2.2) FOUR! Cover drive over square leg into the gap

Samit Patel continues

Over 2 – Multan Sultans 10/2 (Shehzad 1*, Maqsood 6*)

Mohammad Sami comes to bowl

Over 1 – Multan Sultans 6/2 (Shehzad 1*, Maqsood 4*)

Sohaib Maqsood is the new batsman

(0.5) OUT! Sait Patel on fire! This drifted in from around the stumps and skidded through, Badar looks to work this towards midwicket, misses it altogether.

Saif Badar is the new batsman

(0.4) OUT! Alex Hales takes the catch, Samit Patel departs Sangakkara

Samit Patel bowls the new ball for Islamabad, Ahmed Shehzad and Kumar Sangakkara are the openers for Multan Sultans.

Islamabad United Inning

Over 20 – Islamabad United 185/4 (Faheem 13*, Asif 17*)

(19.5) SIX! It’s a gigantic one from Faheem Ashraf dragged over deep midwicket.

(19.1) FOUR! low full toss outside off. Bends his knee and muscles this over cover.

Sohail Tanvir continues

Over 19 – Islamabad United 171/4 (Faheem 5*, Asif 12*)

(18.3) FOUR! full just on off stump. Ends up as a full toss as the batsman slashes hard at it. Off the outside edge and down to the third-man boundary.

(18.2) OUT! back of a length on middle stump, flat batted down the ground, but straight to long on. Pollard the man there, and it’s a regulation catch for the big man.

Over 18 – Islamabad United 164/3 (Hussain 36*, Asif 11*)

(17.3) SIX! full on middle stump, and it’s been sent over long on! Judged the length perfectly, and slogs it towards cow corner.

Sohail tanvir continues

Over 17 – Islamabad United 154/3 (Hussain 36*, Asif 1*)

(16.4) FOUR! tossed up wide outside off. This time Talat takes a big stride to the off side and carves this over the infield.

(16.3) FOUR! Full swing of the bat and goes to the mid-off

Tahir continues

Over 16 – Islamabad United 142/3 (Hussain 24*, Asif 1*)

(15.5) SIX! clipped over deep midwicket! Length ball sent over the square boundary on the leg side. 

Over 15 – Islamabad United 126/3 (Hussain 10*, Asif 0*)

(14.3) OUT! Good length outside off, and he tries to muscle this towards the on side.

Over 14 – Islamabad United 123/2 (Hussain 8*, Hales 45*)

(13.4) FOUR! short outside leg stump. Tries to pull but comes off the glove. Goes fine down the leg side!

Over 13 – Islamabad United 117/2 (Hussain 7*, Hales 40*)

Umar Gul continues

Over 12 – Islamabad United 110/2 (Hussain 3*, Hales 38*)

(11.3) SIX! Another one, Massive shot! overpitched wide outside off, Hales walks across to the off side, and tees off!

(11.2) SIX! Full off-stump and Hales opens up, freezes arms, played over on- side

Over 11 – Islamabad United 92/2 (Hussain 1*, Hales 23*)

Hussain Talat comes to bat

(10.5) WICKET! Big wicket for Multan, Imran strikes Ronchi’s down on one knee, trying to slog sweep, but the ball goes between bat and pad, and breaks off stump.

Imran Tahir continues

Over 10 – Islamabad United 87/1 (Ronchi 55*, Hales 22*)

Over 9 – Islamabad United 79/1 (Ronchi 51*, Hales 20*)

(8.6) FOUR! Hales shuffles across to the off side – exposing two stumps

(8.3) FOUR! Good length on off stump, but Ronchi comes down the wicket and slashes hard at it.

Fifty comes up of Luke Ronchi

Over 8 – Islamabad United 68/1 (Ronchi 49*, Hales 11*)

Tahir continues

Over 7 – Islamabad United 64/1 (Ronchi 47*, Hales 9*)

(6.3) FOUR! good length just outside off, stands tall and pulls past square leg. That easy! Stand and deliver

(6.2) FOUR! Fly away to the third man, Ronchi punching Multan bowlers

Umar Gul comes to bowl

Over 6 – Islamabad United 58/1 (Ronchi 38*, Hales 8*)

(5.5) FOUR! Smacked past point with the ball staying low, and it races away!

(5.4) FOUR! Full just outside off, big stride forward, down on one knee, and swept over square leg!

Imran Tahir introduced

Over 5 – Islamabad United 46/1 (Ronchi 38*, Hales 0*)

Alex Hales is the new batsman

(4.6) OUT! direct hit at the non-striker’s and Duminy has to go back to the pavilion

Sohail Tanvir to bowl

Over 4 – Islamabad United 44/0 (Ronchi 37*, Duminy 5*)

(3.6) SIX! ends with another six!

(3.5) FOUR! Flicked over mid-wicket, excellent timing by Ronchi

Irfan comes to bowl

Over 3 – Islamabad United 32/0 (Ronchi 27*, Duminy 4*)

(2.3) SIX! smacked over long on!

(2.2) FOUR! Good length on leg stump, and Ronchi uses his wrists to lift it over the infield.

Over 2 – Islamabad United 20/0 (Ronchi 16*, Duminy 3*)

(1.3) SIX! The first ball Ronchi faces from a pacer, and he sends it over the bowler’s head. Good length on middle stump, and the angling ball allows him to free his arms

Over 1 – Islamabad United 10/0 (Ronchi 9*, Duminy 1*)

(0.4) FOUR! starts off with a boundary! Tries to drive towards cover, but it takes the outside edge. Goes past short third man.

Shoaib Malik bowls the new ball, JP Duminy and Luke Ronchi are there to open the inning for Islamabad.

Team line-ups

Islamabad Playing XI:

Multan Sultans Playing XI:


Multan Sultans have won the toss and elected to bowl first against Islamabad United

Since then Multan Sultans had lost three more matches and with nine points in nine matches, they face a do-or-die in their last game. In case of a defeat, Multan will pray that Peshawar Zalmi loses one of their two matches so that they go through to the last four.

After losing to Peshawar Zalmi in their inaugural match Islamabad United beat Multan, lost to Quetta but since their tied match and win in Super Over against with Lahore Qalandars, they have won three matches in a row.