Pakistan clinch T20 series with thrilling win


Sri Lanka won the toss and chose to bat first in the match.

Chamara Kapugedara was the top scorer for the innings as he made an unbeaten 48 runs while debutante Shehan Jayasuriya scored 40 runs for the team.

Milinda Siriwardana made 23 runs for the team while Kausal Parera and Dhananjaya de Silva scored 19 and 14 runs runs respectively.

Spinner Shoaib Malik took two wickets while Anwar Ali, Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Irfan and Shahid Afridi grabbed one wicket each.

Chasing 173 runs to win, Pakistan chased the target in the last over with four balls and a wicket to spare.

The surprise element in the innings was Anwar Ali who became the top scorer in the innings with 46 runs from 17 balls which included three fours and four sixes.

Shahid Afridi and Imad Wasim scored 45 runs from 22 balls scored 24 from 14 balls including the last six of the match.


Pakistan Innings


Pakistan team celebrates a dismissal in the 2nd T20


Over 20: Pakistan 174/9

Ball-by-ball: 1-6

A thrilling win for Pakistan as they whitewash the hosts 2-0 in the series.

Over 19: Pakistan 167/9

Ball-by-ball: 6-2-4-W1-1-W

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-6-4-0-1

WICKET: Sohail Tanvir run out 1 (1). 

WICKET: Anwar Ali c Parera b Malinga 46 (17).

Over 18: Pakistan 153/7

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-6-4-0-1

The match is going to the wire now. Pakistan can end this with a couple of lusty blows.

Over 17: Pakistan 141/7

Ball-by-ball: 1-6-1-3-6-4

Pakistan hitting sixes in the late stages of the match.

Over 16: Pakistan 120/7

Ball-by-ball: 4-0-0-1-1-1

Seven runs came for Pakistan in Malinga’s over.

Over 15: Pakistan 113/7

Ball-by-ball: W-2-1-0-1-2

Debutante Jayasuriya dismisses Afridi. He is having a dream debut.

WICKET: Shahid Afridi b Jayasuriya 45 (22).

Over 14: Pakistan 107/6

Ball-by-ball: 4-2-W-1-1-4

A wicket for Sri Lanka but Parera gives away two boundaries in the over as well.

WICKET: Mohammad Rizwan b Parera 17 (18).

Over 13: Pakistan 95/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-2-2-1-0-1

Malinga concedes seven runs in the over.

Over 12: Pakistan 88/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-6-1-1-6-0

Afridi getting into the act now as Boom Boom scores two massive sixers in the over.

Over 11: Pakistan 73/5

Ball-by-ball: 2-6-1-1-1-1

Afridi hammers Malinga for a six over the boundary.

Over 10: Pakistan 61/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-4-6-1-0

Shahid Afridi hits a massive six in the over. Can he turn his teams fortune around.

Shahid Afridi plays a shot in the 2nd T20


Over 9: Pakistan 48/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-1-0-1

Just four runs from the over.

Over 8: Pakistan 44/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-W-1-1-1-1

Pakistan losing wickets in a cheap manner.

WICKET: Shoaib Malik st Parera b Siriwardana 8 (12). 

Over 7: Pakistan 40/4

Ball-by-ball: 1-3-0-1-1W-0

The dangerous Umar Akmal departs.

WICKET: Umar Akmal run out 4 (4). Pakistan 39/4

Over 6: Pakistan 34/3

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-W-1-0-0

WICKET:Mohammad Hafeez run out 11 (12). Pakistan 34/3 

Over 5: Pakistan 32/2 (Require 141 more runs to win)

Ball-by-ball: 2-1-2-1-5wd-1-1

Fernando concedes five wides in the over.

Over 4: Pakistan 19/2

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-1-1

After losing wickets, Pakistan will be looking for a solid partnership now.

Over 3: Pakistan 17/2

Ball-by-ball: 0-W-4-1-W-1

Fernando bowls Shehzad but gets hit for a four the very next ball. Fernando then sends Mukhtar back into the pavilion.

WICKET: Mukhtar Ahmed c Kapugedara b Fernando 4 (7). Pakistan 16/2

WICKET: Ahmed Shehzad b Fernando 7 (8). Pakistan 11/1

Over 2: Pakistan 11/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-2-1-1

Four runs came from the second over.

Over 1: Pakistan 7/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-4-2-0

A positive start for Pakistan in the run chase


Sri Lanka innings

Over 20 : Sri Lanka 172/7 (RR 8.60 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 4-1-6-1-1-W

Sri Lanka end at 172/7 and the visitors need 173 runs to win the series.

WICKET: Dasun Shanaka run out 7 (4). Sri Lanka 172/7

Over 19: Sri Lanka 159/6 (RR 8.36 per over)

Ball-by-ball: W-4-6-2-1-1

Irfan dismisses Siriwardena but concedes a six and a four in the process as well.

WICKET: Milinda Siriwardena c Ahmed b Irfan 23 (19). Sri Lanka 145/6

Over 18: Sri Lanka 145/5 (RR 8.05 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 4-1wd-1-1-1-2-6

Anwar Ali gives away an expensive over. 16 runs from it.

Over 17: Sri Lanka 129/5 (RR 7.58 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-6-2

Sohail Tanvir concedes 11 runs in the over.

Over 16: Sri Lanka 118/5 (RR 7.37 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-2-1

Over 15: Sri Lanka 113/5 (RR 7.53 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 4-1-1-0-2-0

Shahid Afridi concedes eight runs in the over.

Over 14: Sri Lanka 105/5 (RR 7.50 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-1-5wd-0

Sri Lanka taking their score into three figures

Over 13: Sri Lanka 97/5 (RR 7.46 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 2-0-W-0-1-6

Tanvir dismisses Jayasuriya in the over but the hosts scoring runs.

WICKET: Shehan Jayasuriya c Wasim b Tanvir 40 (32). Sri Lanka 90/5

Over 12: Sri Lanka 88/4 (RR 6.76 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-0-6-1

Jayasuriya taking Afridi to the cleaners.

Over 11: Sri Lanka 79/4 (RR 7.18 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-4-0-6-2-1

Shehan Jayasuriya hits the first six of the match

Over 10: Sri Lanka 65/4 (RR 6.50 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-W-1-0-0

That’s the half-way mark and Sri Lanka’s batting rate has dropped from eight to six per over.

WICKET: Thisara Parera st Rizwan b Malik 1 (3). Sri Lanka 64/4

Over 9: Sri Lanka 62/3 (RR 6.8 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-W-1-0

Afridi bowls de Silva in the over.

WICKET: Dhananjaya de Silva b Shahid Afridi 14 (15). Sri Lanka 61/3

Over 8: Sri Lanka 60/2 (RR 7.5 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-1-4-0

De Silva scores a brilliant four over the head of Mohammad Irfan.

Over 7: Sri Lanka 54/2 (RR 7.7 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-2-0-1-2-0

This is the first time that Sri Lanka’s run rate has dropped below eight per over.

Over 6: Sri Lanka 48/2 (RR 8.0 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-2-2-0

Mohammad Irfan concedes six runs in his first over.

Over 5: Sri Lanka 42/2 (RR 8.4 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-4-0-4-1-1

Debutante Shehan Jayasuriya scores two fours from  Anwar Ali’s over. Perhaps living up to the name of the great Sanath Jayasuriya

Over 4: Sri Lanka 32/2 (RR 8.0 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-0-4-W

Spinner Shoaib Malik bowls Parera after being struck for a boundary

WICKET: Kausal Parera b Malik 19 (14). Sri Lanka 32/2

Over 3: Sri Lanka 26/1 (RR 8.6 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-4-W-1-1

Anwar Ali gets the danger man Dilshan out in the over.

WICKET: Tillakarate Dilshan c Hafeez b Ali 10 (8). Sri Lanka 24/1

Over 2: Sri Lanka 19/0 (RR 9.5 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 0-2-4-1wd-4-0-1

A bad start for Sohail Tanvir in the match as he goes for 12 runs in his opening over.

Over 1: Sri Lanka 7/0 (RR 7.0 per over)

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-4-0-2

Anwar Ali concedes seven runs, including a boundary, in the first over of the match.