Quetta Gladiators won by two wickets

Multan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators

Quetta Gladiators inning

(19.5) SIX! It’s a winning shot by Hassan, What a game!

Over 19 – Quetta Gladiators 144/8 (Hassan 0*, Laughlin 0*)

(18.6) OUT! Poor shot by Anwar Ali, flicks it to the backward and gone

(18.4) OUT! not this time, Nawaz tries to hit big but Pollard takes it

(18.3) SIX! Another one! that’s a massive hit by Muhammad Nawaz

(18.1) SIX! Anwar sits back, waits for the ball, gets a length delivery and nails his heave over long-on.

Over 18 – Quetta Gladiators 131/6 (Anwar 8*, Nawaz 5*)

Over 17 – Quetta Gladiators 118/6 (Anwar 0*, Nawaz 0*)

(16.6) OUT! Umar picks the slower ball this time but heaves the ball into the fielder’s hands at the deep square leg.

(16.3) FOUR! full delivery around off, Rossouw backs away and drills a drive through cover. Superb hit.

(16.2) OUT! What a sensational catch it is! Shan Masood takes it, trouble for Quetta here

Over 16 – Quetta Gladiators 113/4 (RR Rossouw 22*, Sarfraz 11*)

Imran Tahir continues

Over 15 – Quetta Gladiators 105/4 (RR Rossouw 20*, Sarfraz 5*)

(14.1) SIX! smashed over long-on! That’s what you get if you infringe the front line.

Over 14 – Quetta Gladiators 93/4 (RR Rossouw 12*, Sarfraz 2*)

(13.3) OUT! Another slider, misread and the ball goes through to clatter into middle and leg stumps.

Imran Tahir continues

Over 13 – Quetta Gladiators 89/3 (RR Rossouw 10*, Ramiz 22*)

(12.3) SIX! Glorious shot extra-cover out of the boundary

(12.1) FOUR! Superb sweep shot by Ramiz Raja into the gap

Over 12 – Quetta Gladiators 75/3 (RR Rossouw 9*, Ramiz 9*)

Pollard comes to bowl

Over 11 – Quetta Gladiators 66/3 (RR Rossouw 8*, Ramiz 2*)

(10.2) OUT! the reverse sweep, KP misses and is outta here! He looks for a wild, out-of-the-blue reverse sweep, and misses

Shoaib Malik comes to bowl

Over 10 – Quetta Gladiators 62/2 (RR Rossouw 6*, Pietersen 5*)

(9.4) FOUR! cracked away. This is short, he picks the length early and wallops this pull to beat deep midwicket

Over 9 – Quetta Gladiators 56/2 (RR Rossouw 1*, Pietersen 4*)

(8.3) OUT! Imran Tahir takes an easy catch on Umar Gul’s delivery. Asad Shafiq is gone

Over 8 – Quetta Gladiators 53/1 (Shafiq 20*, Pietersen 2*)

Over 7 – Quetta Gladiators 49/1 (Shafiq 18*, Pietersen 0*)

Pietersen is the new batsman

(6.4) OUT! Watson was chancing his luck with the bigger boundary but couldn’t quite get the timing as he got this high on the bat. Umar Gul announces himself.

Umar Gul comes to bowl

Over 6 – Quetta Gladiators 46/0(Shafiq 16*, Watson 25*)

(5.5) FOUR! Lovely timing, top quality stroke

(5.4) FOUR! drifting into the pads and he nonchalantly lifts this to the square leg boundary.

Imran Tahir comes into the attack

Over 5 – Quetta Gladiators 38/0(Shafiq 8*, Watson 25*)

(4.4) FOUR! another hit-me buffet ball on middle pummeled one bounce into the midwicket boundary

(4.2) FOUR! crashed through point, no chance for square third man even though he was just about 10 metres away from the ball

Over 4 – Quetta Gladiators 30/0(Shafiq 8*, Watson 17*)

(3.6) FOUR! slapped between cover and point. Too short, this was sitting up nicely for him to thrash it away

Over 3 – Quetta Gladiators 21/0(Shafiq 4*, Watson 12*)

Over 2– Quetta Gladiators 9/0 (Shafiq 4*, Watson 5*)

Over 1 – Quetta Gladiators 4/0 (Shafiq 4*, Watson 0*)

(0.2) FOUR! stands tall and punches this away-going length ball past point. Sublime timing

Asad Shafiq and Shane Watson are opening for Quetta Gladiators, Sohail Tanvir with the new ball.

Multan Sultans inning

Over 20 – Multan Sultans 152/5 (Malik 65*, Pollard 15*)

(19.1) FOUR! uppish and into the gap between cover and cover point.

Over 19 – Multan Sultans 143/5 (Malik 59*, Pollard 12*)

(18.6) FOUR! just one bounce before the boundary and gone for four

(18.4) SIX! looking for the yorker but he misses his length, ends up as a full delivery outside off.

Over 18 – Multan Sultans 125/5 (Malik 52*, Pollard 1*)

(17.6) FOUR! sweep shot to the leg side and fifty comes up for Malik. Brilliant inning

(17.2) WICKET! taken at mid-off. Full outside off, Whiteley can’t make adequate contact with an attempted swat

Rahat Ali continues

Over 17 – Multan Sultans 118/4 (Malik 47*, Whiteley 16*)

(16.1) SIX! Excellent shot! a slower ball and it’s smashed over long-on

Laughlin continues

Over 16 – Multan Sultans 106/4 (Malik 44*, Whiteley 8*)

(15.5) FOUR! Straight as an arrow, punched it hard

(15.4) FOUR! Back of a length, Malik plays a beautiful short with perfect timing

Over 15 – Multan Sultans 95/4 (Malik 34*, Whiteley 7*)

Over 14 – Multan Sultans 81/4 (Malik 29*, Whiteley 0*)

Anwar Ali continues

Over 13 – Multan Sultans 81/4 (Malik 29*, Whiteley 0*)

(12.3) OUT! A little bit of tale, and flip it to the middle of the leg Laughlin gets his first PSL wicket

Laughlin comes to bowl

Over 12 – Multan Sultans 78/3 (Malik 27*, Sohaib 26*)

Watson continues.

Over 11 – Multan Sultans 68/3 (Malik 21*, Sohaib 24*)

Hasan Khan comes to bowl

Over 10 – Multan Sultans 61/3 (Malik 17*, Sohaib 21*)

(9.2) SIX! Another sashay down the pitch opens up the off side and then lofts this back over his head.

(9.1) SIX! Launched towards the sightscreen

Over 9 – Multan Sultans 48/3 (Malik 4*, Sohaib 21*)

Over 8 – Multan Sultans 46/3 (Malik 3*, Sohaib 20*)

Nawaz continues

Over 7 – Multan Sultans 43/3 (Malik 2*, Sohaib 18*)

Malik is the new batsman

(6.5) OUT! Watson dropped him at slip a while ago but has his man with a superb delivery.

(6.4) FOUR! over midwicket gets this into the gap.

Watson comes to bowl

Over 6 – Multan Sultans 35/2 (Tanvir 14*, Sohaib 17*)

(5.4) FOUR! Sliced away, not where he intended this drive to go but he’ll take the runs anyway

Laughlin introduced

Over 5 – Multan Sultans 30/2 (Tanvir 13*, Sohaib 13*)

(4.2) SIX! Tanvir picked the length early. Top shot. Lot of bottom hands

Rahat Ali comes to bowl

Over 4 – Multan Sultans 21/2 (Tanvir 4*, Sohaib 13*)

(3.3) SIX! a length ball outside off, he lunged forward and lofted this through the line

(3.2) FOUR! uppish and into the gap between cover and cover point.

Anwar Ali continues

Over 3 – Multan Sultans 6/2 (Tanvir 1*, Sohaib 2*)

Over 2 – Multan Sultans 3/2 (Tanvir 0*, Sohaib 1*)

Sohail Tanvir comes to bat

(1.5) OUT! there is a tiny little spike on ultra edge. Wonder if it is enough to overturn.

Anwar Ali comes to bowl

Over 1 – Multan Sultans 2/1 (Ahmed 1*, Sohaib 0*)

Sohaib Maqsood is the new batsman

(0.1) OUT! Nawaz strikes, the first ball of the match and Sangakarra can’t believe what he’s done

Muhammad Nawaz starting the proceedings for Gladiators, Ahmed Shahzad and Sanga take strike for Multan Sultans


Dubai: Quetta Gladiators won the toss and elected to bowl first against Multan Sultans

Multan Sultans have won four of their six matches with one rained off. If they win again against Sarfraz Ahmed’s led team, then they will be almost through to the playoffs considering Lahore can only go to ten points if they win all their remaining five matches and cannot catch the Sultans sitting pretty at the top with nine points.

Team line-ups