LIVE: Pakistan wins the historic Independence Cup

World XI

The first of the three T20 matches was played on September 12, which Pakistan convincingly won by 20 runs. The star-studded World XI bounced back in the second game, Hashim Amla and Thisara Parera led their side to a thrilling victory to level the series. The heroics of Amla and Parera made the series interesting as the third T20I will decide the winner of the series now.


Pakistan has registered another convincing victory in the series by 33 runs and they won the Independence Cup as well by 2-1. It was an extremely important campaign for Pakistan cricket and Pakistan cricket fans.

World XI innings

Over 20 – 150/8 (Darren Sammy 24*, Samuel Badree 0*)

(19.5) FOUR! Low full-toss from Rumman Raees, Sammy hit it straight, a misfield earned him a boundary.

Over 19 – 145/8 (Darren Sammy 19*, Samuel Badree 0*)

(18.1) FOUR! It was short from Hasan Ali, Sammy showed his strength, he pulled it to mid-wicket for a boundary.

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 18 – 140/8 (Darren Sammy 14*, Samuel Badree 0*)

(17.3) OUT! Sammy was looking to take the strike, Morkel hit the ball straight mid-on fielder, who hit a direct hit at bowler’s end and found the Proteas bowler miles short. He scored 1 run off 2 balls.

Over 17 – 137/7 (Darren Sammy 12*, Morne Morkel 0*)

(16.6) OUT! Prize wicket for Pakistan, Miller looked to clear the mid-wicket boundary and was caught in the deep by Babar Azam. He scored 32 runs off 28 balls.

(16.1) SIX! It is miles up in the air and just long enough to clear the boundary, it was a much needed six for Sammy as well as for World XI.

Hasan Ali into the attack

Over 16 – 128/6 (David Miller 31*, Darren Sammy 4*)

(15.6) FOUR! Rumman bowled brilliant five balls, but gave the last one to Miller on his hips, he just rolled his wrists to guide the ball to fine leg for a boundary.

Rumman bowls

Over 15 – 119/6 (David Miller 25*, Darren Sammy 2*)

Usman Khan Shinwari bowls

Over 14 – 112/6 (David Miller 21*, Darren Sammy 0*)

(13.6) OUT! Parera looked to go big against Rumman, he failed to middle this and the ball went to Babar at cover, Babar caught it.

Over 13 – 105/5 (David Miller 19*, Thisara Parera 27*)

(12.4) FOUR! This time it was fuller and a tad quicker, he hit it straight as an arrow.

(13.3) SIX! This time it is short from Shadab Khan, Parera held back and pulled it for his third consecutive six, Shadab under pressure.

(12.2) SIX! It is even bigger, cleared his front leg, and heaved it over mid-wicket, it is HUGE!

(12.1) SIX! It went miles up in the air and covered the distance as well, a big six.

Shadab bowls.

Over 12 – 81/5 (David Miller 18*, Thisara Parera 4*)

(11.6) FOUR! Miller is dangerous, he came down the wicket and just flicked it, the ball went to mid-wicket boundary like a tracer bullet.

Hasan Ali into the attack.

Over 11 – 73/5 (David Miller 12*, Thisara Parera 2*)

Shadab bowls

Over 10 – 68/5 (David Miller 9*, Thisara Parera 0*)

(9.5) OUT! Shadab is electrifying in the field, he dived to field the ball and threw it in a flash, a direct hit is always dangerous, Du Plessis was short here. He scored 13 runs off 13 balls.

(9.3) SIX! David Miller is a strong lad, he proves it here. He came down the track and just stuck it over long on for a mighty hit.

Over 9 – 58/4 (Faf Du Plessis 12*, David Miller 2*)

Shadab Khan into the attack.

Over 8 – 53/4 (Faf Du Plessis 1*, David Miller 0*)

(7.4) OUT! Imad bowls in his typical way, he bowls straight wicket to wicket, Bailey tried to make room for on a delivery that did not bounce much, he played on his stumps. He scored 3 off 12 balls.

Imad Wasim back into the attack

Over 7 – 50/3 (Faf Du Plessis 7*, George Bailey 2*)

(6.4) FOUR! Superb stuff from the skipper, Faf Du Plessis, played with the spin over extra-cover.

Mohammad Nawaz introduced

Over 6 – 43/3 (Faf Du Plessis 1*, George Bailey 1*)

Rumman Raees into the attack now

Over 5 – 43/3 (Faf Du Plessis 1*, George Bailey 1*)

(4.3) OUT! Huge wicket for Pakistan!, Hasan bowled to Faf Fu Plessis, there was confusion in the middle and Amla is run out, he was miles away from the crease. He scored 21 runs off 12 balls.

(4.2) OUT! Hasan Ali at his best, bowls full-ish, bowls quick, on target, Cutting looked to slog but chopped on stumps. He scored 5 off 4 balls.

(4.1) FOUR! Hasan Ali is greeted with a boundary from Ben Cutting, he flicked uppishly to a ball on his legs for a four.

Hasan Ali into the attack

Over 4 – 37/1 (Hashim Amla 21*, Ben Cutting 1*)

(3.5) FOUR! Beautiful from Amla, another full delivery from Shinwari, he played it over long-off for another four.

(3.4) FOUR! Amla knows where the gaps are, he moved towards off-side got the ball on his legs and he lofted it to the boundary.

(3.2) FOUR! Amla makes it look extremely easy, a full delivery is simply driven down the ground by the South African batsman.

Shinwari continues

Over 3 – 23/1 (Hashim Amla 7*, Ben Cutting 1*)

(2.1) FOUR! Hashim Amla takes the responsibility, he used his feet to reach to the ball and flicked it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Imad is having a tough time here.

Imad continues

Over 2 – 15/1 (Hashim Amla 1*, Ben Cutting 0*)

(1.6) OUT! Usman Khan Shinwari cleans up Tamim, it was a length ball, came back in and did not bounce as much as expected, made its way through Tamim’s defense. He scored 14 runs off 10 balls.

Usman Khan Shinwari with the new ball

Over 1 – 13/0 (Tamim Iqbal 13*, Hashim Amla 0*)

(0.5) FOUR! Imad goes short this time, Tamim is too good and too hot at the moment to miss out on those, another boundary to mid-wicket.

(0.3) FOUR! Tamim gets down this time and played a slog sweep for another boundary, the left-arm bowler is under pressure.

(0.2) FOUR! Tamim Iqbal is out with a purpose, he straightaway goes after Imad Wasim, down the wicket and hit big, Shoaib Malik tried his back but could not hang on to the catch.

Tamim Iqbal and Hashim Amla kicks off the chase, Imad Wasim has the ball.

Pakistan innings

Over 20 – 183/4 (Shoaib Malik 17*, Sarfraz Ahmed 0*)

(19.5) OUT! Imad Wasim gets out without scoring, he was looking to hit big, but did not get the impact, caught by Faf Du Plessis

(19.2) SIX! Malik played a sweep kind of shot to a low full-toss from Parera, it seems like Malik cannot put a foot wrong here.

(19.1) OUT! Babar misses out on his second fifty of the series, he wanted to got big inside-out, did not middle well and was caught at cover.

Thisara Parera bowls

Over 19 – 175/2 (Babar Azam 48*, Shoaib Malik 9* )

(18.5) SIX! Shoaib Malik has been in golden touch in this series and he once again showed it, Malik gets one in his slot from Morne Morkel and deposited it to the straight boundary.

Morne Morkel bowls

Over 18 – 164/2 (Babar Azam 46*, Shoaib Malik 0* )

(17.5) OUT! Shehzad gets run-out on a wide ball at the time when he was finding the middle of his bat, he was looking extremely dangerous, but a wrong call cost him the wicket. He scored 89 runs off 55 balls.

(17.4) SIX! Shehzad is on fire here! Third consecutive six, this time it was short, he came to the off stump and deposited the ball over fine-leg boundary.

(17.3) SIX! Cutting in the slot again, Shehzad at it again, same region and same result.

(17.2) SIX! Fantastic from Shehzad, Cutting missed the block-hole that is punished from the batsman, superb stuff!

Cutting into the attack

Over 17 – 142/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 70*, Babar Azam 44*)

(16.4) FOUR! Same region, same result but this time Shehzad was in control, he played a lap sweep with perfection over Imran Tahir on fine-leg.

(16.3) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad is getting lucky at the crease, fine leg and third-man were up, he got edge for a four.

(16.1) FOUR! Slower one from Morne Morkel, Babar played it inside out after clearing his front leg, super shot!

Morkel bowls.

Over 16 – 127/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 60*, Babar Azam 39*)

(15.1) FOUR! Babar gave himself some room and drove it from backfoot, ball raced away to the cover boundary. Babar looks in top form.

Parera continues

Over 15 – 117/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 57*, Babar Azam 33*)

(14.6) FOUR! A boundary after a long time, he struck Tahir straigt over his head. He cleared his front leg and played it dead straight.

Imran Tahir into the attack

Over 14 – 107/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 54*, Babar Azam 25*)

Thisara Parera comes in to bowl

Over 13 – 101/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 51*, Babar Azam 22*)

Fifty for Ahmed Shehzad, a well deserved half-century.

Over 12 – 95/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 49*, Babar Azam 19*)

Sammy continues

(11.4) FOUR! Babar gets lucky, he edged a short delivery from Badree while trying to pull it.

Samuel Badree into the attack

Over 11 – 85/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 45*, Babar Azam 13*)

(10.3) FOUR! Babar Azam carries on his prime form, he took the aerial route and struck Sammy for a four.

Darren Sammy continues

Over 10 – 76/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 43*, Babar Azam 6*)

(9.3) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad continues his inning, he came down the wicket to Imran Tahir and struck it straight past the bowler.

Over 9 – 66/1 (Ahmed Shehzad 36*, Babar Azam 3*)

Babar Azam is the new batsman.

(8.2) OUT! Unfortunate for Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad drove it straight, Sammy touched the ball to its way to stumps, Fakhar was out of his crease when the ball hit the wicket. He is run-out in the most ridiculous fashion. He scored 27 runs off 25 balls.

Sammy continues

Over 8 – 59/0 (Fakhar Zaman 27*, Ahmed Shehzad 32*)

Imran Tahir into the attack now.

Over 7 – 53/0 (Fakhar Zaman 25*, Ahmed Shehzad 28*)

Darren Sammy into the attack now

Over 6 – 51/0 (Fakhar Zaman 24*, Ahmed Shehzad 27*)

(5.4) SIX! Unbelievable shot! Parera bowled Fakhar shot, he got under it and cut it for a six over cover, incredible!

(5.1) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad is in an aggressive mood, Shehzad came down the track and helped the ball on his to a boundary to fine leg.

Parera comes in to bowl.

Over 5 – 38/0 (Fakhar Zaman 17*, Ahmed Shehzad 21*)

Ben Cutting is the new bowler

Over 4 – 34/0 (Fakhar Zaman 14*, Ahmed Shehzad 20*)

(3.1) FOUR! A bit short and wide from the South African pacer, Shehzad simply cut it between point and cover.

Morkel continues

Over 3 – 27/0 (Fakhar Zaman 13*, Ahmed Shehzad 15*)

(2.4) FOUR! Missed first two deliveries from the leggie, this time he came down the track and struck it powerfully through covers.

Badree continues

Over 2 – 22/0 (Fakhar Zaman 7*, Ahmed Shehzad 14*)

(1.2) FOUR! Another beautiful sight, another beautiful flick, another boundary.

(1.1) FOUR! Beautiful shot from Ahmed Shehzad, flicked the ball from the middle stump to mid-wicket. Pure timing.

Morne Morkel into the attack

Over 1 – 12/0 (Fakhar Zaman 7*, Ahmed Shehzad 5*)

(0.5) FOUR! This time it is Fakhar Zaman, once again a short ball, the left-hander rocked back and muscled it to mid-wicket.

(0.3) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad struck the first boundary of the match, a short ball from Badree is cut away by the batsman.

Fakhar Zaman and Ahmed Shehzad are in the middle, Samuel Badree with the new ball.

Here we go…


Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Rumman Raees, Usman Khan Shinwari

World XI: Faf Du Plessis (c), Hashim Amla, Tamim Iqbal, Goerge Bailey, David Miller, Darren Sammy, Thisara Parera, Ben Cutting, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir, Samuel Badree


Faf Du Plessis has won the toss and elected to bowl first.

The sensational fast bowler, Hasan Ali is likely to make a comeback in the playing XI in place of Sohail Khan.

For the first time in his international career, George Bailey will keep wickets.

It has been an eventful week for Pakistan, especially the cricket fans of the country. In a bid to revive international cricket in this part of the world, World XI, under the leadership of Faf Du Plessis visited Pakistan. World XI had to play a three-match T20I series at the Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

There have been some impressive performances in the series so far. Babar Azam has been the best batsman so far in the historical series, whereas, Thisara Parera has also put entertaining effort as a bowler.