Marahta Arabians won by 14 runs


SHARJAH: Punjabi Legends won the toss and elected to field first.

Marahta Arabians won by 14 runs.

(9.6) SIX! back of a length on the pads, slogs it over square leg for a six and they qualify for the semi regardless of the result here, what a thriller

(9.2) – WICKET! Ronchi run out

Punjabi Legends – 101/2 after 9 overs (L Ronchi 56*, CR Brathwaite 2*)

(8.5) – FOUR! Ronchi reads it early and waits for it with a cut over point for a boundary

(8.1) – WICKET! lbw Bravo departs Malik

Punjabi Legends – 90/1 after 8 overs (L Ronchi 50*, S Malik 27*)

Punjabi Legends – 84/1 after 7 overs (L Ronchi 47*, S Malik 24*)

(6.2) – SIX! tossed up, Malik clears his front leg and slogs it over long-on for a six

Punjabi Legends – 73/1 after 6 overs (L Ronchi 46*, S Malik 16*)

Punjabi Legends – 61/1 after 5 overs (L Ronchi 44*, S Malik 6*)

Punjabi Legends – 52/1 after 4 overs (L Ronchi 38*, S Malik 3*)

(3.6) – SIX! Ronchi slaps it straight and drops on the full at long-off boundary

(3.4) – FOUR! Ronchi again goes for a boundary

(3.3) – FOUR! wide outside off, as he moved away and pokes his bat to it and gets it over point for a boundary

(3.2) – FOUR! Ronchi manages to push it to mid-wicket for a boundary

Punjabi Legends – 32/1 after 3 overs (L Ronchi 20*, S Malik 2*)

(2.2) – OUT! Punjabi Legends lost Akmal as the first wicket

Punjabi Legends – 24/0 after 2 overs (L Ronchi 16*, U Akmal 3*)

(1.5) – FOUR! back of the length, moves back and slaps it over cover again for another boundary

(1.4) – FOUR! played beautifully at the back foot

(1.1) – FOUR! full and straight, hits it even straighter over the umpire for a boundary by Ronchi

Punjabi Legends – 8/0 after 1 over (L Ronchi 2*, U Akmal 3*)

Luke Ronchi and Umar Akmal to open the batting for the Legends. Imad Wasim has the ball for the Arabians.

End of the innings, Punjabi Legends need 131 runs to win. A very stiff target for the Punjabi Legends nevertheless.

Maratha Arabians – 130/6 after 10 overs (Imad Wasim 0*, DJ Bravo 4*)

(9.3) – OUT! miles in the air as Umar Akmal at mid-wicket gets under it and takes it with ease Van der Merwe is gone.

Maratha Arabians – 124/5 after 9 overs (Rolf Van der Merwe 11*, DJ Bravo 1*)

DJ Bravo is the new man in the middle

(8.3) – OUT! Rossouw departs, taken just inside the ropes

Maratha Arabians – 115/4 after 8 overs (Rolf Van der Merwe 5*, RR Rossouw 65*)

(7.1) – SIX! Rossouw seems unstoppable.

Maratha Arabians – 103/4 after 7 overs (Rolf Van der Merwe 0*, RR Rossouw 58*)

(6.6) – OUT! Whiteley departs.

(6.4) – SIX! Pure timing, Rossouw smashed it away.

(6.1) – SIX! What a perfect timing by Rossouw

Maratha Arabians – 89/3 after 6 overs (RA Whiteley 8*, RR Rossouw 45*)

(5.4) – FOUR! powerfully hit Rossouw

Maratha Arabians – 79/3 after 5 overs (RA Whiteley 5*, RR Rossouw 39*)

(4.4) – FOUR! full and wide outside off as he comes down the pitch, cuts it over point for a boundary

(4.3) – FOUR! short outside off, looks to guide it to third man but gets a bottom edge past the keeper for a boundary

(4.2) – OUT! back of a length, goes deep in the crease again for a heave towards mid-wicket but gets a bottom edge onto the stumps

Maratha Arabians – 68/2 after 4 overs (Asghar Stanikzai 26*, RR Rossouw 33*)

(3.4) – FOUR! the last bowl of the over and Asghar finishes it well

(3.3) – SIX! full on leg, move deep into the crease and unleashes a slog over mid-wicket for a six by Asghar

Maratha Arabians – 43/2 after 3 overs (Asghar Stanikzai 9*, RR Rossouw 32*)

(2.6) – SIX! good length ball, takes a step down and swings it fully and gets it from the middle of the bat over mid-wicket and out of the park for a six

(2.4) – FOUR! full in the slot, moves away making room and slaps it past point for a boundary

(2.3) – SIX! back of a length, moves back and pulls it over square leg for a big six by Rossouw

(2.1) – FOUR! Asghar moves deep into the crease and drags it to mid-wicket for a boundary

Maratha Arabians – 26/2 after 2 overs (Asghar Stanikzai 4*, RR Rossouw 14*)

(1.2) – SIX! back o a length and dispatched over mid-wicket for huge six by Rossouw

Maratha Arabians – 12/2 after 1 over (Asghar Stanikzai 4*, RR Rossouw 0*)

(0.5) – FOUR! back of a length, comes down to take command from first ball and swings across to get an inside edge past short fine leg for a boundary.

(0.4) – OUT! full on off, drives it firmly but straight to mid-off for a good catch

(0.3) – FOUR! short ball pulls it firmly to mid-wicket and gets a boundary courtesy a miss-field

Faheem Ashraf is the new batsman.

(0.2) – OUT! short ball, looks to pull but gets it off his gloves and it rolls towards the stumps, Akmal sees it and immediately makes sure he stops it but hales was all the way up to me, Faheem picks it up and throws at the non-striker & gets hales run out

(0.1) – FOUR! short outside off, onto the backfoot and cuts it just over point for a boundary by Akmal.

Alex Hales and Kamran Akmal stride out to the centre for the Maratha Arabians. Faheem Ashraf to open the bowling for the Punjabi Legends.

In T10 cricket it is better to plan a chase, says Misbah. Arabians’ regular skipper Virender Sehwag is out with back spasms.

Maratha Arabians: Virender Sehwag (Icon), Mohammad Amir, Alex Hales, Mohammad Sami, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Bravo, Shaiman Anwar, Rilee Rossouw, Imad Wasim, Kamran Akmal, Ross Whiteley, Rolf Van der Merwe, Zahoor Khan, Krishmar Santokie, Hardus Viljoen

Punjabi Legends: Shoaib Malik (Icon), Misbah-ul-Haq, Carlos Brathwaite, Hasan Ali, Fahim Ashraf, Chris Jordan, Luke Ronchi, Dawlat Zadran, Rangana Herath, Umar Akmal, Adil Rashid, Abdul Razzaq, Ghulam Shabbir, Shareef Asadullah, Usama Mir