LIVE: Shaheen helps Qalandars register their maiden win of PSL 3

LIVE: Multan Sultans won the toss and elected to bat first

Lahore Qalandars inning

Over 18.4 – Lahore Qalandars 115/4 (McCullum 35*, Sohail 11*)

(18.4) FOUR! A full and straight delivery from Tanvir is driven straight from Brendon McCullum for a boundary that earned them the first win of the third season of the PSL.

Over 18 – Lahore Qalandars 109/4 (McCullum 30*, Sohail 10*)

(17.3) SIX! Flighted from Saif Badar, Sohail stepped down the wicket and deposited it over cover for a maximum.

Saif Badar bowls

Over 17 – Lahore Qalandars 98/4 (McCullum 28*, Sohail 1*)

Sohail Tanvir bowls

Over 16 – Lahore Qalandars 94/4 (McCullum 25*, Sohail 0*)

(15.4) OUT! Saif Badar has got a wicket here, it was full outside off and moving away, Gulraiz Sadaf looked to go over cover but skied it, Shehzad took a good catch. He scored 21 runs off 40 balls.

Saif Badar bowls

Over 15 – Lahore Qalandars 90/3 (Gulraiz 25*, McCullum 24*)

(14.3) FOUR! Short from Junaid, he came down the wicket and cut it powerfully over extra cover

Junaid Khan bowls

Over 14 – Lahore Qalandars 85/3 (Gulraiz 21*, McCullum 23*)

Imran Tahir bowls his last over

Over 13 – Lahore Qalandars 79/3 (Gulraiz 17*, McCullum 21*)

Junaid Khan comes on to bowl

Over 12 – Lahore Qalandars 75/3 (Gulraiz 16*, McCullum 18*)

(11.3) FOUR! Flighted from Imran Tahir, Gulraiz came down the wicket and struck it down the ground.

Imran Tahir comes back into the attack

Over 11 – Lahore Qalandars 68/3 (Gulraiz 10*, McCullum 17*)

Mohammad Irfan bowls

Over 10 – Lahore Qalandars 67/3 (Gulraiz 10*, McCullum 16*)

(9.1) FOUR! McCullum is dropped for the second time in just no time by the young Saif Badar, McCullum came down the wicket and took Junaid Khan on the full, he slapped it fiercely over off-side where Badar did not judge it and could not time his jump perfectly. An expensive drop from the Emerging player.

Junaid Khan bowls

Over 9 – Lahore Qalandars 60/3 (Gulraiz 9*, McCullum 10*)

(8.3) SIX! Short of a length, McCullum pulled it powerfully for a six over square-leg.

Sohail Tanvir bowls

Over 8 – Lahore Qalandars 52/3 (Gulraiz 8*, McCullum 3*)

Junaid Khan bowls.

Over 7 – Lahore Qalandars 49/3 (Gulraiz 7*, McCullum 1*)

Mohammad Irfan continues

Over 6 – Lahore Qalandars 47/3 (Gulraiz 6*, McCullum 0*)

(5.5) FOUR! Quicker from Tahir, Gulrez looked to play square of the wicket but managed an edge that raced to third-man for a boundary.

Imran Tahir continues

Over 5 – Lahore Qalandars 41/3 (Gulraiz 0*, McCullum 0*)

The skipper, Brendon McCullum is the man in.

(4.4) OUT! A good length delivery at just the right line outside off from Mohammad Irfan managed a faint edge of Agha Salman. Sultans appealed but umpired turned it down, they went for a review and it turned out to be a feather off the bat. He scored 3 runs off 8 balls.

Over 4 – Lahore Qalandars 41/2 (Salman 1*, Gulraiz 0*)

(3.6) OUT! Flighted googly at the middle stump from Tahir, Fakhar looked heave it for a six over mid-wicket but failed to middle it, he found Kieron Pollard at the boundary who took a comfortable catch. He scored 16 runs off 11 balls.

(3.2) FOUR! Imran Tahir bowled a googly full and at off-stump, Fakhar lofted it over cover for another boundary.

Imran Tahir comes on to bowl

Over 3 – Lahore Qalandars 34/1 (Fakhar 11*, Salman 1*)

(2.3) OUT! Malik gets the breakthrough here, Devcich once again looked to go big, but the ball just kissed the ball on its way to Sangakkara. He scored 22 runs of 9 deliveries.

(2.2) FOUR! Shoaib Malik bowled a flighted full delivery which was muscled by the Kiwi batsman down the ground.

Shoaib Malik into the attack

Over 2 – Lahore Qalandars 28/0 (Fakhar 10*, Devcich 18*)

(1.6) FOUR! On the leg-stump, Devcich used his wrists for another boundary through square-leg.

(1.5) FOUR! Full at the middle stump, Devcich backed away and driven it through cover.

(1.3) SIX! Irfan goes full again, Fakhar swung it powerfully to mid-wicket for a six.

(1.1) FOUR! Full from Irfan, Fakhar square driven it beautifully.

Mohammad Irfan bowls

Over 1 – Lahore Qalandars 11/0 (Fakhar 1*, Devcich 10*)

Fakhar Zaman and Anton Devcich are the openers for Lahore qalandars, Sohail Tanvir takes the new ball.

Shaheen Shah Afridi ran riot against Multan Sultans’ batting with the magical bowling figures of 5/4 in 3.4 overs.

Multan Sultans inning

Over 19.4 – Multan Sultans 114/10 (Imran 2*)

(19.4) OUT! It was straight, full and quick, Mohammad Irfan missed the ball and Shaheen hit the target, five-for the youngster.

(19.3) OUT! Fourth for Shaheen Shah Afridi, he bowled from around the stumps, it pitched at off-stump and came back in to hit the back leg of Junaid Khan. He scored 1 off 3 balls.

Shaheen Shah Afridi bowls the last over

Over 19 – Multan Sultans 113/8 (Imran 1*, Junaid 1*)

(18.4) OUT! Slower one does the trick for Sohail Khan, he decepted Pollard with the lack of pace and hit the timber. He scored 9 runs off 11 balls.

Sohail Khan bowls

Over 18 – Multan Sultans 109/7 (Pollard 6*, Imran 0*)

(17.1) OUT! Tanvir played it straight the fielder on the leg side, Pollard wanted a run but Tanvir did not, in the end, the left-handed batsman had to sacrifice his wicket for Pollard. He scored 2 runs.

Shaheen continues

Over 17 – Multan Sultans 108/6 (Pollard 6*, Tanvir 2*)

(16.2) FOUR! Full from the Kiwi pacer, Pollard played the convention straight drive for his first boundary.

Mitchell McClenaghan bowls

Over 16 – Multan Sultans 99/6 (Pollard 0*, Tanvir 0*)

(15.6) OUT! Another wicket for Shaheen, this time it was Saif Badar, he looked to guide it on leg-side but got the leading edge, he also gone for a duck.

(15.4) OUT! Clean bowled, it was a fast in-swinging delivery that undone Ross Whiteley for a golden duck.

(15.3) OUT! Huge wicket for the youngster, it was a short-ish ball, Malik came down the track and looked to clear mid-wicket, where the fielder patrolling the boundary caught it. He scored 3 runs off 10 balls.

Shaheen Shah continues

Over 15 – Multan Sultans 97/3 (Malik 3*, Pollard 0*)

Kieron Pollard is the new batsman

(14.5) OUT! Narine showed his magic there, Maqsood was looking to go after him on a flighted delivery, it picked at the off stump and spun back sharply to clean him up! He scored 16 runs off 18 deliveries.

Sunil Narine continues

Over 14 – Multan Sultans 95/2 (Maqsood 15*, Malik 2*)

Shaheen Shah Afridi into the attack for the first today

Over 13 – Multan Sultans 93/2 (Maqsood 14*, Malik 1*)

(12.5) OUT! Ahmed Shehzad’s nervous stay ended at the crease, he looked to play a lap sweep off a delivery at off-stump, he edged to Dinesh Ramdin. Shehzad scored 32 runs off 33 balls

(12.2) FOUR! Short and width offered by the left-arm pacer, Sohaib Maqsood smashed it through cover for a four.

McClenaghan continues

Over 12 – Multan Sultans 86/1 (Shehzad 32*, Maqsood 9*)

(11.4) SIX! Ahmed Shehzad came down the wicket and lofted it down the ground for a six.

Yasir Shah continues

Over 11 – Multan Sultans 76/1 (Shehzad 25*, Maqsood 6*)

Mitchell McClenaghan comes back into the attack

Over 10 – Multan Sultans 73/1 (Shehzad 24*, Maqsood 4*)

Yasir Shah continues

Over 9 – Multan Sultans 68/1 (Shehzad 21*, Maqsood 2*)

(8.6) FOUR! Flighted from Narine, Shehzad came down the wicket and muscled it down the ground.

Sohaib Maqsood is the new batsman

(8.1) OUT! Shorter length, Sangakkara looked to pierce the gap at extra cover with a lofted shot, but could not place it properly, ended up in the hands of Anton Devcich at wide long-off. He scored 45 of 30 deliveries.

Narine continues

Over 8 – Multan Sultans 61/0 (Shehzad 16*, Sangakkara 45*)

Yasir Shah replaces McClenaghan

Over 7 – Multan Sultans 59/0 (Shehzad 15*, Sangakkara 44*)

Sunil Narine comes back into the attack

Over 6 – Multan Sultans 54/0 (Shehzad 13*, Sangakkara 41*)

(5.6) FOUR! Short this time, but same result, Sanga pulled it in front of the square-leg for another boundary.

(5.5) FOUR! Sangakkara goes conventional this time, it was full, he danced down the wicket and played a glorious straight drive.

(5.1) FOUR! On to the pads on Ahmed Shehzad, he flicked it perfectly into the gap at fine-leg to earn four runs.

Mitchell McClenaghan comes into the attack for the first time

Over 5 – Multan Sultans 41/0 (Shehzad 8*, Sangakkara 33*)

(4.2) FOUR! Sanga this time used the depth of the crease, it was not that short but he pulled it to just behind square-leg for another boundary.

(4.1) FOUR! Sangakkara looked to play it with the spin, he came down the wicket and targeted the mid-wicket boundary with a lofted drive.

Yasir Shah comes into the attack

Over 4 – Multan Sultans 31/0 (Shehzad 7*, Sangakkara 24*)

(3.5) FOUR! Once again, Sanga came down the track and lofted a full-ish delivery over the bowler’s head.

(3.3) FOUR! Short from Sohail, he is not quick enough to bother a player of Sangakkara’s class with this length, he pulled it in front of the square for another boundary.

(3.1) SIX! Amazing shot from Sanga! Not a bad delivery from Sohail as it pitched at a good length, he came down the wicket, did not reach to the pitch of the delivery but lofted it straight for a massive one.

Sohail Khan continues

Over 3 – Multan Sultans 16/0 (Shehzad 7*, Sangakkara 9*)

Sunil Narine into the attack

Over 2 – Multan Sultans 14/0 (Shehzad 6*, Sangakkara 8*)

(1.6) FOUR! Another gift from Sohail Khan, Sangakkara picked his spot through cover this time, the Sri Lankan legend is looking dangerous.

(1.3) FOUR! Short and wide from Sohail, Sangakkara accepted the gift and cut it through point for a boundary.

Sohail Khan bowls the new ball.

Over 1 – Multan Sultans 5/0 (Shehzad 5*, Sangakkara 0*)

(0.4) FOUR! Beautifully crafted sweep shot, he did not bother to keep it to the ground, the first boundary of the match.

Agha Salman is opening the bowling for Lahore Qalandars, Kumar Sangakkara and Ahmed Shehzad are the openers for Multan Sultans.

Team line-ups


Multan Sultans won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Multan Sultans has been on a swing as they beat Peshawar by 19 runs and lost to Quetta by a narrow two-wicket margin since the event came back to Dubai. A win over Lahore will ensure Multan a place in the last four.

Multan had demolished Lahore by 43 runs in the first round match after their opponents lost their last seven wickets for just seven runs off 15 balls from a strong position of 132-3 while chasing 180.

Lahore dropped mis-firing Umar Akmal from the last match, which looked more of a disciplinary decision than a cricketing one.

However, Lahore Qalandars have no margin for error now, they have win each game they play now onwards in the Pakistan Super League 3. Brendon McCullum & Co. will be hoping to make their presence felt finally in the tournament after conceding six straight defeats.