LIVE: Amla, Parera lead World XI to a series leveling win

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Pakistan vs World XI
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Pakistan kicked off the Independence Cup campaign against World XI in a pretty convincing fashion at the jam-packed Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. All of their players put in their part that handed over Pakistan a convincing victory over the star-studded World XI side.

Match Result

Hashim Amla and Thisara Parera steered World XI to a series leveling win by seven wickets. The South African batting maestro remained not out for 72 runs on 55 balls, whereas, it was Perera who changed the course of the game in his team’s favour with an unbeaten blistering 47 runs off 19 deliveries.

The series decider between the two exciting teams will be played on Fridat at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

World XI innings

(19.5) SIX! It was a crucial delivery, World XI needed six runs, Rumman bowled a full toss and Parera hit it straight as an arrow for a six. World XI wins and leveled series 1-1.

Over 19 – 162/3 (Hashim Amla 69*, Thisara Parera 37*)

(18.5) SIX! Parera is presented with a knee high full-toss by Sohail Khan, which is deposited into the crowd by him, match gets intensed.

(18.1) SIX! Dismissed from its presence, Thisara Parera just straight batted a low full-toss off Sohail Khan.

Sohail Khan continues

Over 18 – 142/3 (Hashim Amla 69*, Thisara Parera 18*)

(17.3) SIX! A low full toss from Rumman Raees is hit for a six from Parera, it was not a bad delivery by any means, sheer power of the Sri Lankan allrounder.

Over 17 – 134/3 (Hashim Amla 68*, Thisara Parera 11*)

(16.4) SIX! A gift from Sohail Khan to Thisara Parera, it was half-tracker slow delivery, Parera had all the time in the world to play it over square leg for a six.

Sohail Khan bowls

Over 16 – 124/3 (Hashim Amla 66*, Thisara Parera 3*)

(15.6) FOUR! This time it was a loose delivery and Amla cannot miss out on it in his current form. It was a full toss on his legs and he just guided it.

(15.4) FOUR! Amla pierced the gap perfectly between deep square-leg and deep mid-wicket, not a poor delivery but a top shot.

Rumman Raees into the attack

Over 15 – 112/3 (Hashim Amla 54*, Thisara Parera 3*)

Shadab Khan bowls

Over 14 – 106/3 (Hashim Amla 52*, Thisara Parera 0*)

(13.6) OUT! Faf looks to redo his last ball act, but did not middle it at all, he is caught by Shadab Khan. He scored 20 runs off 14 balls.

(13.5) SIX! Faf Du Plessis came down the track and played it, he did not middle it as he liked to, he just cleared the fielder at mid-on.

Over 13 – 96/2 (Hashim Amla 49*, Faf Du Plessis 13*)

(12.4) SIX! Faf Du Plessis continues his form, he has struck another straight six. It was a sweetly hit shot, flighted in his arc, he is too good to miss out on those.

Over 12 – 86/2 (Hashim Amla 47*, Faf Du Plessis 5*)

(11.5) SIX! Hashim Amla is a beauty! He came down the track and struck a six straight over Nawaz’s head.

Mohammad Nawaz bowls

Over 11 – 78/2 (Hashim Amla 40*, Faf Du Plessis 4*)

Shadab continues

Over 10 – 72/2 (Hashim Amla 37*, Faf Du Plessis 1*)

(9.2) OUT! Imad gets a lucky wicket, Tim Paine made room to play a cut, but the ball hardly bounced to ankle height, he is bowled. He scored 10 runs off 12 balls.

Over 9 – 70/1 (Hashim Amla 36*, Tim Paine 10*)

(8.2) SIX! Hashim Amla is turning it on here, he played a slog sweep off a full delivery from the leggie for a flat handsome six.

Shadab Khan into the attack

Over 8 – 60/1 (Hashim Amla 28*, Tim Paine 8*)

Imad bowls

Over 7 – 56/1 (Hashim Amla 26*, Tim Paine 6*)

(6.5) FOUR! Tim Paine has played a beautiful scoop shot for a boundary here.

Mohammad Nawaz into the attack

Over 6 – 49/1 (Hashim Amla 24*, Tim Paine 1*)

(5.3) OUT! Shoaib Malik has taken a blinder to dismiss Tamim Iqbal, he pulled one off Sohail Khan to short fine leg where Malik dived to his right to grab it. He scored 23 runs off 19 balls.

Sohail Khan continues

Over 5 – 44/0 (Tamim Iqbal 23*, Hashim Amla 20*)

Rumman Raees into the attack

Over 4 – 41/0 (Tamim Iqbal 22*, Hashim Amla 18*)

(3.5) FOUR! Hashim Amla played another excellent shot, beautiful straight drive for a four.

(3.3) FOUR! A crisp drive from Hashim Amla, not a bad delivery but an amazing shot.

Usman Khan Shinwari into the attack

Over 3 – 30/0 (Tamim Iqbal 22*, Hashim Amla 8*)

(2.6) FOUR! Tamim manhandles Imad, he goes for another boundary, he is in a dangerous mood today.

(2.2) FOUR! Imad is taken on by Tamim, he strikes another boundary in the over.

(2.1) SIX! What an amazing shot from Tamim Iqbal, goes inside out for a magnificent six.

Imad continues

Over 2 – 14/0 (Tamim Iqbal 6*, Hashim Amla 8*)


(1.6) FOUR! Hashim Amla shows his class, he just flicked one from the middle wicket to a boundary at mid-wicket.

Sohail Khan is the new ball bowler from the other end.

Over 1 – 5/0 (Tamim Iqbal 2*, Hashim Amla 3*)

Imad Wasim takes the new ball.

Tamim Iqbal and Hashim Amla kicks off the chase for World XI.

Pakistan innings

Over 20 – 174/6 (Target 175)

(19.6) OUT! Paul Collingwood is 41 years old, but still super fit, he takes a forward diving catch of Malik on the final ball of the inning. He scored 39 runs off 23 balls.

(19.5) SIX! Shoaib Malik finally gets it over, he muscled a slow delivery from Cutting for a six.

(19.3) DROPPED! Shoaib Malik survives, it was a sitter for David Miller in the deep, the ball just got in and popped out of his hands.

(19.1) SIX! Shoaib Malik continues his power hitting, pulled one off Ben Cutting for half-a-dozen.

Ben Cutting bowls the last over of the inning.

Over 19 – 157/5 (Shoaib Malik 35*, Sohail Khan 0*)

(18.6) OUT! Back to back wickets for Thisara Parera, Sarfraz Ahmed had a golden duck. He cut one straight to Imran Tahir at the short third man.

(18.5) OUT! Imad Wasim looked to get cute, he moved to offside and tried to clear the fine leg with scoop-ish shot, he just edged it which resulted in an easy catch from Imran Tahir. He scored 15 off 11 deliveries.

Imad Wasim is caught off a no-ball, Parera bowled him a chest-high full-toss that he pulled straight to the fielder.

Parera continues

Over 18 – 151/3 (Shoaib Malik 22*, Imad Wasim 12*)

(17.4) FOUR! Imad Wasim on fire here, he pulled one beautifully in the gap for another boundary.

(17.2) FOUR! Imad Wasim played a stylish straight drive of the tall South African bowler, Morne Morkel

Morne Morkel comes in to bowl

Over 17 – 138/3 (Shoaib Malik 21*, Imad Wasim 1*)

Imad Wasim is the new batsman

(16.2) OUT! Babar Azam was looking to go big against the leggie from Caribbean, he played across the line and the ball ballooned up in the air, Miller was the fielder underneath, he doesn’t miss many. Babar scored 45 runs off 38 balls.

Badree continues

Over 16 – 134/2 (Babar Azam 45*, Shoaib Malik 18*)

(15.5) FOUR! Imran Tahir is probably lacking confidence here, he targeted Malik’s legs with a faster one which he flicked to fine leg for a boundary.

(15.3) SIX! Shoaib Malik looks to be in top nick, he played a gem of an inning yesterday and he is playing aggressive today. He came down the wicket and lofted one to over mid-wicket. Amazing batting.

Imran Tahir continues

Over 15 – 121/2 (Babar Azam 44*, Shoaib Malik 7*)

Badree comes in to bowl

Over 14 – 115/2 (Babar Azam 41*, Shoaib Malik 4*)

(13.2) FOUR! Brilliant Babar, he pulls one from his hips for a four, ball raced away to the boundary.

Cutting bowls

Over 13 – 106/2 (Babar Azam 35*, Shoaib Malik 1*)

(12.4) FOUR! Babar Azam is not bothered by the dismissal of his partner, he continues in his merry way, he cuts one beautifully through point.

(12.2) OUT! After showing what he is capable, Shehzad once again threw away his wicket, tried to go for the glorious shot over long-on against Imran Tahir, but got caught on the boundary by David Miller. He scored 43 off 34 deliveries.

Imran Tahir continues

Over 12 – 99/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 43*, Babar Azam 29*)

(11.6) SIX! Ahmed Shehzad at his best, he lofted one off Cutting for the first six of the match… BEAUTIFUL!

Ben Cutting back into the attack

Over 11 – 87/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 36*, Babar Azam 25*)

(10.3) FOUR! Babar Azam made beautiful use of Imran Tahir’s pace, he just paddl swept it for four runs.

Imran Tahir comes to bowl

Over 10 – 78/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 34*, Babar Azam 18*)

(9.3) FOUR! Amazing shot from Babar Azam, he still looks in prime touch, he just punched it straight that ran away to the boundary.

Thisara Parera continues

Over 9 – 69/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 32*, Babar Azam 11*)

(8.6) FOUR! Elegant from Shehzad, a backfoot punch through offside gave him another boundary.

(8.2) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad looks in good touch today, he sliced one straight over Collingwood’s head for a boundary.

Collingwood continues

Over 8 – 55/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 21*, Babar Azam 9*)

(7.4) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad gets lucky as he got a boundary off an outside edge, Tim Paine tried his best but it was out of his reach.

Thisara Parera bowls

Over 7 – 47/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 21*, Babar Azam 4*)

Paul Collingwood introduced into the attack

Over 6 – 43/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 16*, Babar Azam 2*)

Morkel comes in

Over 5 – 42/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 16*, Babar Azam 1*)

(4.5) OUT! Fakhar is caught in front of the wicket by Badree.

The leggie continues

Over 4 – 35/0 (Fakhar Zaman 21*, Ahmed Shehzad 11*)

Morkel back into the attack

Over 3 – 30/0 (Fakhar Zaman 19*, Ahmed Shehzad 10*)

(2.6) FOUR! This time Shehzad made room and cut it for a four, Badree conceded three boundaries in the over.

(2.5) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad into the act now, he came down the track and played it through cover for a boundary

(2.2) FOUR! Another delivery on leg-side from Badree, another stroke from Fakhar for a four, he is looking good

Samuel Badree replaces Morne Morkel

Over 2 – 16/0 (Fakhar Zaman 14*, Ahmed Shehzad 1*)

(1.6) FOUR! Productive over for Pakistan, another poor delivery and Fakhar made the most out of it, bowled on leg and he glanced it to boundary

(1.5) FOUR! Cutting bowled too straight to Fakhar and he just helped it on his way to the leg side.

(1.3) FOUR! Fakhar came down the track and muscled it for a straight boundary.

Ben Cutting with the new ball.

Over 1 – 2/0 (Fakhar Zaman 1*, Ahmed Shehzad 0*)

Morne Morkel has got the new ball.

Ahmed Shehzad and Fakhar Zaman are in the middle to open the inning.

Captain’s comments

Faf Du Plessis is enjoying his stay in Pakistan, “Nice to play some cricket here. Nice to play with a few of the mates. Obviously, we play to win. You don’t rock up on the cricket field to just go out and have fun. This tour is not just about cricket, it’s even beyond.”


Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan, Rumman Raees, Sohail Khan, Usman Khan Shinwari,

World XI: Faf Du Plessis (c), Hashim Amla, Tamim Iqbal, Tim Paine, David Miller, Paul Collingwood, Grant Elliott, Ben Cutting, Samuel Badree, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir

Two changes in Pakistan team, Faheem Ashraf and Hasan Ali miss out, Mohammad Nawaz and Usman Khan Shinwari replace them.


Pakistan has won the toss and elected to bat first

Stay tuned for more updates…

Babar Azam was sheer magic last night with his 52-ball 86 runs, fans will be hoping to see similar kind of innings today as well.

However, World XI is a bunch of experienced and talented individuals, they have proved their worth numerous times while representing their country. There is no shadow of a doubt that they can bounce back in the second T20 of the series. They are a team of match-winning individuals, Pakistan will not take them lightly for sure.

Bad news for Pakistan is that they are likely to miss their key bowler, Hasan Ali, who is reported to be suffering from a back injury. Left-arm pacer, Usman Khan Shinwari or the allrounder Mohammad Nawaz will replace him.