LIVE: Tahir, Sangakkara lead Multan Sultans to a convincing win


Multan Sultans bowling destroyed KP-less Quetta Gladiators’ batting with the courtesy of Imran Tahir’s hat-trick. When they came out to chase, they had no pressure on them and cruised to a nine-wicket win with the help of Kumar Sangakkara’s half-century.

Multan Sultans inning

Over 16.4 – Multan Sultans 108/1 (Sangakkara 51*, Maqsood 25*)

(16.4) SIX! Sohaib Maqsood sealed the win with a six off a short delivery from Sarfraz.

Sarfraz Ahmed bowls the last over.

Over 16 – Multan Sultans 102/1 (Sangakkara 51*, Maqsood 19*)

Mahmudullah bowls

Over 15 – Multan Sultans 96/1 (Sangakkara 48*, Maqsood 17*)

(14.2) FOUR! Short and wide from Hastings to Maqsood, he cut it powerfully through point for a boundary.

John Hastings bowls

Over 14 – Multan Sultans 88/1 (Sangakkara 47*, Maqsood 10*)

Anwar Ali continues

Over 13 – Multan Sultans 84/1 (Sangakkara 45*, Maqsood 8*)

(12.5) SIX! Flighted ball, Sangakkara came down the wicket and lofted it straight for a mighty one.

Hasan bowls.

Over 12 – Multan Sultans 75/1 (Sangakkara 37*, Maqsood 5*)

Anwar Ali comes into the attack

Over 11 – Multan Sultans 71/1 (Sangakkara 35*, Maqsood 5*)

(10.5) FOUR! Enough room for the new batsman, Sohaib Maqsood to cut it through point for a four.

(10.4) OUT! Hasan Khan got the better of Ahmed Shehzad, he lost his wicket after scoring 27 off 35 balls.

Over 10 – Multan Sultans 53/0 (Sangakkara 33*, Shehzad 26*)

Nawaz continues

Over 9 – Multan Sultans 57/0 (Sangakkara 31*, Shehzad 22*)

(8.6) FOUR! On the legs of Sangakkara, easy pickings for him.

Hasan Khan bowls

Over 8 – Multan Sultans 49/0 (Sangakkara 24*, Shehzad 21*)

Nawaz continues

Over 7 – Multan Sultans 45/0 (Sangakkara 22*, Shehzad 19*)

(6.6) FOUR! Short from Hastings, Sangakkara came down the wicket and pulled it for a boundary to mid-wicket region.

John Hastings bowls.

Over 6 – Multan Sultans 37/0 (Sangakkara 16*, Shehzad 17*)

(5.3) FOUR! Flighted delivery from Nawaz, Shehzad came down the wicket and played over cover for a boundary.

Nawal bowls

Over 5 – Multan Sultans 33/0 (Sangakkara 16*, Shehzad 13*)

(4.3) FOUR! Elegant from Sanga! A decent ball driven through off-side for a four.

Rahat continues

Over 4 – Multan Sultans 26/0 (Sangakkara 11*, Shehzad 11*)

Mohammad Nawaz is the new bowler

Over 3 – Multan Sultans 23/0 (Sangakkara 10*, Shehzad 9*)

(2.1) FOUR! Classy from Sanga! On the leg-stump, the Sri Lankan legend whipped it from his legs for a boundary.

Over 2 – Multan Sultans 17/0 (Sangakkara 5*, Shehzad 8*)

(1.2) FOUR! Watson bowls on Shehzad’s legs, he lofted it to square leg for a boundary.

Shane Watson is the other attacker for Gladiators.

Over 1 – Multan Sultans 11/0 (Sangakkara 4*, Shehzad 4*)

(0.4) FOUR! Short-ish from Rahat, there was enough width offered to Shehzad to find a gap through off-side.

(0.2) FOUR! A fine swinging away delivery from Rahat, Sangakkara edged it for a boundary to third-man.

Rahat Ali opens the bowling for Quetta Gladiators, Kumar Sangakkara and Ahmed Shehzad are openers for Sultans

Multan Sultans need 103 runs to win the game against Quetta Gladiators.

Quetta Gladiators inning

Over 15.4 – Quetta Gladiators 102/10

(15.4) OUT! The flipper from Tahir, too good for Rahat Ali, it was dead on target to trap him in front of the stumps. Imran Tahir has done a hat-trick here.

(15.3) OUT! Googly from Tahir, found the gate between John Hastings’ bat and pad.

(15.2) OUT! Wicket for Imran Tahir, Hasan Khan came down the wicket to play it over mid-wicket, but could not connect, he missed it to lose his stumps.

Over 15 – Quetta Gladiators 101/7 (Anwar 0*, Hasan 0*)

(14.5) OUT! Short one from Tanvir, Sarfraz tried to pull it but skied it. Another wicket for Sultans, he scored 30 off 33 balls.

(14.4) OUT! Slower one from Tanvir, Nawaz failed to time it, easy catch for Kieron Pollard. He scored 3 runs.

Sohail Tanvir continues

Over 14 – Quetta Gladiators 97/5 (Sarfraz 28*, Nawaz 2*)

Pollard continues.

Over 13 – Quetta Gladiators 92/5 (Sarfraz 25*, Nawaz 0*)

(12.4) OUT! Brilliant from Irfan, it was short of a good length, it got extra bounce due to Irfan’s height, Mahmudullah edged it to Sangakkara. He scored 15 runs off 13 balls.

Mohammad Irfan bowls

Over 12 – Quetta Gladiators 89/4 (Sarfraz 25*, Mahmudullah 13*)

Kieron Pollard bowls.

Over 11 – Quetta Gladiators 81/4 (Sarfraz 22*, Mahmudullah 9*)

Over 11 – Quetta Gladiators 81/4 (Sarfraz 22*, Mahmudullah 9*)

Over 10 – Quetta Gladiators 76/4 (Sarfraz 20*, Mahmudullah 7*)

Over 9 – Quetta Gladiators 63/3 (Sarfraz 20*, Russow 3*)

Over 8 – Quetta Gladiators 57/3 (Sarfraz 15*, Russow 2*)

Over 7 – Quetta Gladiators 50/3 (Sarfraz 9*, Russow 2*)

Over 6 – Quetta Gladiators 42/2 (Watson 15*, Sarfraz 7*)

Imran Tahir into the attack now.

Over 5 – Quetta Gladiators 29/2 (Watson 13*, Sarfraz 1*)

Sarfraz Ahmed comes out to bat

(4.1) OUT! Clean bowled! Rameez Raja looked to be the aggressor from the word go, a good length delivery from Junaid Khan, Raja looked to come down the track and heave it somewhere for a glory shot and completely missed it. He scored 1 off 2 balls.

Junaid Khan replaces Mohammad Irfan

Over 4 – Quetta Gladiators 28/1 (Watson 13*, Rameez 1*)

Rameez Raja Jr is the new batsman.

(3.5) OUT! A good length delivery, Umar Amin was looking to go big, but could only manage an outside edge that flew to third-man towards Mohammad Irfan, who caught it easily. He scored 8 runs off 10 deliveries.

Sohail Tanvir continues

Over 3 – Quetta Gladiators 25/0 (Umar 7*, Watson 12*)

(2.3) FOUR! Short from Irfan, Watson under-edged for a boundary to third-men.

Irfan continues

Over 2 – Quetta Gladiators 18/0 (Umar 5*, Watson 7*)

(1.5) SIX! Short from Tanvir, hooked powerfully by Shane Watson for a six over square-leg.

Sohail Tanvir into the attack

Over 1 – Quetta Gladiators 11/0 (Umar 5*, Watson 1*)

(0.2) FOUR! A four off the wide delivery, too wide on the leg side from Irfan, it just bounced in front of Sangakkara, who failed to collect it cleanly.

(0.1) FOUR! A gift from Irfan first up, on the pads of Umar Amin, he just flicked it away for a boundary to fine-leg.

Mohammad Irfan is to open the bowling for Multan Sultans, Umar Amin and Shane Watson are the openers for Gladiators.

Team line-ups

Multan Sultans: Ahmed Shehzad, Kumar Sangakkara, Sohaib Maqsood, Shoaib Malik (c), Kieron Pollard, Darren Bravo, Saif Badar, Sohail Tanvir, Junaid Khan, Imran Tahir, Mohammad Irfan.

Asad Shafiq is replaced by Ramiz Raja Jr., whereas, Kevin Pietersen is struggling with his fitness, Mahmudullah replaces him.

Quetta Gladiators: Ramiz Raja Jr., Shane Watson, Umar Amin, Mahmudullah, Riley Russow, Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz, Hasan Khan, Anwar Ali, John Hastings, Rahat Ali


Multan Sultans won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Quetta Gladiators have not been in their prime form in this edition of PSL so far. They have lost two of their four games, they will be looking to catch up their best touch in this contest against the second-ranked team on the points table, Multan Sultans.

On the other hand, Multan Sultans will look to keep up their domination intact in the PSL with their third win of the tournament. Their clash against Karachi Kings washed out last night, as a result, they managed one point out of the contest.