Maqsood, Tanvir help Multan a 19-run win to retain top spot

LIVE: Peshawar Zalmi won the toss and elected to bowl first

Sohail Tanvir led the Sultans, with figures of 3 for 14. Kieron Pollard also chipped in with three wickets. Peshawar just could not put together many substantial stands to challenge Multan’s prowess. There were sparkling innings from Mohammad Hafeez and then Liam Dawson, but it was nowhere near enough eventually.

Peshawar Zalmi

Multan Sultans won by 19 runs

(19.4) WICKET! Edged and the keeper takes it Hafeez takes it

(19.2) OUT! another wide slower ball outside off, Hasan Ali clears his front leg and toe-ends a heave to deep midwicket.

Pollard continues

Over 19– Peshawar Zalmi 153/6 (Hafeez 54*, Hasan 0*)

Hasan Ali is the new batsman

(18.3) WICKET! Miss hit and Sanga take it behind the wicket

Hammad Azam is the new batsman

(18.1) OUT! Outside the off stump and the fielder takes it. Dawson is gone!

Tanvir continues

Over 18– Peshawar Zalmi 151/4 (Hafeez 54*, Dawson 32*)

(17.4) FOUR! the slower one. Sits up for Hafeez and he slaps it into the gap at midwicket for four.fifty comes up for Hafeez. brilliant inning

(17.3) FOUR! Hafeez smashes it to the long on, just one bounce before the boundary

(17.1) SIX! Dawson’s cameo is threatening Multan. A full delivery is in the slot outside off, Dawson clears his front leg, goes deep

Junaid continues

Over 17– Peshawar Zalmi 134/4 (Hafeez 45*, Dawson 24*)

Over 16– Peshawar Zalmi 128/4 (Hafeez 43*, Dawson 20*)

(15.1) SIX! Terrific start of the over! back of a length and smacked it

Junaid comes to bowl

Over 15– Peshawar Zalmi 116/4 (Hafeez 42*, Dawson 9*)

(14.3) SIX! over Pollard’s head! Full on off stump, and he gets his front foot out of the way early. Smacked back the bowler’s head, and long off has no chance either

Pollard continues

Over 14– Peshawar Zalmi 103/4 (Hafeez 37*, Dawson 0*)

Dawson comes to bat

(13.4) OUT! Beautifully taken by Shehzad, Wessels gone!

(13.2) SIX! Hafeez shuffled across, looking to hit the ball into the leg side but a thick edge takes it over fine leg.

Irfan continues

Over 13– Peshawar Zalmi 94/3 (Hafeez 30*, Wessels 21*)

(12.2) FOUR! Another one, Hit right in the gap, his power does the rest

(12.1) FOUR! Very well connected plays to the cover

Imran Tahir continues

Over 12– Peshawar Zalmi 83/3 (Hafeez 29*, Wessels 11*)

(11.1) FOUR! excellently played. Anticipated a bit of bounce, so premeditated a lap sweep.

Irfan continues

Over 11– Peshawar Zalmi 75/3 (Hafeez 23*, Wessels 9*)

(10.5) SIX! straight over his head! Picks the slower ball perfectly this time.

Over 10– Peshawar Zalmi 65/3 (Hafeez 15*, Wessels 7*)

Imran Tahir comes to bowl

Over 9– Peshawar Zalmi 57/3 (Hafeez 13*, Wessels 1*)

Wessels comes to bat

(8.1) OUT! Pollard strikes on his first ball, taken in the deep

Pollard comes to bowl

Over 8– Peshawar Zalmi 53/2 (Hafeez 11*, Smith 18*)

(7.3) FOUR! straight as an arrow! smashed it to the boundary

Junaid Khan comes to bowl

Over 7– Peshawar Zalmi 45/2 (Hafeez 9*, Smith 12*)

Over 6– Peshawar Zalmi 39/2 (Hafeez 8*, Smith 7*)

(5.3) good length on middle stump, stands tall and pulls over midwicket

Over 5– Peshawar Zalmi 31/2 (Hafeez 1*, Smith 6*)

Tanvir continues

Over 4– Peshawar Zalmi 27/2 (Hafeez 1*, Smith 2*)

(3.2) OUT Taken at mid-on! Good length on middle stump, and tries to pull. It’s spliced and taken by the captain.

Mohammad Irfan comes to bowl

Over 3– Peshawar Zalmi 21/1 (Akmal 5*, Smith 1*)

(2.1) WICKET! the first wicket. Full outside off, not the line nor length to cut, but Fletcher tries slashing at it.

Over 2– Peshawar Zalmi 19/0 (Akmal 4*, Fletcher 11*)

(1.4) SIX! Over long on! Full on leg stump, and Fletcher gets his front foot out of the way and smacks it beyond the long-on boundary. Full follow through of the bat.

Over 1– Peshawar Zalmi 10/0 (Akmal 3*, Fletcher 4*)

(0.3) FOUR! off his pads, but the outfield’s quickened up! Good length on leg stump, tries to flick to fine leg, but can’t get bat to ball.

Kamran Akmal and Andre Fletcher are opening for Peshawar Zalmi, Sohail Tanvir with the new ball.

What an explosive inning Sohaib Maqsood has played, 85 off 42 balls with the help of 7 sixes The plundered 133 off the final 13 overs to finish with a score they should be quite pleased with. But these are short boundaries, and there is also plenty of dew on the outfield.

Multan Sultan inning

Over 20– Multan Sultans 183/3 (Pollard 16*, Maqsood 85*)

(19.6) SIX! Brilliant finish from Pollard

Over 19– Multan Sultans 172/3 (Pollard 8*, Maqsood 83*)

(18.2) SIX! Crunch as the ball made contact with the bat. Brilliant!

(18.1) SIX! Magnificent blow by Maqsood, superb shot

Sameen continues.

Over 18– Multan Sultans 156/3 (Pollard 7*, Maqsood 68*)

(17.5) SIX! It’s a no ball and Maqsood sent it to the pavilion

Over 17– Multan Sultans 140/3 (Pollard 0*, Maqsood 60*)

(16.6) OUT! picks out deep midwicket does Malik. A short delivery around off, Malik nails that, but finds the fielder on the boundary.

(16.3) SIX! short delivery outside off. Maqsood knows mid-off is in so he flat-bats that with fierce power over mid-off.

(16.2) SIX!  A full toss down leg and Maqsood picks the opportunity, heaves and dispatches the ball over square leg.

(16.1) FOUR! A nice short bouncer but Maqsood is not in control of that.

Over 16– Multan Sultans 123/2 (Malik 13*, Maqsood 43*)

Over 15– Multan Sultans 113/2 (Malik 4*, Maqsood 42*)

(14.1) OUT Shehzad is run-out! A nice, slower delivery around off, Maqsood hits the ball back up the pitch, Shehzad comes haring down but Maqsood is not interested.

Over 14– Multan Sultans 107/1 (Ahmed 37*, Maqsood 40*)

(13.5) SIX! Massive shot by Suhaib Maqsood, excellent pull shot to the leg side

Hasan Ali continues

Over 13– Multan Sultans 94/1 (Ahmed 31*, Maqsood 33*)

(12.6) FOUR! finds the gap for four more. Good batting from Maqsood now. A slower short delivery down leg, a half pull finds the gap behind square for four.

(12.3) SIX! A full delivery outside off, Maqsood does not time that at all but he gets so much muscle behind the shot that the ball clears the boundary.

(12.1) FOUR! Maqsood uses that width and hits it into the gap

Sameen continues

Over 12– Multan Sultans 76/1 (Ahmed 30*, Maqsood 16*)

(11.4) FOUR! into the gap, back of a length and strikes

Dawson continues

Over 11 – Multan Sultans 67/1 (Ahmed 27*, Maqsood 10*)

Wahab Riaz introduced

Over 10 – Multan Sultans 62/1 (Ahmed 25*, Maqsood 7*)

Dawson continues

Over 9 – Multan Sultans 57/1 (Ahmed 24*, Maqsood 3*)

Over 8 – Multan Sultans 53/1 (Ahmed 22*, Maqsood 1*)

Suhaib Maqsood is the batsman

(7.3) OUT! Trying to hit it big but misses it behind the square leg

Dawson comes into the attack

Over 6 – Multan Sultans 50/0 (Ahmed 20*, Sangakkara 28*)

(6.5) SIX! Beautifully played by Sangakkara, great use of experience

Umad continues.

Over 5 – Multan Sultans 40/0 (Ahmed 19*, Sangakkara 20*)

(4.1) FOUR!  short and wide, and that’s too easy for Shehzad. Stands tall, and cuts hard

Over 4 – Multan Sultans 31/0 (Ahmed 14*, Sangakkara 16*)

(3.4) FOUR! Full on off stump, and Sanga goes for the drive. The ball tails in and finds his inside edge.

(3.2) SIX! Goes into the stands beyond deep square leg

Hasan Ali comes to bowl

Over 3 – Multan Sultans 16/0 (Ahmed 14*, Sangakkara 2*)

Over 2 – Multan Sultans 14/0 (Ahmed 13*, Sangakkara 1*)

Over 1 – Multan Sultans 7/0 (Ahmed 7*, Sangakkara 0*)

Sameen Gul starting the proceedings for Zalmi, Ahmed Shahzad and Sanga take strike for Multan Sultans

Team Line-ups

Peshawar XI: Kamran Akmal, Andre Fletcher, Dwayne Smith, Mohammad Hafeez, Riki Wessels, Liam Dawson, Hammad Azam, Wahab Riaz, Umaid Asif, Hasan Ali, Sameen Gul

Multan XI: Ahmad Shehzad, Kumar Sangakkara, Sohaib Maqsood, Shoaib Malik, Kieron Pollard, Darren Bravo, Saif Badar, Sohail Tanvir, Imran Tahir, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan


Dubai: Peshawar Zalmi won the toss and elected to bowl first against Multan Sultans

Peshawar Zalmi lost to Multan Sultans by seven wickets in the opening match of the third edition of the PSL and a defeat to the newest team had hurt the team which won the title in Lahore last year. But since losing the first game Peshawar have revived their campaign by winning three of their next four games.

Despite losing their Bangladesh duo of Tamim Iqbal and Shabbir Rahman, Zalmi will hope the replacements will fill the vacuum effect. They will also welcome the return of their inspirational skipper Darren Sammy who hobbled on one leg to hit a last over six for Zalmi’s victory over Quetta Gladiators. Sammy missed the last game against Islamabad due to the hamstring problem but will return against Sultans.