Azam power pack innings help Quetta beat Islamabad by three wickets


Quetta Gladiators inning

(18.3) SIX!  Cutting hits it over the long-off for the winning runs.

Over 18 – 163/7 (Cutting, Nasir 0)

(17.5) OUT! Musa picks his third

(17.4) SIX! Sohail hits one over mid-wicket

(17.2) SIX! Cutting strikes it well and launches it over the long-on fence.

Over 17 – 144/6 (Cutting 8, Sohail 7)

(16.5) full toss sliced along the ground to the backward point fence by Sohail.

(16.1) slower full toss put away to the backward square leg fence by Cutting.

Amad continues

Over 16 – 132/6 (Cutting 2, Sohail 1)

(15.2)OUT ! Akif picks a big wicket of Nawaz

Akif returns

Over 15 – 130/5 (Nawaz 23, Cutting 1)

(14.2) OUT! Azam aggressive inning comes to an end, he departs after scoring 59

Over 14 – 127/4 (Azam 59, Nawaz 21)

(13.2) FOUR! Nawaz cut away in the air behind point to the fence.

(13.1) FOUR! Nawaz smashes it over extra cover to the fence.

Amad continues

Over 13 – 114/4 (Azam 56, Nawaz 11)

(12.5) FOUR! outside edge past the short third-man fielder to the fence.

(12.4) FOUR! Azam hits towards mid-wicket

(12.3) SIX Shadab drops it short and Azam pulls it high over the wide long-on fence.

Shadab continues

Over 12 – 98/3 (Azam 41, Nawaz 10)

(11.6) FOUR! Nawaz edge one, flies away to the third-man fence.

(11.5) FOUR! Nawaz hits his first boundary.

(11.2) OUT! Sarfaraz departs after scoring 21, Amad claims his 50th T20 wicket

Amad butt continues after giving 14 runs in his first over

Over 11 – 87/3  (Sarfaraz 21, Azam 40)

(10.5) FOUR! Azam racing towards his fifty

Faheem comes to bowl his second over

Over 10 – 80/3 (Sarfaraz 20, Azam 34)

(9.6) Sarfaraz pierces one for a boundary

(9.1) Azam on fire, hits second six of the inning

Shadab continues

Over 9 – 67/3 (Sarfaraz 15, Azam 26)

(8.1) – SIX! Azam pulls one over the midwicket

Amad Butt comes to ball

Over 8 – 53/3 (Sarfaraz 10, Azam 18)

United skipper Shadab comes to ball

(7.2) FOUR! Azam gets it fine to the fence, smashes his second four

Over 7 – 44/3 (Sarfaraz 9, Azam 10)

Faheem Ashraf comes on the attack

(6.6) – FOUR! Sarfaraz cuts Faheem

Akif continues

Over 6 – 36/ 3 (Sarfaraz 4, Azam 8)

(5.5) FOUR! Azam pulls and scores gis first four

Over 5 – 27/3 (Sarfaraz 4, Azam 1)

Musa continues

(4.4) OUT! Musa on a roll picks his second, a brilliant catch at mid-on by Faheem Ashraf, Ahmed departs on 7.

Over 4 – 22/2 (Ahmed 6, Sarfaraz 1)

(3.4) OUT! Akif aims a direct hit and Watson is run-out after scoring 15

(3.1) FOUR! Ahmed smashes his first boundary

Akif continues

Over 3 – 15/1 (Watson 15, Ahmed 0)

(2.5) FOUR! Watson on the charge, hits another boundary

(2.3) SIX! Watson cuts high over backward point

Musa in his second over

Over 2 – 5/1 (Watson 5, Ahmed 0)

(1.4) FOUR! Watson hits his first boundary

Left-arm pacer Akif Javed comes to bowl from another end

Over 1 – 0/1 (Watson 0, Ahmed 0)

(0.2) OUT! Musa traps Roy in front

Mohammad Musa opens the bowling for Islamabad United, Watson and Roy are openers for Quetta


Islamabad United inning

Over 20 – 168/10 (Akif 0*)

(19.1) OUT! Islamabad innings completed

Sohail Khan in his third over

Over 19 168/9 (Amad Butt 0, Akif 0)

(18.5) OUT! Musa departs for 0, Hasnain picks up his fourth scalp

(18.2) OUT! Faheem miscues it in the air to mid-off and taken.

(18.1) FOUR! plays it high over the keeper to the fence.

Over 18163/7 (Faheem 16)

(17.6) OUT! Shadab departs, Cutting picks his third

(17.4) FOUR! Faheem smashes three in three cuts it well behind point to the fence.

(17.3) FOUR! Faheem hits two in two

(17.2) FOUR runs, cuts and gets it high over the keeper to the fence.

Cutting in his final over

Over 17148/6 (Shadab 8, Faheem 1)

(16.1) OUT! , Asif splices it high in the air and taken by the fielder

Hasnain comes to bowl his third

Over 16141/5 (Asif 19, Shadab 3)

(15.5) FOUR, two in two fours for Asif

(15.4) FOUR,  Asif cuts to the extra cover fence.

Over 15 128-5 ( Asif 9, Shadab 0)

(14.5)  OUT! Malan departs after scoring 64, Cutting claims his second

Cutting in his third over

Over 14 – 122/4 (Malan 63, Asif 4)

Fawad bowls his third over

Over 13116-4 (Malan 60, Asif 0)

(12.5) OUT! Cutting picks up his first as he dismissed Ingram on 6.

Cutting in his second over

Over 12 – 112-3 ( Malan 58, Ingram 5)

(11.6) FOUR! Ingram hits his first boundary

(11.1)OUT, Talat departs as he cuts hard in the air behind point and taken well.

Mohammad Hasnain in his second over

Over 11106/2 (Malan 57, Talat 19)

(10.2)  SIX runs, in the slot and he launches it over the long-on fence for a six, brings up his 50.

Abdul Malan comes to bowl his third over

Over 10 – 95/2  (Malan 48, Talat 18)

(9.4) Malan hits six over the mid-wicket region

Fawad Ahmed comes for his second over

Over 9 –83/2 (Malan 40, Talat 14)

(8.3) Six Malan hits it straight over the bowler and over the fence.

Over 8 – 74/2  (Malan 31, Talat 12)

(7.6) Fawad Ahmed to Hussain Talat, FOUR runs, plays a reverse shot and it goes up in the air to the backward point fence.

(7.1)  Malan, FOUR runs, one bounce to the extra cover fence, was in the slot and he lofts it.

Leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed bowls

Over 7 – 60/2  (Malan 25, Talat 6)

Abdul Nasir comes to bowl in his first PSL match

Over 655/2  (Malan 23, Talat 2)

(5.1) four Cutting to Malan, FOUR runs, driven well in the gap to the left of extra cover to the fence.

Over 549/2 (Malan 22, Talat 2)


Quetta Gladiators captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has won the toss against Islamabad United in the opening fixture of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season five and has elected to bowl first.

“We will try to outplay Islamabad United in the minimum score, From the arrival of Jason Roy our team has been strengthened at the top,” Quetta captain Sarfaraz said.

We will try to play easy cricket, Colin Monro, David Milan, and Colin Ingram and Luke Ronchi are foreign players included in the squad.

Quetta Gladiators:

Sarfaraz Ahmed (C), Shane Watson, Jason Roy, Abdul Nasir, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Nawaz, Ben Cutting, Mohammad Hasnain, Sohail Khan, Fawad Ahmed, Azam Khan.

Islamabad United

Shadab Khan (C), Asif Ali, Akif Javed, Luke Ronchi, Hussain Talat, Faheem Ashraf, Colin Ingram, Colin Munro, Amad Butt, Musa Khan, Dawid Malan.