LIVE: Quetta Gladiators beat Islamabad United by six wickets

Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United
LIVE: Quetta won the toss and elected to bat first

Quetta Gladiators beat Islamabad United by six wickets.

Quetta Gladiators inning

Over 17 – Quetta Gladiators 134/4 (Nawaz 25*, S Ahmed 6*)

Over 16 – Quetta Gladiators 127/4 (Nawaz 24*, S Ahmed 4*)

(15.6) FOUR! missed by the keeper and goes for the boundary.

Sarfraz is the new batsman for Gladiators

(15.2) OUT! Not a lucky shot, hit from the edge and taken easily by the fielder.

(15.1) SIX! Terrific shot, A mighty one by KP! probably this should be the longest six so far.

Finn continues

Over 15 – Quetta Gladiators 112/3 (Nawaz 23*, Pietersen 42*)

Over 14 – Quetta Gladiators 109/3 (Nawaz 22*, Pietersen 40*)

Sami comes to bowl.

(13.6) SIX! Nawaz hits big this time. tosses it up on middle stump, and that’s been dispatched

(13.4) FOUR! Good length outside off, and cut away from his body with the ball spinning away. Terrific connection off the blade

Shadab continues.

Over 13 – Quetta Gladiators 96/3 (Nawaz 16*, Pietersen 33*)

Sami continues.

Over 12 – Quetta Gladiators 91/3 (Nawaz 15*, Pietersen 31*)

Shadab continues.

Over 11 – Quetta Gladiators 91/3 (Nawaz 15*, Pietersen 31*)

(10.6) FOUR! smashed it to the boundary, Kp ended the over in style

(10.5) SIX! Bang! Kp sent just in front of the sightscreen

(10.3) SIX! Nawaz got his front foot out of the way and in the slot to be punished.

Faheem continues

Over 10 – Quetta Gladiators 73/3 (Nawaz 8*, Pietersen 21*)

(9.6) SIX! KP steps out and whips this full delivery over deep midwicket. What timing, the typical KP flamboyance as he danced down and used his writs and bottom-hand in perfect sync.

Shadab into the attack

Over 9 – Quetta Gladiators 64/3 (Nawaz 6*, Pietersen 14*)

(8.4) FOUR! KP backs away and smokes this length ball through cover. Brute force

Over 8 – Quetta Gladiators 57/3 (Nawaz 4*, Pietersen 9*)

Finn continues.

Over 7 – Quetta Gladiators 53/3 (Nawaz 3*, Pietersen 8*)

Over 6 – Quetta Gladiators 48/3 (Nawaz 0*, Pietersen 5*)

(5.6) WICKET! Marvellous delivery by fin, the ball deflects off the pad onto the stumps. Asad Shafiq is gone.

(5.3) FOUR! Pietersen took one step across and used the angle to whip this to the left of short fine leg

Finn continues.

Over 5 – Quetta Gladiators 42/2 (A Shafiq 21*, Pietersen 0*)

Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman.

(4.4) WICKET! What a tremendous delivery by Mohammad Sami,  inside edge and crash into the stumps.

Sami continues.

Over 4 – Quetta Gladiators 35/1 (A Shafiq 16*, U Amin 5*)

(3.5) FOUR! , Umar uses the width to stand tall and punch this behind point. Beats square third man comfortably.

Umar Amin comes to bat

(3.3) OUT! Watson looks to pull over midwicket but ends up toe-ending it to mid-on instead.

(3.1) FOUR! Watson’s smashed this out of the ground literally. Picks the length early and hammers this pull off the front foot, clears deep midwicket and rolls into the parking lot just behind there

Finn into the attack.

Over 3 – Quetta Gladiators 21/0 (Shafiq 16*, Watson 3*)

(2.5) FOUR! sensational drive on the up, threads covers and cover point. Superbly done By Asad Shafiq

(2.4) FOUR! helped away to the fine leg boundary. This was a touch risky as he hopped across and then nurdle it away

Over 2 – Quetta Gladiators 11/0 (Shafiq 8*, Watson 2*)

Sami to bowl.

Over 1 – Quetta Gladiators 2/0 (Shafiq 1*, Watson 0*)

Ruman Raees takes the new ball, Shane Watson and Asad Shafiq are the openers for Gladiators.

It was a stop-start innings from Islamabad, who continued to lose regular wickets, and that’s why they finish with a below-par score. Luke Ronchi was impressive at the top, but it doesn’t help when you keep losing partners. Misbah and Duminy were sluggish in the middle too.

Islamabad United inning

Over 20 – Islamabad United 134/7 

Quetta Gladiators need 135 to win

(19.6) OUT! The last ball of the inning and Shadab Khan gone!

(19.1) OUT! Quick throw in at the non-striker’s, and Faheem is out.

Over 19 – Islamabad United 128/5 (Faheem 21*, Talat 7*)

(18.6) SIX! another maximum! Ends the over on a high, Faheem. This time it’s full on middle stump and he slogs it over cow corner!

(18.5) SIX! Gets under the ball’s length and muscled over the long-off boundary

Watson continues.

Over 18 – Islamabad United 110/5 (Faheem 6*, Talat 6*)

(17.5) FOUR! inside out over mid off!Pitches it fully this time, and Faheem lifts it over the infield

Over 17 – Islamabad United 103/5 (Faheem 1*, Talat 5*)

Faheem Ashraf comes to bat

(16.2) OUT! The ball was so full that Misbah couldn’t get underneath it. The captain’s got to go.

Watson continues.

Over 16 – Islamabad United 98/4 (Misbah 22*, Talat 3*)

Over 15 – Islamabad United 97/3 (Misbah 22*, Talat 2*)

Hussain Talat is the new man in

(14.4) OUT! Jp Duminy looks for a big shot but caught in the deep by Nawaz.

Hastings back into the attack.

Over 14 – Islamabad United 93/3 (Misbah 20*, Duminy 14*)

(13.4) – FOUR! Well connected, Misbah plays over the leg-side, just one bounce before the boundary

Over 13 – Islamabad United 84/3 (Misbah 13*, Duminy 12*)

Hastings bowls.

Over 12 – Islamabad United 82/3 (Misbah 12*, Duminy 11*)

Shane Watson comes to bowl.

Over 11 – Islamabad United 79/3 (Misbah 10*, Duminy 9*)

(10.2) SIX! Massive shot by the skipper, Straight and big!

Over 10 – Islamabad United 70/3 (Misbah 2*, Duminy 8*)

Nawaz continues.

Over 9 – Islamabad United 68/3 (Misbah 1*, Duminy 7*)

Misbah to bat.

(8.2) OUT! Hasan departs Ronchi, wonderfully bowled by the young bowler. Just gathers pace and skids on to beat the cut and crash into the stumps.

Hasan Khan to bowl the ninth over

Over 8 – Islamabad United 65/2 (Ronchi 43*, Duminy 5*)

Nawaz continues.

Over 7 – Islamabad United 59/2 (Ronchi 41*, Duminy 3*)

(6.5) FOUR! looks to flay this through point but the ball flies off the thick edge. Right now, third man seems to be a very profitable area.

Over 6 – Islamabad United 52/2 (Ronchi 36*, Duminy 1*)

(5.6) FOUR! a width and smashed away. There’s backward point, there’s short third man and Ronchi picks the gap precisely

(5.5) SIX! picked the bones out of this pull. This is a leg-cutter gone wrong. Drops it too short, Rochi swivels back and nails this pull in front of square.

(5.4) FOUR! runs, another hit-me half-volley outside off, lofted over mid-off effortlessly. Ronchi is now on overdrive. Friendly stuff this from Hastings

Over 5 – Islamabad United 28/2 (Ronchi 12*, Duminy 1*)

JP Duminy Islamabad’s new batsman.

(4.1) OUT! Superb delivery, clean bowled Slants this length ball across the right-hander, this one nips away just a wee bit of length to square the batsman up completely and hit the top of off stump.

Rahat Ali into the attack.

Over 4 – Islamabad United 25/1 (Ronchi 11*, Asif 6*)

Over 3 – Islamabad United 20/1 (Ronchi 10*, Asif 2*)

(2.5) FOUR! Classy shot by Ronchi, played into the gap and crosses the boundary

Asif Ali is the next batsman.

(2.1) WICKET! Anwar Ali strikes, Walton walked across to turn this to the leg side and missed it completely to see the ball hit him on the knee roll.

Anwar Ali continues.

Over 2 – Islamabad United 15/0 (Ronchi 5*, Walton 10*)

Nawaz to bowl.

Over 1 – Islamabad United 6/0 (Ronchi 5*, Walton 1*)

(0.4) FOUR! a hint of width and that has been punched away in style behind point. Just a 60-metre boundary that side, no chance for a square third man. Lovely placement by Ronchi

Anwar Ali takes the new ball for Quetta Gladiators. Luke Ronchi and Chadwick Walton are the openers for Islamabad United.


Quetta Gladiators have won the toss and elected to bowl first against Islamabad United.

After losing their opening matches of the season, the Gladiators and United came back strongly to register comprehensive victories against Lahore Qalandars and Peshawar Zalmi respectively.

Islamabad’s fragile batting, restricted to 142-9 by Peshawar will be bolstered by the arrival of South African batsman JP Duminy who took part in team’s practice on Tuesday. Their inspirational captain Misbah-ul-Haq also seems to have recovered from a hamstring problem but will be assessed before the match.

Quetta will also hope their foreign stars Kevin Pietersen, Shane Watson and Rilee Rossouw fire. Watson smashed a quickfire fifty in their second match but Pietersen and Rossouw have yet to fire.

Team line-ups

Islamabad United: Luke Ronchi, Chadwick Walton, Asif Ali, JP Duminy, Misbah ul Haq (c), Hussain Talat, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Rumman Raees, Mohammad Sami, Steven Finn.

Quetta Gladiators: Asad Shafiq, Shane Watson, Umar Amin, Kevin Pietersen, Sarfraz Ahmed, Mahmudullah, Mohammad Nawaz, Anwar Ali, John Hastings, Rahat Ali, Hassan Khan