Pakhtoon won by 27 runs


SHARJAH: Pakhtoon Captain Shahid Afridi won the toss and choose to bat first.

Pakhtoon won by 27 runs

Team Sri Lankan Cricket need 112 runs to win.

(7.3) – OUT! Afridi is run out.

(7.2) – SIX! short ball, banged in halfway, Afridi swivels and pulls it into the stands

Pakhtoon – 78/3 after 7 overs (S Afridi 0*, T Iqbal 36*)

(6.5) – OUT! slower ball, slightly outside off stump, whips it straight to long on

(6.3) – SIX! slower ball, right in the arc, Tamim opens his arms and deposits it into the midwicket stands

(6.2) – SIX! Tamim Iqbal angling away again, Tamim stays still and lofts over covers, SOLID!!

Pakhtoon – 64/2 after 6 overs (LA Dawson 11*, T Iqbal 22*)

(5.3) – SIX! dances down the track and lofts it over long on.

Pakhtoon – 51/2 after 5 overs (LA Dawson 10*, T Iqbal 14*)

(4.2) – FOUR! full in the slot as he makes room and drives it towards mid-off but a miss-field and it goes past him for a boundary

Pakhtoon – 39/2 after 4 overs (LA Dawson 2*, T Iqbal 12*)

Pakhtoon – 30/2 after 3 overs (LA Dawson 1*, T Iqbal 5*)

(2.3) – WICKET! goes away and taken Fakhar Zaman gone. bad luck!

(2.2) – WICKET! Ahmed Shehzad departs at 24

Pakhtoon – 29/0 after 2 overs (A Shehzad 24*, T Iqbal 5*)

(1.4) – FOUR! low full toss on the pads flicks it nicely and away to backward square leg for a boundary

(1.3) – FOUR! back of a length, stands tall and slaps it straight and almost knocked his partner at the non-striker end out for a boundary

(1.2) – FOUR! full outside off drives it over the cover fielder for a boundary

Pakhtoon – 12/0 after 1 over (A Shehzad 11*, T Iqbal 1*)

(0.4) – FOUR! slower ball, picks it up early and pulls it away to mid-wicket again on the bounce to the boundary

(0.3) – FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad back of a length on leg and drags it away to mid-wicket for a boundary

The players are out on the field. The fourth match of the day between Pakhtoon and Team Sri Lankan Cricket.

Pakhtoons Squad: Shahid Afridi, Amjad Javed, Saqlain Haider, Tamim Iqbal, Dwayne Smith, Ahmad Shahzad, Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Irfan, Sohail Khan, Umar Gul, Najibullah Zadran, Shaheen Afridi

Team Sri Lanka Cricket Squad: Lahiru Thirimanne, Dilshan Munaweera, Kithuruwan Vithanage, Angelo Jayasinghe, Dinesh Chandimal, Thisara Perera, Nipun Karunanayake, Angelo Perera, Shehan Jayasuriya, Alankara Asanka, Wanidu, Hasaranga, Kasun Madushanka, Vishwa Fernando, Sachithra Senanayake, Jeffery Vandersay