LIVE: Peshawar Zalmi win by ten wickets

Peshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalandars
LIVE: LIVE: Peshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalandars

Yet another collapse of Lahore Qalandars, Peshawar beat Lahore by ten wickets. This is the largest victory in terms of balls to spare for Peshawar Zalmi. The seventh consecutive loss for Lahore Qalandars is now the joint-worst losing streak in the tournament’s history

Peshawar Zalmi Inning

(13.5) FOUR! lips this down leg, the keeper misses and this bursts to the boundary. Game, set and match to Peshawar Zalmi.

(13.2) SIX! short-ball and Kamran Akmal smashed it

Over 13 – Peshawar Zalmi 89/0 (Kamran 50*,  Tamim 35*)

Fifty comes up for Kamran Akmal

Over 12 – Peshawar Zalmi 83/0 (Kamran 46*,  Tamim 33*)

Yasir Shah continues

Over 11 – Peshawar Zalmi 81/0 (Kamran 45*,  Tamim 32*)

(10.1) FOUR! Superb shot! timely played to the extra-cover

Salman Irshad comes to bowl

Over 10 – Peshawar Zalmi 70/0 (Kamran 36*,  Tamim 31*)

(9.2) FOUR! Inside out again, just three bounces before the boundary

Over 9 – Peshawar Zalmi 62/0 (Kamran 30*,  Tamim 29*)

(8.5) FOUR! Inside out over the extra cover, beautiful shot by Kamran Akmal

(8.1) FOUR! messed at fine leg by Yasir! Full on middle and Tamim uses his wrists to flick towards fine leg.

Narine comes to bowl

Over 8 – Peshawar Zalmi 51/0 (Kamran 25*,  Tamim 23*)

Over 7 – Peshawar Zalmi 46/0 (Kamran 23*,  Tamim 20*)

Over 6 – Peshawar Zalmi 41/0 (Kamran 21*,  Tamim 18*)

(5.6) SIX! Massive shot! by Kamran Akmal

(5.2) FOUR! Lifts one foot and flicks this fine down the leg side. It was a good-length ball on leg stump

Over 5 – Peshawar Zalmi 30/0 (Kamran 15*,  Tamim 13*)

(4.1) FOUR! Short on middle stump, and he tries to give it a wild pull

Over 4 – Peshawar Zalmi 18/0 (Kamran 10*,  Tamim 7*)

Over 3 – Peshawar Zalmi 12/0 (Kamran 5*,  Tamim 7*)

(2.1) FOUR! full on leg stump, walks across to the off side, and flicks this fine.

Narine comes to bowl.

Over 2 – Peshawar Zalmi 7/0 (Kamran 0*,  Tamim 5*)

Over 1 – Peshawar Zalmi 1/0 (Kamran 0*,  Tamim 1*)

Fakhar Zaman opens the bowling for Qalandars, Kamran Akmal and Tamim Iqbal are openers for Zalmi.

Peshawar Zalmi needs 101 runs to win against Lahore Qalandars. This is the fourth-lowest total in PSL history, lowest this year. Lahore’s freefall continues.

Lahore Qalandars Inning

(17.2) OUT! Hasan Ali sends the last batsman back to the pavilion

Over 17 – Lahore Qalandars 100/9 (Mustafizur 0*,  Irshad 4*)

(16.4) OUT! Fine catch over second slip, Wahab Riaz strikes again.

(16.2) OUT! Riaz has smashed over the stumps, leg stump gone

Over 16 – Lahore Qalandars 96/7 (Yasir 0*, Sohail 4*)

(15.4) OUT! Umar wasn’t sure where the ball went and ran all the way down the pitch, Self-destruction right out of the top drawer

Over 15 – Lahore Qalandars 96/6 (Akmal 14*, Sohail 3*)

Over 14 – Lahore Qalandars 94/6 (Akmal 13*, Sohail 3*)

Sameen Gul continues

Over 13 – Lahore Qalandars 91/6 (Akmal 11*, Sohail 2*)

(12.1) WICKET! straight and deadly accurate. Keeps a touch low and goes right through Narine’s defence to flatten the off stump.

Hasan Ali continues

Over 12 – Lahore Qalandars 85/5 (Akmal 9*, Narine 3*)

(11.4) FOUR! just beats mid-off. Once it crosses the infield, there’s no stopping that.

Wahab Riaz continues

Over 11 – Lahore Qalandars 77/5 (Akmal 3*, Narine 2*)

Narine comes to bat

(10.1) OUT! goes up in the air and taken in the deep mid-wicket.

Over 10 – Lahore Qalandars 73/4 (Akmal 1*, Salman 12*)

(9.1) OUT! Excellent bounce hit the top edge and Kamran Akmal takes is behind the wicket

Sameen gul continues

Over 9 – Lahore Qalandars 71/3 (Sohail 11*, Salman 13*)

Over 8 – Lahore Qalandars 62/3 (Sohail 4*, Salman 11*)

Over 7 – Lahore Qalandars 58/3 (Sohail 1*, Salman 10*)

Sohail Akhter is the new batsman

(6.3) OUT! another collapse! This time it’s Ramdin. Full on middle stump and he tries to sweep this fine.

Ramdin comes to bat

(6.2) WICKET! Fakhar Zaman was looking for a boundary but Hasan Ali takes it just before the boundary

(6.1) FOUR! good length on middle stump, simply opens the bat’s face and pokes it fine.

Over 6 – Lahore Qalandars 48/1 (Fakhar 26*, Salman 10*)

(5.6) FOUR! fifty comes up for Qalandars

Wahab Riaz comes to bowl

Over 5 – Lahore Qalandars 48/1 (Fakhar 25*, Salman 6*)

(4.6) FOUR!  Back of a length outside off, stands tall and punches square.

Agha Salman is the new batsman

(4.4) OUT! Short on off stump, Baz tries to pull but he’s through his shot too early. It takes the toe end of his bat and lobs towards the bowler. Simplest of catches for Hasan Ali

(4.3) SIX! it’s a free hit and McCullum punished it.

Hasan Ali continues

Over 4 – Lahore Qalandars 35/0 (Fakhar 25*, McCullum 9*)

(3.1) SIX! Smashed it away! in front of the screen, what a start.

Umaid continues.

Over 3 – Lahore Qalandars 28/0 (Fakhar 25*, McCullum 2*)

Hasan Ali comes to bowl his very first bowl of the tournament.

Over 2 – Lahore Qalandars 25/0 (Fakhar 24*, McCullum 0*)

(1.4) SIX! hits the digital screen! This time it’s over cow corner.

(1.3) FOUR! Brillant pull shot by Fakhar Zaman

Umaid Asif into the attack now

Over 1 – Lahore Qalandars 15/0 (Fakhar 14*, McCullum 0*)

(0.5) FOUR! Full pitched delivery and played to the cover drive. Fakhar Zaman with a good start.

(0.3) FOUR! Full face of the blade and judged the ball so good.

(0.2) SIX! on the pads and Fakhar easily played for a six.

Sameen Gul is to open the bowling for Peshawar Zalmi, Brendon McCullum and Fakhar Zaman are the openers for Qalandars.

Team Line-ups


Lahore Qalandars’ skipper has won the toss and opted to bat first against Zalmi.

It’s Peshawar against Lahore, who’ve now built a reputation of being a mercurial outfit prone to epic collapses. They desperately need to start winning, and they need to get on board before their campaign hits the abyss.

Peshawar Zalmi captain Darren Sammy has been ruled out from today’s PSL game because of injury. Mohammad Hafeez will lead the side today. Haris Sohail has also been ruled out from today’s match.

Lahore Qalandars have lost all their four matches in the tournament so far. They have been beaten by Multan Sultans, Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings and Islamabad United.